10 Best Online Marketplaces for Ecommerce Retailers

10 Best Online Marketplaces for Ecommerce Retailers

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February 16, 2022

If a buyer must choose between purchasing in a brick-and-mortar store and shopping online, internet shopping is likely to win because of the global online marketplaces. In fact, in 2019, over 1.92 billion consumers are predicted to make online purchases. People are increasingly flocking to marketplaces to browse, compare prices, and purchase products for the convenience of shopping in one location. Shoppers adore online marketplaces, just like they used to love department shops and the comfort they provided. They spent $1.86 trillion on them worldwide in 2018.

Selling your products via marketplaces has a lot of advantages for retailers. Since there are so many choices, how do you know who those people are perfect for you?

Here are eight of the most popular eCommerce marketplaces to assist you in your search. They’re all different, so use this guide to determine which marketplace will help you stand out and earn your part of the significant cash available, based on the features you require, your budget, and your overall eCommerce goals.

Here is the List of Best eCommerce Marketplaces you can Look for:

  • The Kroger Company

The Kroger Company

Kroger, America’s largest grocery chain, was founded in Cincinnati in 1883. While you would not think of Kroger for eCommerce, the supermarket store expanded digital sales by 58 percent in 2018 and rated #86 on the Internet Retailer Top 1000 list.

  • Amazon


Amazon has risen to be the leading eCommerce marketplace platform in the United States. In 2017, Amazon was one of the most popular online markets, with 5 million marketplace vendors and 197 million U.S. buyers visiting the site each month. It’s ideal for medium- to large-sized enterprises who want to reach millions of customers and can withstand the additional business. It is considered to be the most popular from the list of 10 Best Online Marketplaces for Ecommerce Retailers.

Amazon standardized product listings. They all appear the same whether customers view your products or an Amazon listing. This is beneficial because your products obtain the very same fame as Amazon’s, resulting in increased sales. Two of the most popular features for retailers are Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and the built-in affiliate network. Every product you sell through FBA is packed and shipped by Amazon.

You won’t have to worry about warehousing your goods or hiring additional employees to handle fulfillment. FBA also entails Amazon taking care of your goods returns. Influencers in your niche will receive a unique URL to their mock storefront as part of the affiliate scheme. You earn more visibility and a bump in sales every time they share your products with their audience.

  • Alibaba


China’s e-commerce behemoth is Alibaba. What started off as a modest business with only 18 employees has expanded to over 22,000 people. The worldwide corporation’s market capitalization just surpassed $400 billion, and it now controls 80% of China’s online sales.

  • Walmart


Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, and they launched Walmart.com in 2000, marking their first foray into eCommerce. Ecommerce sales increased by 43% in 2018, with no signs of slowing. The Walmart marketplace, like Amazon, is excellent for small to medium-sized businesses looking to expand their reach through online marketplace platforms. To become a market vendor, you must first fill out an application, but if approved, you will have access to over 110 million monthly shoppers.

  • eBay


eBay had grown from a site that exclusively sold used products when it initially began in 1995 to one of the world’s top eCommerce retailers. Sellers who offer new and old items and are willing to auction their stuff for a more excellent price should use this marketplace. It is one of the best from the list of 10 Best Online Marketplaces for Ecommerce Retailers

You do not need to fill up an application to use eBay. Establish an account, and your first listing will be ready in no time. There are currently around 180 million active monthly users worldwide, so there are plenty of chances to stand out. You may also find out which of your products are the most popular, which promotions are the most popular with customers, how long it takes you to pick and ship products, and much more.

  • Etsy


Etsy caters to customers looking for one-of-a-kind items, making it a good fit for small to medium-sized businesses selling handmade or vintage items. Unlike those on other marketplaces, Etsy merchants sell things that aren’t associated with the Etsy brand. Shoppers will be aware that they are purchasing your goods, as opposed to something that looks to be sold by the market.

  • Jet

Jet- walmart

Jet is a relative newcomer compared to many of the other online marketplaces on this list. It was first released in 2015, and Walmart quickly purchased it. Jet is the best online platform for vendors who cater to a specific target segment: budget-conscious millennial city dwellers.

  • Newegg


Newegg online is one of the most popular marketplaces for eCommerce and is unique because it focuses on a single product area. Newegg is the place to be if you’re a well-known retailer of tech products. Newegg is also a fantastic fit for seasonal vendors because electronic products are in high demand around big holidays such as Christmas and special events such as birthdays.

  • Desertcart


Desertcart is the world’s most popular marketplace eCommerce website. It’s a worldwide marketplace that can expose sellers to a big audience. Desertcart is a fantastic fit for medium to large sellers looking to expand their business overseas by shipping to various countries across the world.

  • Cratejoy


Subscription boxes have surged onto the eCommerce market during the last few years. There is a lot of competition, with thousands of packages catering to a wide range of niches and new boxes opening every month. Using the Cratejoy marketplace to sell your subscription box might help you stand out from the crowd.

Ecommerce retailers are always looking to expand their business. That’s why they look for top online marketplaces that have potential customers. The ones mentioned above are the most prominent and potential marketplaces for all eCommerce retailers. Whether you are new to the business, or already established in the field, these marketplaces have a great scope for future earnings. Choose the one that fits your requirements and business type. Hope you like the 10 Best Online Marketplaces for Ecommerce RetailersFollow eCommerce best practices along with the best digital marketing to be on the top of every best online marketplace.

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