Hisense 55U8H: A perfect Mini LED TV for your home

Hisense 55U8H: A perfect Mini LED TV for your home

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January 25, 2024

LED TVs bring you to a world of entertainment where you watch your favourite movies, series, or documentaries. It is not just a TV but rather a source of comfort or merriment for many individuals as they dive into the world of their liking. They watch their favourite content in a cosy environment. Hisense is one of the best brands out there in the realm of good electronic products such as TVs. It has a reasonable price along with different advanced technology. The Hisense U8H is the most recent technology in the market. It is a mini LED TV that has impressive vivid colour and a wider contrast. It is similar to the predecessor U8G in the sense that it delivers the same colour and contrast. Other than that, some additional features make Hisense U8H a new product. We can say that Hisense U8H is a mini LED TV that combines good quality output with a minimal and affordable price range.

Specifications of Hisense U8H

Hisense U8H

Specifications Details
Manufacturer Hisense
Price $973.98
Size 41.2 pounds
Panel type LED
Screen Size 55 inches
Resolution 3,840 by 2,160
Video input Composite, HDMI, RF, USB
HDR Dolby Vision, HDR-10
HDMI Port 4
Screen brightness 1982.26 nits
Warranty One year

What’s in the box of Hisense U8H?

The box in which the product is dispatched contains

  • A TV
  • Stand to mount the TV on the wall
  • A power cable
  • Remote control
  • A user manual

Design and Built Quality of Hisense U8H

The design of Hisense U8H is a somewhat common TV design which contains a metallic strip that runs through the four sides of the TV. The strip is thin on the above and thick on the bottom line. The metallic, sleek, and simple design gives it a classic appearance. The Hisense logo is embedded in the middle part of the bottom metallic line. A power button and an infrared sensor are there at the bottom that opens the TV with the help of a remote. A Google assistant and a microphone array light are also available, which can mute the voice with the switch button. You can wall mount the TV with the stand or make it stand on two feet with a thin metallic strip-like figure. The cables are attached on the right side of the TV, with has embedded panel for HDMI, USB, and several other common ports for cables.

Remote control of Hisense U8H

Hisense U8H

The remote is somewhat similar to that of the previous generations. It is a rectangular figure which has buttons attached to it. A circular pad for tasks is available on the top, along with mute, settings, contact, and power buttons. There is a Google Assistant button in the middle of all four buttons, which enables you to communicate with your assistant rapidly. At the bottom of the pad, we have a home, back, channel, volume, and Live TV buttons. You can maximise or minimise the sound through the volume rocker. On the far end, we have the best availability of Entertainment sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube, Peacock, and Tubi. You can avail of these sites with a single click. All in all, the remote is a wonderful wand that automatically eases your controls over the TV.

Google TV smart TV support program on Hisense U8H

Hisense U8H not only has a wide array of technology embedded, but along with that, it supports the Google TV smart TV platform, which means greater availability of all the entertainment sites at a quicker pace, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube, Peacock, Tubi, Sling TV and many more. It means that it supports streaming of Google content on your Android or Chrome tabs. It also allows you to access your Google Assistant on your TV, and this is one of the profound features that makes Hisense Technology top-notch.

Colour and contrast feature on Hisense U8H TV

Hisense U8H

Hisense U8H contains a backlit 4k LED lighting with a 120Hz refresh rate. Along with that, the saturation and colour brightness can be adjusted to your needs. HDR content with Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma makes it a perfect mini entertainment TV for your house. ATSC 3.0 tuner further enhances the colour and contrast of the TV to make it somewhat identical to reality. Hisense guarantees that the TV has its advanced ULED technology, which is in 4k that boosts colour vision, sharpness, and more contrastive features.

Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut is further incorporated and combines billions of dots to create a full, bright picture for your perfect display. The array of local dimming brightness zones is between 1,000 to 1,500 nits, which is good for a mini LED TV because 500 is considered average, and this TV has about 1500 which is perfectly good. The voice assistant can also assist you in streaming your preferred TV show with your voice. This is the best solution if you don’t have a remote control or if you can’t find it.

Pros and Cons of Hisense U8H TV

Pros Cons
Affordable Little distortion in the sound
Dolby Vision inclusion
Google cast
Blooming feature

Should you buy the Hisense U8H?

Yes, you should buy the Hisense U8H TV if you are into perfect colour and contrast images along with exceptionally good HDR content, which makes it look similar to real-life colours. Additional features like the Google Cast or the voice control make it a TV worth buying at this price.

Final thoughts

The Hisense U8H is a mini LED TV that has a perfect midrange performance, a range of Google-assisted features, and several entertainment sites. Whatever you prefer, it can be streamed on this TV. At this affordable price, if you are getting this kind of LED TV then you should grab it at your earliest.


Q: What about the sound quality of Hisense U8H TV?

The Hisense U8H TV has a good sound quality with a built-in subwoofer, and in between, it distorts a little. The sound can treble a little, but at a high level, it doesn’t waver.

Q: Does the TV have a Blooming feature?

Yes, the Hisense U8H TV has a perfect blooming feature which minimises any blooming around the dimming objects and further enhances the brightness and visibility of the objects.

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