9xbuddy: Ultimate Online Video Downloader From Youtube

9xbuddy: Ultimate Online Video Downloader From Youtube

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February 1, 2024
In Short:
  • 9xbuddy downloads videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and others.
  • It enables downloading videos in several codecs and resolutions, giving customers the option to choose the quality.
  • Users may extract audio from movies and convert them to MP3.
  • With its speed and efficiency, 9xbuddy downloads web stuff quickly.
  • Easy integration and one-click video downloads from the browser.
  • Users can use its services without registering.

9xbuddy is a great service for downloading videos and music. I found a great platform that lets you simply download films from thousands of portals. The service 9xbuddy lets you download videos and music from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, VK, Soundcloud, and others. The sites for downloading videos and music are here. the whole list, which is over 4000 and updated often, supports all the most popular sites, including those with red Play icons.


  • Free, quick, and secure audio-video downloader.
  • Complete device, format, and browser support.
  • No registration is needed.
  • Supports many websites


  • No ad-free or encryption-free download.
  • Can’t erase the watermark.

What Is 9Xbuddy?


9xbuddy downloader is a clever free online downloader that lets you save audio and video from several websites for offline use. It has the easiest interface for downloading videos in a few clicks. Three-step copy-and-paste lets you download your choice video on your device.  Instead of pasting the video URL, use the dedicated search bar to choose your favourite video. It gets you a high-quality 9Xbuddy video download according to your demands and modifications without sign-up, program installation, or expert downloading skills.

What Is The Work of 9xbuddy?

It works how? Newcomers to our handy video downloader may ask. Allow me to explain.

First, 9xbuddy lets you download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others. You only need the video URL to download. Paste the URL into the 9xbuddy search field. Press enter or click “Download” and done! The magic starts. The clever algorithms behind 9xbuddy will evaluate the video file and provide several download formats and resolutions. Choose a high-definition MP4 or FLV file based on your demands. One of 9xbuddy’s finest features is speed. Its fast servers and processes make downloading lightning-quick. No more waiting for your favorite videos to transfer! You may also queue up several films for bulk downloading using 9xbuddy, saving even more time. This tool works on cellphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops without any issues. Windows or Mac OS, 9xbuddy can help!

9xbuddy Features & Benefits?


  • Its adaptability makes 9xbuddy stand out. This video downloader supports YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and others. 9xbuddy lets you store humorous cat videos and tutorials for offline viewing.
  • User-friendliness is another plus. The easy-to-use interface lets anyone download videos in a few clicks. Beginners may easily use this tool without elaborate instructions or technical experience.
  • You may also choose the format and quality of your downloaded videos. You may easily choose MP4, AVI, FLV, or another format. You may also choose the resolution (standard or high definition) to customize your downloaded videos.
  • With 9xbuddy, downloads are rapid without sacrificing quality. Your favorite videos will be stored quickly and ready to play.
  • 9xbuddy excels again in device and OS compatibility. It works flawlessly on Android and iOS phones and Windows PC/Mac laptops.
  • Finally, 9xbuddy’s security precautions are essential. Since your privacy is important while using online tools like these, all downloads are encrypted using HTTPS.

How To Use 9xbuddy

Downloading web movies is easy with 9xbuddy—step-by-step instructions for using this great tool.

  • Find the Video: Search any platform or website for the video you wish to download. 9xbuddy supports YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others.


  • Copy the Video URL: Copy the video URL from your browser’s address bar.


  • Visit 9xbuddy: Paste the video URL into the search box on their website.


  • Pick Quality and Format: After pasting the URL, pick the video download quality and format.


  • Download Your Video: Click 9xbuddy’s “Download” button and wait for your video to download.


These easy procedures let you download web films with 9xbuddy without any technological skills! Respect copyright rules and only download stuff for personal use or with permission using this program!

Fixing Common 9xbuddy Issues

The trustworthy and effective online video downloader 9xbuddy may need aid with difficulties. Don’t worry—these issues have straightforward fixes! Let’s look at some frequent 9xbuddy issues and how to fix them. The inability to download movies from some websites is widespread. This might be due to size limits or coding changes. Try downloading the video from the original page or finding similar material on other platforms to fix this. Users may also require aid with sluggish download speeds. Downloading movies slowly may be due to server congestion or your internet connection. Try stopping downloads or streaming, removing superfluous apps, and maintaining a solid internet connection.

Users may face video converting issues. This might happen due to video format incompatibilities or software faults. Usually, refreshing the page and attempting again fixes the issue. Sometimes downloaded videos must be played correctly on a media player. Codec issues between the downloaded file and your media player might cause this. Replace the media player or install more codecs to fix this. Occasionally, none of these troubleshooting methods work, therefore contact 9xbuddy’s support staff. They know their product and can help you with any more problems. Technology may be unexpected, but with patience and determination, most difficulties can be handled quickly so you can watch your favorite web films without interruption!

5 Best 9Xbuddy Alternatives

Saving hot YouTube videos, Facebook Shorts, OTT series, new movies, or other content for offline viewing is your goal. In case 9Xbuddy disappoints, explore the other 5 options with their benefits, drawbacks, and potentials.

  • Download StreamFab Video

Download StreamFab Vide

If you wish to avoid 9Xbuddy’s drawbacks, StreamFab Video downloader offers infinite customization and high-quality everlasting downloads. You may choose quality, subtitles, and more while enjoying advertising, encryption, and regional restriction-free downloads.

  • TubeNinja


TubeNinja has comparable features to 9Xbuddy. Instantly download the video from your choice website with a copy-and-paste option. It supports bookmarket for fast, smart downloading.

  • Keepvid


KeepVid is a promising online video downloader for sites like 9Xbuddy with many features. This quick and free 9Xbuddy replacement lets you store stuff from over 100 websites.

  • Catch. Tube

Catch. Tube

Catch tube is a simple, user-friendly alternative to 9Xbuddy if it doesn’t function. The 9Xbuddy alternative enables you install a browser extension to store video from its source while streaming online.

  • BitDownloader


BitDownloader is a good 9Xbuddy replacement with simple video downloading. This free internet video downloading program offers possibilities for hassle-free video downloading anytime, anyplace.


Are video downloaders safe?

Video downloaders are secure as long as you use them to download authentic, copyright-free videos for personal use with the owner’s permission.

What are online video downloader limitations?

  • Threat of malware and viruses
  • Unlimited, ad-free downloading is impossible.
  • Lack of personalization
  • Limited website support

Is 9xbuddy free?

Yes, certainly! Many users prefer 9xbuddy since it’s free. No cost to download your favorite videos easily.

Can 9xbuddy download videos from any website?

You can! 9xbuddy works on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and more, unlike other video downloaders.

Is 9xbuddy safe?

Absolutely! We prioritize your safety and security at 9xbuddy. Before reaching your device, we screen all downloads for viruses and malware.

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