The Tragic Loss of Angelie Grace Dye

The Tragic Loss of Angelie Grace Dye

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February 21, 2024
Last modified on April 27th, 2024

In Short:

  • On February 5, Angelie Grace Dye, a 17-year-old junior in high school from Clearwater, Idaho, suddenly passed away.
  • A brilliant and well-loved girl, Angelie had a happy disposition and aspirations of studying marine biology in college.
  • In memory of Angelie, her bereaved community has united to create a scholarship fund and commit to extending acts of kindness in her honour.
  • Authorities are still looking into the exact circumstances surrounding Angelie’s unexpected death.

The timely and unexpected death of one of the town’s dearest teenagers struck loudly and destroyed the harmony in the quiet rural town of Clearwater, Idaho. On Monday, February 5, 2018, Clearwater High School’s vibrant and brilliant junior, Angelie Grace Dye, died unexpectedly at age 17. The details of Angelie’s horrific death remain muddy due to ongoing police probes of the case. However, the reaction to the death of Angelie among her friends, relatives, teachers, and neighbourhood members reveals the great influence this girl could leave upon everyone around her in her short but valuable life.

Angelie Grace Dye’s Bio

Angelie Grace

Birthday June 18, 1997
Hometown Clearwater, Idaho
Parents Margaret and Kevin Dye
Siblings Christopher (19) and Matthew (21)
Pet Biscuit (golden retriever)
School Junior at Clearwater High School
Extracurriculars Soccer team, track team
Hobbies Reading, painting, listening to music
Future Aspirations Attend college on the West Coast and study marine biology

A Bright Light Extinguished Too Soon

Angelie Grace Dye had her entire life ahead of her when she was only 17. According to her friends, she was a bursting bundle of enthusiasm who brightened up any room she entered without fail. Her laugh was contagious, and her smile was so radiant that it could melt even the coldest exteriors.

The members of Angelie’s family, including her parents, two older brothers, and their cherished dog, Biscuit, showed her tremendous affection. The activities that she enjoyed doing in her spare time were reading fantasy novels, painting, and listening to music. As a junior at Clearwater High School, Angelie participated in soccer and track and field.

Her teachers lauded both Angelie’s academic ability and her aptitude for leadership. Her ideal college experience would be attending a West Coast school majoring in marine biology. The tragic reality is that her limitless potential was taken away from her much too soon for reasons that are still unclear.

The Shockwave of Angeli’s Passing

When the news of Angelie’s tragic passing spread around the community, an outpouring of grief overwhelmed social media sites. People from the community, including friends, classmates, and community members, offered images, memories, and heartfelt farewells.

Clearwater High School decided to cancel classes on Tuesday to allow students and faculty to grieve. Counsellors were made available to students who were experiencing emotional distress. An evening vigil with candlelight is scheduled on the school’s football field on Friday.

The Dye family pastor, Michael Jones, opened the church doors on Wednesday for community members to gather, mourn, and pray together. “There are no words to express the devastation of this loss,” Pastor Jones addressed the packed crowd. “Angelie radiated God’s love. We will continue her legacy by spreading more light in her honour.”

The Investigation Continues

Details on the circumstances leading to Angelie’s tragic death remain unclear. The Clearwater Police Department released a brief statement sharing they are actively investigating the incident.

Without facts, speculation continues swirling through the grieving community. Bullying may have contributed to Angelie’s death, as some internet users have suggested, but Angelie’s family and school officials vehemently deny this.

“Her peers beloved Angelie. She was admired and kind to everyone she encountered,” said best friend Leah Rollins. “The investigation will show her death was an accident – nothing more, nothing less.”

The Path Forward

Angelie Grace

As the people of Clearwater continue banding together after this shattering loss, they vow to honour Angelie’s memory by embodying the spirit of love, joy and kindness she exuded.

A memorial scholarship fund has been established in Angelie’s name. The Angelie Dye Memorial Scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduating senior from Clearwater High School who demonstrates Angelie’s strengths of character and passion for learning. Donations are being accepted through the school district’s website and at all local bank branches.

Angelie Grace Dye shone brightly in her 17 years on this earth. Her enduring legacy will continue to illuminate her beloved community in the years ahead. May her family and friends find comfort knowing her positive impact will never fade.

Angelie Grace’s Motive Death by Dye

Those who knew and loved Angelie Grace Dye, a beloved San Springs citizen, will never be the same after her death. An obituary for Angelie, a cherished little girl, sister, and friend, has been published to commemorate her life and the events leading up to her tragic death. The family of Angelie Grace Dye has asked for privacy at this trying time, and the reason for her death has not been announced. In this challenging time, the community rallies behind her mourning family, sending their prayers and thoughts.

Echoes of Angelie Grace Dye’s Life

Angelie Grace Dye’s kind spirit and contagious smile will live on in our memories. Her dedication to helping others was on full display as she was an active member of several charity groups, earning her a reputation for selflessness. Everyone lucky enough to have met paths with her will miss her dearly.

Angelie Grace Dye’s Funeral Funeral Home

Angelie Grace Dye’s burial plans have not been publicised as of this writing. We will update this site when new details become available to ensure that people who want to pay their respects have all the information they need. Meanwhile, in a spirit of shared grief, the community comes together to remember an extraordinary woman whose influence will live on in those she touched.


The loss of someone as universally cherished as Angelie Grace Dye will forever leave a void in the fabric of Clearwater. However, her enduring legacy of love, joy, and selfless compassion will continue radiating through the grief. The Clearwater community has come together to mourn and celebrate Angelie’s life by establishing a memorial scholarship fund in her honour. They have collectively vowed to keep her spirit alive by passing forward the light and kindness she brought to the world daily. Though their beloved Angelie may be gone, her bright flame will never cease burning in the hearts of all those she touched.


Who was Angelie Grace Dye?

Angelie Grace Dye was a 17-year-old high school student living in Clearwater, Idaho, who tragically passed away on February 5th. She was known for her bright, joyful spirit and aspirations to study marine biology one day.

How did Angelie die?

The specific circumstances surrounding Angelie’s sudden death are still under investigation by authorities. The details of what led to her passing have not yet been released.

What has been the community’s reaction to Angelie’s death?

Angelie’s death has profoundly impacted the small, tight-knit community of Clearwater. An outpouring of grief and remembrances has flooded social media pages. Her school shut down for grief counselling, and a candlelight vigil is planned.

What legacy plans are in place to honour Angelie?

A memorial scholarship fund named after Angelie has been created to provide annual scholarships to graduating seniors from Angelie’s high school who share her passions and strengths.

How can people donate to Angelie’s memorial fund?

Donations to the Angelie Dye Memorial Scholarship Fund are currently being accepted online through the school district’s website or at any local bank branch in the community.

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