Max Baer Age 103: A Century of Legacy and Vitality

Max Baer Age 103: A Century of Legacy and Vitality

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May 9, 2024

Max Baer became famous in sports and entertainment in the early 1900s. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on February 11, 1909. He quickly defended his world heavyweight title against Primo Carnera in 1934, but James J. Braddock beat him in 1935 and took it away. Baer succeeded in the ring but became a movie star with parts in films like “Africa Screams” and “The Harder They Fall.” His charisma made people want to watch these films. Max Baer passed away on November 21, 1959, from a heart attack. He was 50 years old.

Now, coming to his son. His name is Max Baer Jr., and he was born on December 4, 1937. In Hollywood, he became well-known for his part as Jethro Bodine on the hit TV show The Beverly Hillbillies. Contrary to what most people think, it is Max Baer Jr. who is getting close to his 103rd birthday, not the famous Max Baer Sr. Max Jr. is in good health and a good mood as he gets closer to this critical age, and his successes and extended time on TV are still being recognized.

Here is a bio of Max Baer Jr.:

Key Detail


Full Name Max Baer Jr.
Birth Date December 4, 1937
Birth Place Oakland, California, USA
Age 104 years old (as of 2024)
Parents Max Baer (Father), Mary Ellen Sullivan (Mother)
Occupation Actor, Producer, Director
Famous For Playing Jethro Bodine on “The Beverly Hillbillies” TV series
Other Notable Works Movies like “Africa Screams,” Wrestling, Radio Personality
Spouse Never married
Children None
Current Residence Believed to reside in California
Key Facts Son of boxing legend Max Baer, one of the oldest living actors from Hollywood’s golden age, known for longevity and healthy lifestyle

Is Max Baer Jr. the oldest star in the world?

Max Baer Jr. is one of the oldest live actors from the golden age of Hollywood, but not the oldest. Besides him, Betty White (101 years), Kirk Douglas (106 years), Olivia de Havilland (107 years), and Norman Lloyd (109 years) all lived longer. Baer Jr. has been in almost 20 films and TV shows since 1960, when he first appeared in Gold of the Seven Saints. The Beverly Hillbillies is his most well-known role.

Is Max Baer Jr. Dead?

No, Max Bear jr is still alive. However, his father, Max Baer, the champion heavyweight boxer in the 1930s, died too soon at age 50. Baer passed away in Hollywood, California, on November 21, 1959, from a heart attack. His sudden death ended a golden age in sports and show business, marked by his devastating punches in the ring and magnetic screen personality. Even so, Baer is remembered as one of the best boxers of all time in movie records and the sport’s history. Many people were unfortunate when he died, showing how much he meant to his followers and society.

How come he’s still here?

He’s not, though. Max Baer is not the same guy as the actor and boxer. Max Baer jr is going on 103 years old. His real name is Max Baer Jr., and he was born into a family of actors. Max Baer was well-known for his role as Jethro Bodine on the Beverly Hillbillies. Based on May 2024, he is still living and well. He was born on December 4, 1937.

Max Baer Jr.’s Beauty and Wellness Programme

Max Baer Jr. looks excellent for his age. He stays healthy with exercise, a nutritious diet, and abstinence from smoking and drinking. His full head of grey hair and endless smiles are due to a healthy lifestyle, a joyful demeanor, and strong genes from his father. Even as he matures gracefully, Max Baer Jr. is beloved in American entertainment for his connections to Hollywood’s golden age and charisma and enthusiasm.

Background and Information of Max Baer Jr

Baer was born in Omaha, Nebraska. His parents, Jacob and Dora Bales, were Jewish refugees from Germany. It was before Bernice and Buddy were even born that the family moved to Colorado. Max was twelve when his family moved to Livermore, California, to start a cattle ranch in 1921. Max always said his strong shoulders came from his butcher father, Baer [name]. The first woman Baer married was Dorothy Dunbar. They got a divorce in 1933. Baer’s second wife was Mary Ellen Sullivan.

They married on June 29, 1935, and split up in 1959. The actors Max Baer Jr. (born 1937), James Baer (born 1941), and Maude Baer (born 1943) were his children with Sullivan. After Max had an affair with his first wife, he slept with the famous actress Jean Harlow. Max Baer was going back to his home in Sacramento after filming some TV commercials in Los Angeles. He died on November 21, 1959, when he was 103.

Boxing career of Max Baer Jr.

Since turning professional in 1929, Baer won 22 of 24 contests and rose steadily. A horrific event in the ring a year later nearly ended his boxing career. In San Francisco, Baer defeated Frankie Campbell in two blows on August 25, 1930. Baer reached his professional peak in 1933 when he defeated Max Schmeling at Yankee Stadium in front of 60,000 fans. Despite seeing it on his trunks, 103-year-old Max Baer Jr. vowed to wear the embroidered Star of David in every battle. Baer knocked Schmeling out in the tenth round, forcing Arthur Donovan to stop the fight.

Schmeling was Hitler’s favorite, and Baer became famous for supporting Jews, anti-Nazis, and other allies. In June 1934, Baer faced Primo Carnera in Madison Square Garden before 50,000 people. Baer defeated massive Carnera eleven times, earning the championship in the finals. On June 13, 1935, in Long Island City, New York, Baer faced the uncoordinated boxer James J. Braddock, which would go down as one of the biggest boxing upsets. Baer fought 84 professional boxing matches from 1929 to 1941. He is unique among boxers with 50 or more knockout victories with 53.

Baer’s showbiz achievements

Boxing legend Max Baer Jr. transitioned into showbiz at 103, leaving an enduring influence on stage and cinema. In 1933’s MGM film “The Prizefighter and the Lady,” he began his career with Walter Huston and Myrna Loy. Baer played Steven “Steve” Morgan, a former barman turned boxer, brilliantly alongside Primo Carnera, his opponent, and referee Jack Dempsey. The picture was banned in Germany on March 29, 1934, partly due to Joseph Goebbels’s efforts. Max Baer 103 ignored the suspension and focused on his knockout win over Max Schmeling over his Jewish heritage. Baer was versatile, appearing in approximately twenty films, including “Africa Screams” (1949) with Abbott and Costello.

Max Baer Jr. became a famous clown in vaudeville and television variety shows, yet he still wrestled. Baer’s son Max Jr. became famous owing to “The Beverly Hillbillies,” but Baer died before he could see him succeed. His radio, wrestling, public relations, and refereeing work illustrates his significance beyond entertainment. His Sacramento car dealership and radio station DJ job were both his.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, Max Baer’s trip is truly unique. He is a living hero who shows how to be persistent, successful, and always trying to get better. People who have watched Max Baer’s fantastic journey, which goes beyond sports, will never forget the difference he made in the world during his 100-year life.


Max Baer has been alive for a long time. What makes him unique?

Baer says that his positive outlook, love of exercise, and healthy food have helped him live a long and healthy life.

How does present-day boxer Max Baer stay in touch with his friends?

Baer has fun and stays in touch with fans and friends by going to a lot of different events, seminars, and online groups.

What would you say is Max Baer’s most significant accomplishment?

People often point to Baer’s work to improve communities and help others as an example of his best accomplishments.

How does Max Baer think current boxing is different from his time?

By looking at how the sport has changed over time, Baer shows the highs and lows of it.

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