Exploring the Features & Performance Of the NZXT CAM Programme

Exploring the Features & Performance Of the NZXT CAM Programme

Written by Mark Williams, In Technology, Published On
January 24, 2024
Last modified on January 25th, 2024

NZXT CAM allows you to check your computer’s CPU and bandwidth usage. You can view how NZXT CAM uses your gaming PC. Find problems quickly to maximize performance. Building, modifying, testing, and monitoring are PC enthusiasts’ constants. PC junkies live in a cycle. We at Maximum PC think so. We’ve utilized CPUID, HWMonitor, Corsair Link, and GPU-Z to optimize our PCs. What if a tool could accomplish all that and more? Imagine if that tool could track system performance over time.

NZXT CAM Programme

nzxt cam

CAM is touted as the only utility you’ll ever need. NZXT, the McLaren of PC cases and accessories, created CAM to bundle the greatest system tools into one package. We played with CAM versions 1 and 2 for a while, and NZXT had the appearance down but not the functionality. CAM was focused on controlling NZXT’s Kraken liquid cooler and Hue LED lighting system, but it didn’t provide much more.

Deployment Cloud-Based
Subscription Plan Onetime
Language Support English
Headquarters California
Accessibility Customization

Mobile Support

Address 15736 E. Valley Blvd City of Industry CA, 91744-3927

Create and Install

As a PC chassis and accessories designer, NZXT aims to distance itself from CAM. Johnny Hou, NZXT creator, said, “CAM should be a system tool for everyone, not only enthusiasts. CAM is my go-to software for gamers and PC users, regardless of NZXT gear. We want CAM to be your PC’s centerpiece without proprietary hardware.” A generous remark, but can CAM 3.0 achieve that vision? CAM requires CAM Cloud registration upon installation. This is optional, but it reveals CAM’s true intellect. As expected, CAM monitors CPU and GPU statistics, voltages, fan speeds, etc. But seeing historical data is CAM’s killer app.

Smart Feature for You

If you let it, CAM transfers your frequency and FPS data to the CAM cloud. Track your history from there. You may also compare your results to people with similar or superior system characteristics. This tool lets you compare performance to others. Considering upgrading from a GTX 780 to a 980 Ti? CAM shows you 980 Ti users and game expectations. This function is smart for overclockers, too. CAM lets you compare overclocking results.

CAM Cloud has several thousand users, but its database will increase and become more thorough. In a future CAM update, NZXT says you may tell it what performance you desire, and it will offer rig improvements. As shown in the image above, 314 others with similar specs as our system recommend CPU idle temps of 30C. Our 4960X is cooled a little better than usual at 29C. We find this GPU-powered live comparison function powerful.

What if you want the entire system details?

Even CAM can accomplish it. Three forms of CAM exist: basic, advanced, and extended. In simple mode, CAM displays all important system data. The advanced option shows CPU cores, temperatures, RPM, and more in real time. Beastly mode is CAM extended, giving you a complete system overview. CAM offers more data than we can discuss here, but we’re glad you can see your SSD’s full details, including its age, mistakes, and predicted cell life.

CAM also controls NZXT devices, including Kraken, Hue+, and Grid. Since Asetek makes NZXT’s Kraken series all-in-one liquid coolers, CAM will identify and provide customization and control. CAM supports in-game overlays for real-time hardware data. You may see your stats while playing by enabling CAM’s overlay capabilities, selecting the data, and where to display it. CAM logs all gameplay sessions to show frame-rate performance history. You can check if your system has declined or how much fresh hardware has improved it. Useful!

What Is The Future?

nzxt cam

Now, CAM doesn’t enable system overclocking. You can’t change CPU frequencies or voltages. NZXT promises an upgrade that lets you accomplish that. For overclockers, CAM’s upgrade is much needed. When used with CAM Cloud, CAM may overclock your system to a target’s stable settings. Overclocking may be easier using CAM Cloud, which sees all user voltages and frequency adjustments. We must wait for now.

Besides progress, CAM 3.0 advances system-monitoring applications. Instead of merely monitoring, CAM allows you to compare performance data. Future upgrade features look good. Can CAM replace all our tools? That depends on whether NZXT can deeply adjust motherboard parameters and how many users use CAM. NZXT says they have big CAM plans and plenty of cool things on the roadmap that they don’t want us to discuss. According to our sources, CAM will be enormous for PC builders if all features come true. A nice step toward NZXT’s goals, CAM 3.0’s cloud-based functionality is novel. With CAM Cloud, we may envisage several CAM uses. CAM 3.0 is like NZXT vanishing a rabbit. NZXT may reveal that bunny in CAM 4.0.

Really user friendly Limited Non-NZXT Hardware Compatibility
Complete System Monitoring
Real-time temp tracking

Should I Get NZXT CAM?

The well-done NZXT CAM program has no shadows, giving it a modern window metro style. Customizable UI sets NZXT CAM distinct from competitors. Many didn’t ask for the ability to set an image as a banner or choose a color theme from a color picker. The NZXT CAM remains responsive despite these UI tweaks.


Can NZXT CAM operate my fans without a Fan Controller?

CAM can only regulate fan speed when linked to a suitable NZXT Fan Controller, such as those included in certain Kraken coolers, NZXT motherboards, or the RGB & Fan Controller.  The CAM program cannot control fans without an NZXT Fan Controller.

Does NZXT CAM support Linux or Mac?  Will additional OSes get it?

There are no plans to port CAM to Linux or Mac OS.  CAM V4, the latest version, was built for Windows 10.  There are third-party Linux apps that can control CAM-powered devices, but we cannot help you use them or address any difficulties under our product warranty.

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