How to Efficiently Move Your Thunderbird Profile to Another PC?

How to Efficiently Move Your Thunderbird Profile to Another PC?

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January 23, 2024

Users Asking Questions: “Want to save your Thunderbird email backups in MBOX format? Or is it necessary to convert MBOX Thunderbird to PST? You’ll get the ideal answer to both of these questions right here. You can also combine them both by backing up Thunderbird first and then exporting to PST.”

Comprehensive Clarification

One popular email program for Windows, Mac, and Unix-like computers is Mozilla Thunderbird. Specifically, emails are stored within MBOX files—files without an extension. Therefore, you must find and copy these MBOX files if you want to back up your Thunderbird email messages. Additionally, a reliable utility like Thunderbird to Outlook Converter is needed if PST (for Outlook) rather than MBOX is the preferred export format.

Continue reading to learn how to export Thunderbird MBOX to PST and backup Thunderbird emails, among other essential details.

Mozilla Thunderbird’s Connections with MBOX and PST Files

It is evident from the previous succinct description that Thunderbird stores its mailbox contents in MBOX files. More specifically, Mozilla Thunderbird emails and attachments are stored in these MBOX files.

However, there is no connection between Thunderbird and the PST file. Only Outlook email clients use this exclusive Microsoft format to store inbox contents. Additionally, PST retains other data in addition to emails, like contacts, calendars, to-do lists, diaries, etc., in contrast to MBOX.

When users need to view Thunderbird emails on the Outlook platform, they typically require them in PST format. However, things get rather complicated because there isn’t a recognized method for converting Thunderbird MBOX to PST. There are no native capabilities in Outlook or Thunderbird to import file formats from each other. For this reason, we’ll be employing a top-notch, expert Thunderbird MBOX conversion solution.

Let’s proceed to the following phase, which will include exporting Thunderbird MBOX to PST and backing up Thunderbird to MBOX.

Is it Possible to Restore Emails From Thunderbird on a Windows Computer?

The quick process is to open Thunderbird files in the specified default location on your computer:

Then, find the MBOX files in several subdirectories. The location could also change based on the version of Windows you are using. The following is a more efficient method for finding and backing up each email account’s Thunderbird emails:

  • Launch Thunderbird. Click the Tools menu, then choose Account Settings.
  • A window displaying all configured email accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird will open.
  • To access server settings for a specific email account, click on it.
  • The location of the mailbox for the chosen email account can be seen in the local directory.
  • Find the precise location of mailbox files by copying and pasting this local directory path into Windows Explorer.
  • You can now copy all the MBOX files and the SBD folders and save them as backups in a different location.

For every email account, use the same procedure. Doing this allows you to back up all of the Thunderbird data and avoid searching across many folders for every File haphazardly.

Important Disclaimer: Copy every File to a folder named xxxx.default if you wish to back up your data and restore it on a different Thunderbird client. Next, create a new account on the other computer, enter the profile folder, and replace everything with the material you copied earlier.

How Do I Freely Export Thunderbird to PST?

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird and select which mailbox to open.
  • Choose which emails you want to export as a PST file.
  • To save as, right-click and choose “Save As.”.
  • Click the “Select Folder” option to save your Thunderbird emails after selecting the folder.
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook at this point and make a new folder.
  • Use “drag and drop” to transfer the stored Thunderbird emails to the Microsoft Outlook interface or import them.
  • Navigate to the “File” menu after all emails are shown in Outlook.
  • Choose “Import/Export” after selecting “Open & Export.”
  • Once “Export to a file.” has been chosen, click “Next”.
  • Select “Outlook Data File” now, then click “Next” again.
  • Select the Thunderbird email mailbox folder to convert to PST.
  • After adjusting the remaining parameters to your liking, click “Finish” to download the PST files.

It is evident that manually migrating a large mailbox takes a lot of time and is impractical. Thus, it is advised that users use a high-quality conversion tool.

Utilizing FixVare Thunderbird to Outlook PST Converter

A utility like FixVare Thunderbird to Outlook Converter is needed to open the Thunderbird MBOX file in the Microsoft email client, Outlook. With the help of this program, mass Thunderbird MBOX to PST exports are possible without sacrificing the integrity or quality of the emails. Moreover, it lets you keep the folder structure exactly as before the conversion.

Use These Methods to Export MBOX Files to PST in Thunderbird:

  • Launch the FixVare Thunderbird to the Outlook Converter window.

  • To get a list of alternatives that include Thunderbird, click Add File.
  • After selecting Thunderbird, select one of the two available scanning options:

  • With the default profile configured, the program can retrieve profile information straight from the Thunderbird email client. Therefore, there’s no need to make a backup; proceed with the conversion.
  • The Thunderbird backup MBOX files can be scanned and converted into PST files using the Select from file/folder option.

  • Once the chosen choice is executed, the program will preview every Thunderbird MBOX email. In the tool’s upper-left corner, select the Export button.
  • Multiple export choices are displayed in the following window. Just choose PST as the export format, then specify whether to export all the data or just specific files based on your needs.
  • Select the place where Thunderbird MBOX exports to PST If the source files are large.
  • To continue converting Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook, click the Export option. The process information, as seen in the screenshot, will be displayed by the tool.

  • A note confirming the process’s successful completion will be sent. You can now examine all your converted PST files by going to the destination folder you chose in step 8.

Last Thoughts

In addition to converting Thunderbird to PST files, the utility can handle MBOX files from over 19 email programs, such as Apple Mail and Power Mail: Spicebird, Eudora, Entourage, and others. Use the software’s free demo edition to learn more techniques for using the software. The tool can work with all Windows OS versions, whether new or old.

FAQ that Asked by Users:

Tell me about Thunderbird.

Mozilla created Thunderbird, an open-source, free email client. Windows, macOS and Linux can all use this program.

PST format: What is it?

Microsoft Outlook uses a file format called PST (Personal Storage Table) to hold contacts, calendar events, email messages, and other data.

Why is converting Thunderbird emails to PST format necessary?

Conversion of Thunderbird emails to PST format is required if you are moving from Thunderbird to Outlook or need to view your Thunderbird emails in Outlook.

Is there a free way to convert emails from Thunderbird to Outlook in PST format?

You can set up an empty email account in Thunderbird and Outlook to move data between the two programs, but there isn’t a straightforward, free way to convert Thunderbird emails to PST format. therefore giving you the PST file in an indirect manner.

Can I transfer emails from Thunderbird to PST format on a Windows 8 PC?

Sure, you can export Thunderbird data to Outlook PST format on a Windows 8 PC using “Thunderbird to Outlook PST Converter.”

When I export Thunderbird emails to PST format, would my original emails be deleted?

A copy of your emails will be created in a new PST file by the converter. Your initial emails will not be deleted.

What steps should I take if I run into any issues when converting?

If you need help utilizing the program, get in touch with our support staff.

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