Top 20 Alternatives to KissAnime for Anime Streaming

Top 20 Alternatives to KissAnime for Anime Streaming

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February 25, 2024

KissAnime was once the leading online platform for avid anime fans worldwide. However, after it shut down in 2020, loyal viewers had to search for viable alternatives to get their anime fix. Luckily, the void left by KissAnime has been filled by many great websites offering a comprehensive selection of anime series and movies across genres. This article explores the top 20 substitutes for KissAnime based on content library, streaming quality, interface, community, and other useful features.

Why Have We Chosen These Alternatives?

These KissAnime alternatives were chosen after assessing their features, customer comments, and streaming experience. Each option has large content libraries, HD streaming, user-friendly interfaces, and responsive communities. The suggested alternatives strive to emulate KissAnime’s enormous anime and cartoon library, numerous genres, and accessibility. These sites provide a variety of choices for anime fans to replace KissAnime’s absence, whether they choose old favourites or new releases. The selection considers material diversity, streaming quality, simplicity of use, community interaction, and other features to give consumers a range of anime streaming options.

No. Alternative Advantage Disadvantage Rating
1 AnimeToon Expansive collection, intuitive design, no registration required Buffering issues may occur for some users 4.5
2 Crunchyroll HD streaming, simulcasts, ad-free for subscribers Content library may not match KissAnime’s vastness 4.8
3 WatchSeries All-in-one site, multiple streaming sources, responsive to requests Mirror sites may have reliability issues 4.3
4 WatchCartoonsOnline Extensive collection, visually engaging interface None mentioned 4.7
5 Toonova Handpicked selection, intuitive design, no account needed None mentioned 4.6
6 GoGoAnime Massive library subbed and dubbed versions, intuitive interface Occasional annoying ads 4.4
7 9Anime Enormous variety, of offline downloads, spanning decades and genres None mentioned 4.9
8 Cartoon Network Safe for family entertainment, classic hit shows, available on apps Free access with short ad breaks 4.2
9 Disney Junior Optimized for child development, iconic Disney cartoons Access via digital subscriptions and cable 4.5
10 CartoonCrazy Consolidated platform, downloadable episodes, regular updates None mentioned 4.4
11 Cartoons On Mix of old and new, alternative genre navigation, regular updates Optimal streaming with few glitches 4.6
12 Nickelodeon Iconic hit cartoons, timeless shows, official apps for convenience Access some episodes free with ads 4.7
13 WatchAnimeDub Extensive English dubbed catalog, mobile optimization None mentioned 4.3
14 AnimeDao Extensive library, user-requested content expansion None mentioned 4.5
15 KimCartoon Premium user experience, extensive selection, kids-friendly None mentioned 4.8
16 AnimeFreak Expansive subbed anime library, fast streaming of latest releases None mentioned 4.4
17 Funimation Licensed anime, simulcasts, ad-free streaming for subscribers Paid subscription required for premium features 4.7
18 Nyaa Comprehensive torrent site, fast downloads, active forums Not all titles available for streaming 4.6
19 AnimeUltima Extensive variety, interactive community forums, frequent updates Minimal ads without compromising experience 4.5
20 Anime-Planet Social platform, personalized recommendations, vast licensed library None mentioned 4.8

Top 20 Alternatives to KissAnime

1. AnimeToon


AnimeToon hosts an expansive collection of anime and cartoons in one place. The intuitive design and lack of registration requirements allow users to start watching their favorite shows instantly.

Key Features

  • Simple and visually appealing interface
  • Huge catalog of classic and ongoing anime/cartoon titles
  • Stream on the go with a mobile-friendly platform
  • No sign-up needed for instant content access

AnimeToon removes all barriers to entry with its easily navigable layout and hassle-free direct streaming. The extensive media vault satisfies both nostalgia seekers and fans of the latest releases. However, buffering issues may arise for some based on internet speeds. Overall, AnimeToon replicates the anime abundance of KissAnime in a neatly packaged platform.

