9 Symptoms of Menopause One Should Know

9 Symptoms of Menopause One Should Know

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January 27, 2024

It is lovely to be a woman; the experiences are enriching and fulfilling. But like every good thing has its wrong side, we also have unique “women” experiences that sometimes make our lives uncomfortable. Unlike the menstrual cycle, menopause is a disruption to the rhythm, and this disruption brings its fair share of issues as well. The list of these symptoms is pretty long, but some can be used to identify if somebody is going through or even consider the possibility they are entering menopause. Here are some symptoms that are hard to miss during menopause.

9 Symptoms of Menopause One Should Know


1. Hot Flashes

This is perhaps one of the most typical symptoms of menopause. It manifests as this sudden surge of heat that radiates through your body, leaving you flushed and sweaty. These unpredictable bursts can be quite the uncomfortable roller coaster ride, catching you off guard at the most unexpected times. You’re not alone if you find yourself reaching for a fan or desperately shedding layers.

2. Mood Swings

It is important to remember that menopause also comes with a lot of emotional and psychological changes. Hormonal fluctuations can trigger mood swings that range from tearful moments to unexplained bursts of laughter. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying during the silliest of scenes or laughing uncontrollably at a silly joke- it’s all the doing of your hormones.

3. Sleep Disturbances

As if hot flashes and mood swings weren’t enough, menopause also brings along sleep issues that can considerably affect the quality of your life. Insomnia is common, and the once-restful sleep can feel like a distant memory. You could also be a victim of night sweats, waking up drenched in perspiration. Having supplements for menopause that help with sleep issues can be a game changer for you in this situation.

4. Vaginal Dryness

As estrogen levels decline during menopause, it is common for many women to experience vaginal dryness and discomfort during intercourse. This can be a huge source of both physical as well as emotional distress. Menopause supplements that are formulated with ingredients like flaxseed can help support vaginal health by providing essential fatty acids that contribute to mucous membrane integrity.

5. Fatigue

Menopause is known to bring down your energy levels and can leave you tired even after a whole night’s sleep. The constant hormonal fluctuations can disrupt your body’s balance, making you feel like you’re running on an empty tank. While building a healthy lifestyle is vital, menopause supplements can give you added energy.

6. Changes in Libido

Another aspect of menopause is the shift in libido. Hormonal changes can influence your desire for intimacy, and it’s not uncommon for women to experience a decrease in libido during this time. However, communicating and understanding with your partner can help you adjust.

7. Weight Gain

The changes in metabolism and hormonal fluctuations can lead to an increase in abdominal fat. Therefore it is essential to find time for regular exercise and have a healthy diet. You can take tablets for menopause health that will support better metabolism and weight management.

8. Joint and Muscle Pain

Some women experience joint pain and muscle aches during menopause, which can be caused due to hormonal fluctuations impacting bone density and connective tissues. A healthy diet with enough calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids can help support bone health and alleviate joint discomfort. At the same time, having enough body movement is also essential.

9. Cognitive Changes

Hormonal fluctuations can also affect cognitive function and lead to what is colloquially known as “menopausal brain fog.” While these changes are typically temporary, some women find mental support in the form of menopause supplements with ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids.

Menopause is not a time that should be dreaded. The discomforts cause distress, but we should understand it is a natural and inevitable phase of a woman’s life that cannot be avoided. We can only work to make this phase more bearable and comfy. You can use these symptoms to help the women in your life and support them through these changes. It can matter a lot, so make sure you are there for them, helping them out.

While each woman’s experience is different, adding menopause supplements into your daily routine can be helpful. Menoveda offers a wide range of supplements with other targets in mind. So, embrace the changes, stay informed, and may you be able to handle the menopausal maze with grace and vitality.

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