Logitech G Cloud: A compact handheld gaming console

Logitech G Cloud: A compact handheld gaming console

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February 8, 2024

In the era of gaming, handheld games hold a great place. They were known for being portable among the masses. Logitech G Cloud is a small Android tablet that can act as a small mini console and is handheld, making it one of the coolest products. It has a custom launcher along with a controller system. It has the same features as the Nintendo Switch Lite, yet it is somehow different in its form factor and performance. Logitech G Cloud has a good base setup and overall gaming performance. The grip is genuinely comfortable, and you can hold it for a considerable time.

Along with that, the built quality is further enhanced compared to the previous devices, making it a good purchase. Logitech G Cloud has some questionable disadvantages, such as the processing system not being top-notch. The underpowered feature makes it lag with its overpriced amount, and you can buy a good Android gaming handheld at this price.

Specifications of Logitech G Cloud

Logitech G Cloud

Specifications Details
Manufacturer Logitech
Price $299.99
Weight 1.02 Pounds
Colour White
Screen 7-inch full HD
CPU Octacore up to 2.3GHz
Internal memory 64GB
Pixels 1080p
Display 16:9
Battery 2 lithium polymer batteries
Brightness 450nits
Battery life 12+ hours
Touch-enabled Multi-touch
Stereo 3.5mm stereo headphones
Wi-Fi speed 800+ Mbps
Connection 2.5 & 5Ghz
Warranty One year

What’s in the Logitech G Cloud box?

Logitech G Cloud comes in a packaged box that consists of

  • Logitech G Cloud console.
  • Power adapter
  • USB cable(A-C Type)
  • User manual

Design and Built Quality of Logitech G Cloud

Logitech G Cloud

The Logitech G Cloud has a 1080p 7-inch HD screen with a touch sensor and many controls on the console. This makes the controller non-detachable, and the grip is comfortable to use. The overall design is sleek and simple, with a lustrous white colour. The control buttons are arranged similarly to that of Xbox controllers. When I picked it up for the first time and started playing on it, I had no problems dealing with the controls because I was used to the Xbox controls, which made me relive that memory.

The most anticipated feature of this product is its sleek and thin design. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and your hands will not feel any burden. The slimming feature is attributed to its similar features to a tablet because the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G octa-core processor is embedded in the device, making it identical to a tablet, irrespective of being a gaming console. Overall, it has a different design than any other gaming console.

The processing power of Logitech G Cloud

Logitech G Cloud

Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G octa-core processor is instilled in the Logitech G Cloud, which is not hardware-intensive. This affects the processing system, and you can expect some lagging qualities when you play a game that consumes more power. The game may look fuzzy, making you uninterested in playing.

There are two modes of software available: one is for handheld gaming, and the other is for tablet use. One is built in a console menu design like that of other Steam pictures, and the other is like that of different Android experiences. The performance could have been more wildly acceptable.

Battery life of Logitech G Cloud

Two lithium polymer batteries are installed in the gaming console and can be recharged easily with the charging adapter available in the box. Although they claim to have a consistent twelve-hour battery life, when you shift between the Android and console medium, the battery life reduces to about 8 hours, which is okay for a handheld device.

Performance of Logitech G Cloud

Logitech G Cloud

There are several streaming services available, and you can opt for them. The performance varies with these streaming services, such as the Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta), because it feels like the game is playing with a little delay. The audio-visual performance did not match perfectly, making the overall experience mild, though the Wi-Fi connection was decent.

When I moved towards the Nvidia GeForce, the performance shifted to almost perfect. The streaming quality was excellent, and I enjoyed every second of playing. Steam Link’s performance was just like Nvidia GeForce, which was amazing. It uses local hardware and works efficiently, but the problem is that all performance is based on a Wi-Fi connection. You will only have a good gaming experience with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. When considering the price of Logitech G Cloud, other gaming consoles make a good impression because they all allow natively rendering the games on Steam Deck. Overall, this makes it weaker than other consoles.

Pros and Cons of Logitech G Cloud

Pros Cons
Good grip Expensive
Sleek design Fuzzy performance
Lightweight Gestures disabled for Android emulation
Perfect local gaming streaming platform

Should you buy the Logitech G Cloud?

Suppose you want a gaming console that has a reasonable price range. In that case, I suggest you buy another instead of Logitech G Cloud because of its lack of processor and requirement of Wi-Fi availability. It has a mild experience and can make you uninterested in the game you are playing, so you should look for other products if you are looking for a gaming console.

Final Thoughts

Logitech G Cloud has a perfect built quality and a comfortable grip, but the processing speed and performance are a bit mild, making it an overpriced product. Rather than looking for this product, a strong recommendation is to buy the Nintendo Switch Lite.


Q: What is the audio quality of Logitech G Cloud?

The sound quality of Logitech G Cloud is fantastic. Its 3.5mm stereo headphones give off a good bass and sound experience; you can have a good sound quality all day.

Q: What about the internal memory of Logitech G Cloud?

The Logitech G Cloud gaming console has an internal memory of 64GB with an octa-core processor, making it a solid gaming system.

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