Incycler Rigs vs. Recycler Rigs: Key Differences

Incycler Rigs vs. Recycler Rigs: Key Differences

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December 1, 2021

In the world of dabbing, incycler rigs and recycler rigs provide a unique and unprecedented experience. But what is the difference between an incycler and a recycler? Read on and find out complete details on incycler rigs vs. recycler rigs and what makes these devices astounding.

Incycler Rigs vs. Recycler Rigs

A recycler is a type of oil dab rig with two chambers instead of one. They are designed to draw water vapor from one another continuously. This process helps to store and cool smoke, creating a magical hit filled with flavor. Furthermore, recycler rigs offer several filtration options from which you can choose your ideal type. So whether you like a small diffusion or more, you can choose the perfect filter as you desire.

On the other hand, incycler rigs are a special type of recycler rig. They, too, feature a two-chamber system, but the second chamber is in the first chamber rather than next to it. Incyclers can deliver the same quality of vapor as recyclers. However, they look a bit more complex in terms of design.

Which of the two devices is better?

Incycler rigs and recycler rigs only differ in terms of aesthetics. Moreover, both types of dab rigs work essentially in the same manner. However, they are designed to function a little differently. Many recycler rigs’ chambers mimic a great science experiment when operational. Conversely, the internal design of an incycler gives these devices a fountain effect.

Aesthetics aside, the other advantage of visually cooling the water circulating throughout the chambers is that it is easier to clean up the residue. Residues of cigarette oil and concentrates can accumulate heavily in the dry area of dab rigs. Due to the constant movement of water, almost all interior surfaces of the recycler rig material remain wet. It’s always a good idea to regularly clean your devices appropriately. However, incycler or recycler rigs will keep them in better wash condition for more extended periods.

Altogether, incyclers and recyclers have their unique fun experience. Hence, it’s a good idea to pick one that is more appealing to your eye while still giving the smoothest dabbing experience.

What are the benefits of dab rigs?

Electric rig produces an incredibly satisfying experience over traditional bongs or bubblers. Here are some of the key benefits of using a modern-day dab rig:

Stronger hits

Dabbing with a rig is very different from dry smoking herb. First off, even though they don’t require it per se, most people will use water in their dab rigs to cool down smoke and catch any unwanted residue. Secondarily, since modern-day nails have become so popular among weed connoisseurs who enjoy taking huge dabs, you can expect stronger rips than ever before!

More flavor

Even though water-filtering your smoke can end up making it less harsh, that isn’t its main purpose. Instead, using water in your dab rig’s water chamber makes weed much easier to taste when vaping concentrates.


Dabbing has created a whole new market for accessories. There are so many nail options out there! Some may be ceramic or quartz, while others may feature titanium coils or even dual coil setups!

Easy maintenance

While you shouldn’t put your dab rig in the dishwasher (unless it is specifically labeled as dishwasher safe), most still require less cleaning than other smoking tools like bongs and pipes. You should only really need to clean your nails every once in a while. If you notice buildup on the inside of your rig, a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip should get rid of any residuals from vape smoke.


Dab rigs are more reliable than bongs because it takes more effort to damage them. Electric nails can be especially unreliable since you have to wait for the coils to heat up. Even then, they come with issues like short circuits or random heating that can ruin the experience entirely. Additionally, some ceramic nails will crack prematurely if you aren’t careful while torching them! However, most dab rigs’ components are less fragile, and high-quality made materials provide more value for your money.


Every day, more people are trying to figure out the best way to concentrate. There’s a lot of information floating around about what’s safe and how one should use it. Fortunately, you know the difference between recycler rigs and incycler rigs. You can now check out Dr. Dabber and decide for yourself which device is right for you.

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