5 Must-Have Items In Your Subscription Box Before Leaving For An Adventure

5 Must-Have Items In Your Subscription Box Before Leaving For An Adventure

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March 23, 2024

Subscription boxes have rapidly increased in popularity nationwide. Estimates show Americans will spend $15 billion on online shopping concierge services in a few years. And who wouldn’t enjoy them when they’re full of delightful surprises like exquisite candies to satisfy our sweet tooth, premium outdoor gear shipped to us every month, and freshly poured soy candles sent directly to our homes?

There are many different subscription box packages to choose from. But what makes the best subscription box for outdoor adventures and the backcountry? The best subscription boxes offer more value than they cost, which means they must contain nothing but essential gear.

So, we’ve narrowed this down into five key components to help you pick the correct subscription box for your needs.

5 Important Items In Your Subscription Box Before Leaving For An Adventure

Zip Range

Whether you like your backyard, field, or favourite area in the woods, Zip Range is a movable range that is easy to put up and take down. It is ideal for any shooting sport. The target hanger can display paper targets, steel gun targets, cans, bottles, and clay discs. The package includes 200 feet of 550 paracords, suitable for up to 100 feet in range. You’ll find this gem in Crate Club’s gun subscription box.

Crate Club is the best way to get military, combat, survival, and everyday carry gear every three months. An expert team of survival and tactical enthusiasts carefully chooses and tests every piece of gear that goes into a crate in the field. You’ll find knives, tools, EDC gear, backpacks, medical supplies, gun parts and accessories, sunglasses, and other survival necessities from reputable manufacturers like Olight, Sig Sauer, and Bushnell.

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Rugged Folding Knife

A decent pocket knife is essential in every EDC package. This tool has many potential uses, including cutting, packing, and assisting in times of physical danger. The following is a list of fundamental qualities that should be present in every pocket knife of superior quality: 

Closing Mechanism: A folding knife with a robust closing mechanism is crucial. A well-designed locking mechanism ensures that the blade remains securely in place, ensuring safety.

Ergonomic Handle: An ergonomic handle design is essential for comfort and convenience, especially for extended periods. To improve grip, several of the handles have textures on them.

Construction of the Blade: Good pocket knives often feature high-quality blades of stainless steel or carbon steel. These materials are very good at keeping their edges and last a long time.

Advanced Wrist Strap

person crossing the river during daytime

Lightweight, completely adjustable, and discreet, the 4TAC5 Emergency Glass Breaker and Handcuff Key Strap is an accessory for getting out of vehicles during emergencies and using handcuff keys. Constructed with elastic straps and a tungsten projectile bead, this tool guarantees a reliable means of shattering tempered glass during critical circumstances.

Below are its key features: 

Emergency glass breaker: To facilitate tempered glass shattering, the tool is fitted with a tungsten striker bead designed solely for this purpose in case something goes wrong.

Handcuff key: This strap variant has the Advanced Handcuff Key (AHK3) and a glass breaker. The AHK3 can unlock handcuffs with different types of security, like blades that block keys and big keyhole pins. In case of an emergency, this offers an extra layer of practicality.

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When you want to use the strap to smash the glass for the car’s side or back windows, all you have to do is take it off your wrist, wrap it around your thumb and fingers, draw back the projectile, and then let go.

Compact First Aid

A little first aid kit in your outdoor subscription box reflects your commitment to safety. You won’t regret having it on hand, even if you don’t plan on using it much. A high-quality everyday carry first-aid kit should have the following items: 

  • Stick-on bandages and clean dressings
  • Scissors
  • CPR face shields
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Emergency blanket

By keeping some essentials on hand, like a compact first aid kit, you can manage minor wounds and help others. When you need it most, this priceless item will come in handy.

LED Flashlight

In an emergency, the compact LED flashlight is an essential everyday carry gear that can rescue your life. There are several benefits to having a high-quality everyday carry flashlight:

These are small and easily attachable to a keychain or pocket, so they’re great for taking with you wherever you go.

LED technology is widely used in flashlights because it is energy-efficient and can run for a long time on a single battery.

Modern LED flashlights have a strobe and SOS mode in addition to multiple brightness settings, allowing them to provide a very bright beam despite their compact size, which is quite remarkable. Whether going on an outdoor excursion, blackout, or searching a dark room, having a little LED flashlight in your kit can make you feel more comfortable.

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The best subscription boxes deliver on quality and quantity. When the package finally arrives at your home, you can’t wait to open it and find out what’s inside. Whether the box is about fashion, outdoor gear, or sports doesn’t matter. As long as it always contains something new and exciting to try, monthly subscription boxes will always be a reason to celebrate! Use these five suggestions to narrow your search for the ideal outdoor subscription box.

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