How Far Is Pre-Employment Screening Mandatory In The UK?

How Far Is Pre-Employment Screening Mandatory In The UK?

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March 10, 2022

When starting a new job, the employer of a company may wish to carry out several checks to ensure you are eligible for the job. Pre-employment screening is the process of verifying the identity, credentials, and record history of the employee before hiring. The process is also called employment background checks. This process takes time but is essential for hiring a capable and suitable candidate for a job vacancy. In the UK, almost every company is focusing on pre-employment screening to ensure that the most suitable candidates are taken on.

What are the checks included in pre-employment screening?

Depending on the type of job you are going to do, your company will perform several checks to make sure you are highly suitable for the job, and you do not have any history, which could cause a problem for the company. The pre-employment screening tells the team about your academic record, work experience, and background history. Here are the multiple checks included in pre-employment screening to let you find out what kind of checks could be needed for a job.

  • Employee health checks references
  • Qualification checks
  • Criminal records checks
  • Background checks
  • Documents identification
  • Work experience
  • Medical checks
  • Reference checks

Why is pre-employment screening important in the UK?

during the process of hiring employees for a job, the employers need to gather as much relevant information about the candidate as possible. Getting to know candidates’ Resumes or CVs is a traditional way of hiring, which does not necessarily yield the best results. According to research, resumes are notoriously unreliable as they contain up to 80% of misleading statements with lies. Also, the interviews serve as a poor predictor of the performance of the candidate. To deal with such issues, the majority of companies in the UK conduct pre-employment screening. These properly developed and well-validated tests are the reliable way of getting every required information on candidates.

The reason behind the success of pre-employment screening is that it has introduced an element of objectivity into the hectic process of hiring. It offers concrete data that employers can then use to make better-informed decisions. Here are some of the benefits of pre-employment screening that will not let this trend fade away in the future.

Tangible positive effects on business

The companies that use pre-employment screening experience positive impacts on their progress. The main hiring-related problems that HR professionals experience while hiring are that they are spending a lot of time on hiring, and still, they are making hiring mistakes that they cannot afford. Small mistakes during hiring can result in big issues in the future. Therefore, pre-employment screening reduces the time spent reading resumes and also reduces the costs associated with hiring.

Protection of recruitment investment

While hiring new employees, some companies spend less money while others spend a lot because recruiting quality employees costs money. By mistakenly hiring the wrong candidates, a company can waste valuable pounds, not to mention the reduced productivity and lower workplace morale. Pre-employment screening can protect this investment by ensuring that the candidate has the requisite work experience, education and character.

Quantitative edge for making a qualitative decision

When it comes to making a smarter hiring decision, a pre-employment screening can offer an easy and swift way to make an informed decision. During the interviews, the manager gets to know about the candidate’s skills and credentials, which is a subjective assessment guided by the manager’s own experience. However, it is quite unreliable now as only a pre-employment screening can show the true skills of the candidate. This procedure provides information about the points that are not included on the application or resume, for example, criminal record.

Pre-employment screening is evolving

The modern pre-employment screening performed by the companies of the UK is evolving day by day, which means this tradition will never end. The pre-employment screening already includes the traditional verification of education, work experience, and criminal history checks, but now you can add more checks to further boost your company’s qualitative assessment. Today’s advanced pre-employment screening involves the checking of applicants’ publicly available online activity for the assessment of behaviors that could cause a problem for the workplace. Pre-employment screening identifies hate speech, narcotics, self-harm, violence, and much more just to make sure the candidate is no harm to the company or workforce.

Final words

Hiring is a long process that requires a lot of effort and money. However, every employer wants to hire the most suitable and capable employee. Pre-employment screening is the smart way of hiring highly eligible candidates by identifying their identity, education, experience and background history. Since the pre-employment screening procedure has a lot of benefits in terms of smart hiring, this tradition will always remain mandatory in the UK.

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