MBA Colleges in Canada Without Work Experience

MBA Colleges in Canada Without Work Experience

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March 31, 2022

Work experience is somewhat of a necessity for Master in Business Administration (MBA) programs abroad. It generally ranges from 2 to 5 years for a standard MBA degree. However, based on the country and colleges, it can vary. Canada has always been a popular destination for abroad studies. There is no harm in saying that Canada is currently the #1 choice among international students. But if you are genuinely interested, you can do an MBA from Canada without work experience.

You can target MBAs from the country with no work experience. However, not all business schools in Canada ask you to submit a load of work experience. So if you are someone with no work experience but a strong profile, now is the time to target the best colleges in Canada for MBA.

Why Canada for MBA?

Canada is a developed country. Doing an MBA from Canada rewards you with an array of opportunities for a business aspirant. The country excels in academics. Canadian universities are top choices for master’s and bachelor’s degrees in many areas, not just for business and management. The few best examples are; forestry, data science, engineering, healthcare and technology.

The country also boasts a multicultural environment integrated with a rich culture and community. In Canada, you get an easy immigration and visa process. After graduating, staying and working in the country becomes more accessible in Canada after graduation. It has high work opportunities, a competitive workforce, higher earnings and a friendly environment. Aslo the country is cheaper than the USA and UK.

MBA in Canada Without Work Experience: Top Colleges

Schulich and Rotman are some names that dominate in business and management studies. The top colleges in this list are not just among the best b schools in Canada but in the world. These colleges are recognized and praised for their quality of education. It almost seems like a fortune to have these colleges with no work requirements for their top MBA programs.

Here are the top 10 MBA colleges in Canada without work experience:

No. College Name Program
1 Schulich School of Business MBA (Master of Business Administration)
2 Rotman School of Management Full-Time MBA
3 Smith School of Business at Queen’s University Master of International Business
4 Rowe School of  Business The Dalhousie MBA
5 Goodman School of Business Goodman MBA
6 Odette School of Business Master of Business Administration
7 School of Management | New York Tech Master of Business Administration, MBA
8 Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics Master of Business  Administration
9 The Sprott School of Business Accelerated MBA
10 Shannon School of Business Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development

What do You need to Focus-on?

Even with no work experience requirement, the colleges in Canada do not prohibit you from submitting it. If you have some prior experience that you may not consider worthy, submit it anyway. Because you may not be including your little work experience because of shame, the other candidate will. It is good to include as many qualifications as possible to get you enrolled in your dream college.

Canada is a prosperous country with many top-quality business schools. Losing such an opportunity can be very costly for your career building. Since you are targeting Canadian colleges with no work experience, you have to put extra effort into your profile building. Because you do not have work experience, the average class profile of these Canadian colleges has 3-4 years of work experience.

(Did you know? Canada is the safest country for international students, with the lowest crime rates. The country is also considered as ‘the best investment for your future.’)


Canada is among the top countries to offer MBA programs. Their degrees are acknowledged globally and provide an immense network to work with. Some best colleges in this list have shaped the form of the Canadian business industry. If you have proper qualifications and resources to spend, do not waste your time and apply for one.

Canada provides the most affordable colleges for MBA without work experience. After earning an MBA from a Canadian university, the student will be able to pursue rewarding opportunities in the field. You can also look for this blog to get detail about MBA colleges.

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