Can I Request For Volaris Name Change On Ticket?

Can I Request For Volaris Name Change On Ticket?

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May 16, 2024

Passengers can easily change their names due to legal issues or rectify names using the Volaris Name Change Policy. In this piece, we’ll cover the airline’s penalty, all the laws and regulations you need to know before requesting a name change, and much more.

Rules Volaris Follow For Name Alteration

The Volaris Airlines name change policy includes instructions on how passengers can request a name change.

  • Minor alterations to the first, middle, or last name are allowed under name change Volaris.
  • The first, middle, or last name of the passenger may have up to four characters added.
  • The Volaris name change policy prohibits passengers from transferring tickets to another individual. The traveler would then have to reschedule and cancel their original ticket.
  • Passengers may verify name changes due to marriage or divorce using legal paperwork.
  • Passengers can modify their name on a reservation in two ways: online or offline.
  • The passenger will additionally be responsible for $200 in non-refundable costs in addition to any fare differences.
  • Generally speaking, Volaris does not let passengers change their names.
  • It is not permitted for adults to relinquish their reservation to a child or an older adult.
  • Should the passenger have purchased the ticket with digital credits, name modifications are not allowed.
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What Documents Are Required For Volaris Name Change?

Passengers need to submit these documents for name alteration with Volaris Airlines:

  • Government-issued identity with the correct name, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Completed the name modification request form that Volaris sent.
  • Verify that the documentation corresponds with the ticket’s new name.
  • For detailed details, visit the airport counter or call the Volaris Airlines name change support phone.
  • At least four hours before the aircraft departs, the name change must be requested.

How To Change Name On Volaris Airlines Ticket?

There are several options available to modify the name on the ticket under Volaris Airlines’ name correction policy. Travelers can choose any technique from the following options to change a name:

Volaris Name Change Via Website

Travelers can amend the name on their ticket by using the Volaris name change online procedure. Furthermore, a client has to consider executing the following measures to rectify the misspelled name on the ticket:

  • Visit the Volaris Airlines website to get started.
  • Second, go to the website’s “My Trips” section and choose it.
  • Next, enter the reservation number and correct name in the fields.
  • Next, choose the relevant flight from the flight schedule.
  • Click Edit now and make the necessary changes.
  • Next, pay the Volaris name change cost if required.
  • The airline will eventually mail the corrected ticket after eliminating the incorrect Volaris Airlines name from the original one.

Volaris Name Correction On Call

If you’re trying to change your name and would like to speak with someone at Volaris, the phone number to call to change the name of Volaris Airlines is +1 855 VOLARIS. Call +1-800-865-1848 (available 24 hours a day) to speak with a flight specialist about your questions.

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To get a person at Volaris, adhere to the guidelines below:

  • To begin the conversation, call the Volaris Airlines name change support hotline.
  • Then, follow the directions on the IVR to talk to a human.
  • Then, follow the voice instructions and press the corresponding key.
  • In a few seconds, passengers may speak with the live representative.
  • Now, request that your flight name be changed from the individual.
  • Next, please provide them with your booking details and the passenger’s last name.
  • The representative will check your reservation and change your name.
  • Next, pay the Volaris name change cost if required.
  • Your updated name booking will be on your registered mail soon.

Volaris Name Rectification At Airport

If you need to change the name on your Volaris airline ticket on the day of departure, you must get to the airport early. When you get to the check-in desk, explain your situation to the airline representative. They will provide you with the necessary paperwork and guide you through the process of changing the name on your ticket.

Types Of Volaris Name Change Request

You can request a name change for a misspelled name and more in accordance with Volaris’ policy. The following lists the restrictions and procedures specific to each form of name change:

Name Change Due To Marriage

The traveler can submit a Volaris change name request if they booked a flight using their married or maiden name and then changed the name on their passport between the time of booking and the date of travel. Subject to availability, the ticket would be reissued in a comparable or better class of service; the fare difference could apply.

Legal Name Change

Because of the legal implications, passengers are able to change their names on their tickets. For validation, passengers would be required to present supporting documentation, such as a court order or a new photo ID with their name amended.

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Minor Name Alteration

The airline can correct minor spelling mistakes in the first, middle, or last names of up to four characters.

Middle Or Last Name Alteration

If there is Volaris’s wrong middle name on an airline ticket, then passengers have the option to have their middle name changed. Furthermore, travelers may apply for a name change if they have two last names. Before making an airline reservation, it is always advisable to double-check all the passenger data, making sure that the information on the ticket matches the information on the passport or any other official picture ID.

How Much Is Volaris Name Change Fee?

All airlines charge a fee for changing the name on a ticket. Similarly, Volaris Airlines also asks for cash from the passengers to change their names. There is a name change charge of $0 to $400 or more for Volaris. However, other factors, such as the kind of ticket and the journey destination, are taken into account when determining the fee amount.

Wrapping Up!

Travelers can request a Volaris name change through the Manage Booking area of the airline’s reservation web. The airline penalty and any additional ticket difference apply to the name change request. For more information, call Volaris Airlines’ official helpline at  +1 855 VOLARIS. Dial +1-800-865-1848 to talk with the consolidation desk and get your solutions.

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