How to Design a Special Healthcare Website for Doctors?

How to Design a Special Healthcare Website for Doctors?

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September 2, 2022

This article will explore the distinctions between healthcare website designs for physicians.

Websites and social media accounts reflect the brand value of individuals and institutions. The website’s design is the most important factor in reflecting this brand’s value.

The opening of a private website by a doctor and a website by an international construction company are based on the same goal: to reach more users and be visible in the digital environment. However, the audiences of the two sectors are distinct. Consequently, websites should also be created after a sectorial evaluation. So, how to design a website for doctors? Let’s give a detailed answer to this question with our experience in the sector as Digital Brand.

Why a Special Website for Doctors?

First of all, let’s explain what a website for doctors is and what we mean when we say “Health Sector Oriented Social Media Agency “:

Promotion and advertising activities are spreading faster daily through social media and websites. In certain industries, however, personal promotion and advertising are restricted. The health sector is one of these sectors. The restrictions aim to prevent the commercialization of the health sector and the malicious use of advertising activities. You can find more detailed information on this subject in our article “All Curious About the Medical Advertisement Ban.”

But of course, all doctors can promote their practice using the right channels and language. Websites are currently one of the best channels to reach customers. Because every day, thousands of people search for health-related websites on the internet and reach doctors’ websites. Users can evaluate doctors by accessing quality content on these websites and viewing doctors’ experiences. In this sense, a healthcare website design for doctors reveals its brand value.

Who Visits Doctor-Specific Web Sites?

The health sector is one of the sectors with the largest target audience. Therefore, everyone from all walks of society, men and women, young and old, can visit your website. To determine the behavior of your website’s visitors, however, it is useful to examine some numerical data:

Studies indicate that more female patients conduct online health-related searches. On the other hand, the patients participating in the study state that they first get information from the internet when suspected of any disease. In addition, participants are of different age ranges. While the most common age range is 25 – 34 with 43%, the second group is 35 – 44 in age order.

Like everything else in the digital world, this data is, of course, renewed every year. But in addition, this data guides us on what doctors should pay attention to on the website. As an illustration, when users first obtain information from the internet… The significance of the content of the Doctor’s website becomes apparent at this point.

Considering that all internet users today are impatient, we can say that visitors to your website will want to find the information they seek quickly. Especially your visitors will want to easily reach the answers they are looking for about a disease. For this reason, it is important to pay maximum attention to the medical website design’s content layout for doctors and ensure that the readers follow the content easily until the end of the article.

How Should Website Content for Doctors Appear?

As with the best medical website design, the content of doctor websites is crucial. Doctor websites are not like e-commerce sites. The priority of an e-commerce site is photos and product information. On doctor websites, users want to get the information sought most shortly and reliably. For this reason, the contents of doctor websites should appeal to the reader in terms of quality and layout.

Content prepared for doctors in general;

  • SEO rules should be it.
  • It should be able to respond to users’ most frequently asked questions about the topic.
  • The reading sequence should be comfortable and not tire the reader.

Let’s not mention the importance of content language in healthcare website design. You may think your writing will improve the more medical expressions and Latin words you include in the content. But remember! Readers are unable to comprehend these texts as you do.

Therefore, at the beginning of the article, they become bored and leave the healthcare website. Search engines consider abandoned web pages as unqualified and leave them behind in a short time. For this reason, the content should be prepared by considering the patients while the doctors prepare the medical website design company.

Design: How to Design Doctor Websites?

We have highlighted a few factors that should be considered and impact doctors’ websites. Now, let’s assume the considerations in the design:

By following our Healthcare Marketing Agency, you can review the websites we have made for doctors. You will notice that the interfaces of these websites are very straightforward. This is because patients visiting the Doctor’s website do not need the hassle. Of course, simple interfaces are preferred by all internet users. Consider the information a visitor to the Doctor’s website might need. This person wants to find some information on the site about the Doctor’s experience or the diseases that fall under the Doctor’s field of expertise.

Therefore, this information should be presented to the reader clearly and unequivocally. The professionalism of the web designer determines the viability of this design. Digital Brand is the best choice if you want to work with an agency that has become a brand in healthcare website design for the doctor.

What is a 100% SEO Compatible Website?

100% SEO compliance is an important concept not only for physicians but also for other industries! So what exactly is SEO compliance?

These websites, which we refer to as “SEO-friendly,” have a theme and infrastructure that allows them to rank highly in search engines. Websites that are 100% SEO-friendly, combined with the right content and keyword selection, make your website visible. Therefore, users who search for the most sought-after terms in the field of health and medicine will be directed directly to your website, where they can review your experiences and resume.

SEO-friendly websites are also quite quick. This is not necessarily a characteristic of the website itself. Sometimes choosing to host or employing a server rather than hosting can also increase the speed of a website. Everything moves so quickly now. Therefore, users wait a few seconds for a website to load. The faster a website is more visitors it will attract. Search engines also consider these websites to be among the most trustworthy.

For this reason, we advise some physicians to include servers on their websites. Using a server, we also strive to provide the best service possible to our physicians because we know the number of patients that the server infrastructure and SEO-optimized websites will bring you.

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