6 Amazing Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom for a Modern Look

6 Amazing Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom for a Modern Look

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April 30, 2022

As far as modern bathroom tile ideas are concerned, the possibilities are endless. There’s a tile out there that comes in every shape, pattern, and color you can think of. Furthermore, you need to take into account the latest tile materials and the latest laying patterns. Despite the fact that monochrome schemes always have a contemporary appeal, bathroom tile ideas don’t have to be confined to a limited color spectrum. Take inspiration from what’s on the catwalk for some great bathroom tile ideas.

Moreover, you do not need to limit yourself to colors and patterns alone! Today, you have the chance to choose from even more material options.

Top 6 Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you are updating your existing bathroom suite or starting from scratch, there are plenty of ways to update your look with contemporary style. The following list of ten contemporary bathroom tile ideas will help you get started.

  • Tiles in chevron formation

Tiles in chevron formation

The classic look of metro tiles in bathrooms can be updated with a contemporary twist by changing the layout of the tiles. Rather than the standard brick layout, why not opt for the trendy herringbone design over the standard brick design?’ this is the opinion of Louisa Swannell, Head of Creative Design at Walls and Floors. The chevron splashback creates a focal point in this monochrome bathroom, while the floating basin elongates the space.

  • Spa scheme of marble

bathroom tiles

There’s nothing new about a luxury spa bathroom, but a new way to get the look is with stone-effect tiles and matte black sanitaryware.

Tile Mountain Buyer, Colin Lincoln-Evans, says, ‘Marble effect tiles work particularly well for spa-style bathrooms, especially when both the floor and walls are covered in them.’ Their natural glamour offers a timeless view without being overpowering, while at the same time they are subtle. You can usually choose from a range of finishes such as gloss, polished and matt depending on your preferences.’

Nowadays there are many tiles available that imitate natural materials, such as marble, while also being much less expensive and requiring much less maintenance than the real thing.

  • Try tonal look For Bathroom

Try tonal look for bathroom

The metro tiles are not a new idea for modern bathrooms, they have been around for years. You can give them a smart, contemporary touch by choosing tiles, furniture, and accessories all in the same color, say, chic grey.

In this respect, the wearer gets points for creating a look that is both modern and timeless all at once. It is also extremely versatile. Give your bathroom a new feel by changing the bathroom accessories or replacing the vanity unit’s knobs.

  • The focal point of tiles

The focal point of tiles for bathroom

You do not have to be bored with square format tiles! For a unique and modern result, you will need to arrange the different colored ones in your own pattern. You should practice the design first by drawing it out on paper before deciding on your final layout in order to avoid making costly mistakes. While stone-effect, large-format tiles are still popular, we’re also seeing a growing number of installations that feature square, glossy glazed field tiles in muted, pastel hues, says Emma Hughes, Studio Manager at Original Style. If you want to go for an elegant and contemporary look, then pair simple fixtures with natural tones.

  • Try modern terrazzo

Try modern terrazzo for bathroom

Our hearts are smitten with the terrazzo trend. A bathroom can benefit from adding a modern pattern, color, and texture with this shower curtain. However, it is worth taking note! Terrazzo is a material that is expensive, slippery, and generally requires sealing, so you may want to consider using terrazzo-effect tiles as an alternative to it.

You can easily install square format tiles yourself. But if you’re not confident with DIY and want to hire someone, budget for the extra cost of tiling.

  • Mix and match pattern

Mix and match pattern

In the current fashion season, geometric prints are extremely popular. If you choose a simple color palette, such as this grey and black shade, you will be able to mix different patterns that work harmoniously together. When you use patterns on floors rather than walls, it gives the illusion of a larger room because it appears to ‘stretch’ the area. Let the floor tiles be the focal point of the bathroom by keeping the rest of the room neutral.

Final words

By combining deep greens or smokey aubergine shades with beige, a beige bathroom can be given a dramatic makeover. If you wish to add an accent color to your room, you can paint the woodwork, the feature wall, or the ceiling. If you wish to keep it even simpler, you can buy a new set of towels. A glam finish can be achieved with brass or mirrored accessories. Now, you can buy bathroom tiles online using the internet.

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