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2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll prioritizes high-definition streaming for premium anime viewing. Early access to fresh episodes through simulcasts is a cherished bonus for dedicated fans.

Key Features

  • Curated collection of popular licensed anime series
  • Simulcast new episodes shortly after Japanese premiere
  • Ad-free in HD for paid subscribers
  • Free viewing with ads otherwise

As an official anime distributor, Crunchyroll’s content library may not match KissAnime’s endless catalog. But its focus on simulcasts, ad-free high-quality streaming, and community interaction generates immense value for hardcore anime lovers. Enthusiasts can catch subbed episodes of their favorite shows just hours after release in Japan!

3. WatchSeries


WatchSeries envelops anime, cartoons, and other content in one expansive site. Multiple streaming servers prevent annoying buffering issues during animes.

Key Features

  • All genres of anime and cartoons in one database
  • Backup streaming sources for steady viewing
  • Request missing anime to expand the catalog
  • Free access without registration

While its mirror sites may be iffy, WatchSeries itself offers smooth sailing for anime streaming with minimal interruptions. The ability to request new additions to the library also makes it responsive to viewers’ preferences. For an all-in-one destination approximating KissAnime’s variety, WatchSeries hits the mark.

4. WatchCartoonsOnline

This platform brings together nostalgic and current cartoon series in one fun location. The visually engaging interface makes watching cartoon marathons an absolute pleasure.

Key Features

  • Old and new classic cartoons from various eras
  • Intuitive site navigation to find episodes quickly
  • Video player customization options
  • Regular cartoon updates for fresh content

For an extensive collection reminiscent of childhood favorites to modern hits, WatchCartoonsOnline delivers. It replicates the joy of watching Saturday morning cartoons in pajamas for viewers of any age seeking animated entertainment.

5. Toonova


Toonova merges cartoons and anime on one aesthetic website promoting discovery of new series. The curated content and straightforward interface optimize the viewing experience.

Key Features

  • Handpicked selection of anime and cartoons
  • Dubbed and subbed anime accommodates preferences
  • Intuitive design for effortless content navigation
  • Stream instantly without creating account

Whether you grew up on Pokémon and Scooby-Doo or follow Attack on Titan and Bleach, Toonova offers the best of both worlds. The visually pleasing site design matched with a thoughtfully compiled media catalog makes watching either anime or cartoons an absolute treat.

6. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime provides a treasure trove of anime series across genres and seasons. Both subbed and dubbed versions are available to satisfy diverse viewers.

Key Features

  • Massive library spanning anime categories and decades
  • Subbed and dubbed versions for international access
  • Intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface
  • Anime exploration simplified through thoughtful categorization

By organizing titles systematically in genres and providing multiple language versions, GoGoAnime simplifies the content discovery process. The huge collection covering classics to latest seasons mirrors KissAnime’s vast vault. Occasional annoying ads accompany the free access.

7. 9Anime


9Anime offers an enormous spectrum of anime ranging from legendary classics to newly released episodes. Offline downloads make it great for travel entertainment.

Key Features

  • Extensive anime variety including rare finds
  • Save storage space with smaller resolution options
  • Download episodes for viewing anytime, anywhere
  • Anime variety spanning decades, genres, seasons

Few sites can compete with the signature anime abundance offered by 9Anime. The provision for downloading episodes sets it apart from streaming-only competitors. Anime enthusiasts searching for hidden gems alongside mainstream titles will love exploring this library reminiscent of KissAnime.

8. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is the home base for countless iconic animated characters loved by children and adults alike. The official apps expand watching options across devices.

Key Features

  • Safe platform for family and kids entertainment
  • Classic hit shows like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Watch on smart TVs, mobiles, and tablets via apps
  • Free access with short ad breaks

For generations of viewers, Cartoon Network is the holy grail of animation. It offers unlimited access to childhood classics that are perfect to rewatch or introduce kids to. The availability of free mobile apps makes it convenient to watch these masterpieces anytime, anywhere.

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9. Disney Junior

Disney Junior

Disney Junior creates the ideal viewing environment for preschoolers to learn and have fun simultaneously. The channel offers trusted Disney entertainment specially tailored for impressionable young minds.

Key Features

  • Optimized for early childhood development
  • Iconic Disney cartoons like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Educational content mixed seamlessly with entertainment
  • Access via digital subscriptions and cable

Disney Junior ensures children can grow with beloved characters in an age-appropriate setting safe for self-viewing. For parents seeking trustworthy edutainment, Disney Junior is the best destination for enjoying cartoons and nurturing child development.

10. CartoonCrazy


CartoonCrazy contains endless animated entertainment spanning anime and cartoons in one expansive portal. Downloads take the experience offline for travel viewing.

Key Features

  • Anime and cartoons consolidated in one platform
  • Downloadable episodes in different resolutions
  • Convenient organization and navigation
  • Regular anime and cartoon updates

The layout facilitates easy searching to find treasured shows. The option to download episodes sets CartoonCrazy apart from streaming-only sites. Together with its substantial media vault, CartoonCrazy makes an ideal one-stop site for unlimited anime and cartoon fixes.

11. Cartoons On

Cartoons On takes viewers on a walk down nostalgia lane with classics from forgotten eras along with popular ongoing series. The frequently updated content ensures fresh cartoon releases get equal representation.

Key Features

  • Old and new cartoon series from different periods
  • Navigate alternative genres easily
  • New episodes added regularly
  • Optimal streaming with few glitches

The neatly organized interface allows viewers to explore both familiar and obscure animated treasures based on preferences. Regular injections of new shows keep the content library brimming with titles for unlimited cartoon entertainment.

12. Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon holds a special place for generations of viewers for making beloved classic cartoons an integral part of childhoods. The shows continue entertaining today just as they did decades ago.

Key Features

  • Iconic hit cartoons with legacy status
  • Timeless shows spanning decades yet retaining relevance
  • Official apps for enjoying classics on the go
  • Access some episodes free with ads

Through legendary original programming, Nickelodeon has crafted cartoons with cross-generational appeal that withstand the test of time. Watching Spongebob Squarepants and Avatar: The Last Airbender always evokes nostalgia for the golden age of animation.

13. WatchAnimeDub


As the name suggests, WatchAnimeDub specializes in English dubbed anime for audiences preferring native language or seeking clear dialogue. Registration hassles are eliminated for instant watching.

Key Features

  • Extensive catalog of anime series in English
  • Mobile optimization enables flexible viewing
  • Neither registration nor subscription required
  • Handpicked lineup avoiding filler episodes

For anime lovers not keen on subtitles, WatchAnimeDub provides unlimited access to a handpicked selection of stellar English dubbed series. The streamlined interface and lack of sign-up friction make watching anime dubs an enjoyable experience anytime, anywhere.

14. AnimeDao


AnimeDao simplifies searching for specialized or eclectic anime interests in its substantial media vault. User requests help expand offerings to match diverse preferences.

Key Features

  • Extensive anime library across genres and niches
  • Intuitive design for seamless content navigation
  • Users can request missing anime titles
  • Free streaming without registration

AnimeDao’s responsive collection powered by user input increases the likelihood of finding favorite shows. The huge content library and a visually intuitive interface make discovering new anime and watching beloved series incredibly fun.

15. KimCartoon


KimCartoon offers free on-demand streaming for a massive collection of curated cartoon classics and ongoing hits through a refined platform.

Key Features

  • Premium user experience and interface
  • Extensive handpicked cartoon selection
  • Seamless HD streaming with responsive servers
  • Kids-friendly collection suitable for all ages

For an ad-free, hassle-free, and high-quality cartoon streaming experience, KimCartoon hits all the right notes. With thoughtful genre classification and a media vault rivaling paid services, it removes all barriers to entry for viewing cartoons spanning eras seamlessly.

16. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak makes watching subbed anime in original Japanese audio a breeze through its expansive content library and responsive streaming.

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Key Features

  • Subbed anime collection with rare additions
  • Start watching instantly without registering
  • Report errors in videos for quick fixes
  • Lightning-fast streaming of latest releases

AnimeFreak enables fans preferring original audio and subtitles to plunge straight into marathoning favorites and following seasonal releases. The focus on providing a swift and glitch-free streaming experience for subbed anime sets it apart from competitors.

17. Funimation

Funimation provides official premium access to cult classics and seasonal anime via paid subscriptions for an ad-free experience.

Key Features

  • Licensed anime collection spanning decades
  • Simulcast episodes immediately after Japan airing
  • Ad-free streaming for subscribers
  • Interact with fellow anime lovers

For devoted anime fans seeking absolute freshness, Funimation’s simulcasts deliver episodes hot off the press before anywhere else. Subscribers can immerse themselves fully into shows ad-free and in high definition. The community features foster meaningful connections with fellow enthusiasts.

18. Nyaa


As a uniquely comprehensive anime torrent site, Nyaa opens avenues to downloading even titles unavailable for streaming. Its active forums build engaging communities around shared interests.

Key Features

  • Massive torrent index including obscure and new anime
  • Fast downloads ensure quick access to favorites
  • Active forums for meaningful interactions within niche communities
  • Lightweight interface devoid of annoying ads

Nyaa removes limitations to access imposed by streaming rights and licenses. Anime enthusiasts can acquire treasured titles outside formal distribution channels through downloads. Its community emphasis also connects kindred spirits across fandoms.

19. AnimeUltima


AnimeUltima delivers an engaging anime experience not just through its expansive content breadth but also through highly interactive community forums.

Key Features

  • Extensive anime variety spanning decades and genres
  • Community forums foster avid discussions
  • Frequent anime updates to match the pace of new releases
  • Minimal ads without compromising experience

The wealth of anime series from all eras coupled with lively forums makes AnimeUltima engaging on multiple fronts. Users find shows to watch and spaces to share their passion with equal ease in this wholesome community-centric platform.

20. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet uniquely blends anime streaming with social community features for an immersive and interactive experience. Advanced recommendations make discovering shows effortless.

Key Features

  • Social platform with anime database integration
  • Personalized anime recommendations using advanced algorithms
  • Build shareable watchlists and track anime progress
  • Free streaming of vast licensed anime library

Beyond just streaming, Anime-Planet fosters connections and conversations between fellow fans. Viewers can get personalized suggestions, maintain watchlists, review titles, and forge friendships in a wholesome community.

Which One Is The Best?

AnimeToon is one of the top KissAnime alternatives because of its large anime and cartoon library, user-friendly interface, and rapid access. AnimeToon offers a smooth viewing experience without registration with a beautiful design and a large selection of classic and current titles. Its simplicity and lack of buffering make it perfect for those who want to binge-watch their favorite episodes. AnimeToon is a good choice for anime and cartoon fans since it replicates KissAnime’s profusion in a beautifully packed fashion.


The methodology for selecting these alternatives involved extensively researching anime and cartoon streaming platforms based on aggregated user reviews, content libraries, streaming quality, and safety. Popular community hubs like Reddit were analyzed for enthusiast perspectives. Both free and premium sites were included to provide options for all users. The alternatives were tested for metrics like video playback, ease of navigation, availability of content libraries, ad interruptions, and compatibility across devices. Sites offering the best user experience with minimal technical frustrations were preferred. Safety was a priority, so platforms with intrusive ads or potential malware risks were excluded.

Overall, the chosen KissCartoon alternative sites offer the best-in-class experience for anime and cartoon aficionados. They provide extensive content libraries, strong community features, and optimized streaming quality – giving users many great options beyond KissCartoon.

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