A Guide On The Rise of Zolve in Global Banking

A Guide On The Rise of Zolve in Global Banking

Written by Alison Lurie, In Business, Published On
April 10, 2024

Zolve, a fintech company, says that everyone in the country should have equal access to financial goods. It is a revolutionary new bank that works worldwide and changes how money is sent in this digital age. You shouldn’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of this great new company yet. The business world is talking about how quickly it’s become popular, even though it hasn’t been going for long. Here are twenty things you may not have known about Zolve that will catch you up.

What Is Zolve

This is Zolve, a consumer financial technology company that helps Indian people do business in the US and India. Karnataka and San Francisco are both home to the company. Yes, Zolve can still help you open a bank account or credit card even if you don’t have a US Social Security number or credit background. This could be very helpful for people who want to study or work in the US and want to make sure they have everything they need before they go.

Zolve offers a range of services to customers who qualify, such as a bank account, credit card, and more:

  • Save as much as possible.
  • Student loans for personal use.
  • A way to buy and sell coins.

Zolve’s primary focus is on solutions for the US-India corridor, but the company wants to expand its services to help Indians with their business needs worldwide.

Founder of Zolve and a veteran businessman

Founder of Zolve

When he started his own company, Raghunandan G was a trusted name. He got both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in India. He has a unique point of view because he is a tech engineer and has worked as a business finance consultant. He is fit for the job because he has much experience and training. He hasn’t started his business journey with Zolve. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

In November 2010, he quit his job as an expert to start Serendipity Info Labs Pvt. Ltd., his own business. He was both the head and the founder of the company. He kept his old jobs and ran both firms simultaneously, so he started TaxiForSure.com in January 2011. Raghu started a company called Start-ups in May 2015, and he still supports their work there. Zolve made its appearance in December 2020, and it went live in February 2021. He is very good at starting and seeing new businesses through to the end. This is nothing new for him. With each new task, he seems to be getting better at what he’s doing. Keeping an eye on Zolve is essential because it will change how immigrants get loans.

Is it possible to use Zolve in India?

To answer your question, Zolve was created to make it easier for Indians to get banking products in the US. Remember that this is only for Indians who want to move to the United States and plan to stay there. You don’t have to leave India to get a Zolve account online and have it approved. Along with your application, you must prove that you have or will have a visa to enter the United States. While you can start the account before you come to the US, you won’t be able to get your credit or debit card until you get to your US home address.

How do I join Zolve?

Zolve makes it easy and free to sign up. Your computer might only take a few minutes to finish an app.

Do these things:

  1. Zolve can be found online!
  2. To begin, choose “Get Started” from the list.
  3. Set up your Zolve US account.
  4. Please upload all the relevant paperwork.
  5. Put together your resume.

You can still join Zolve even if you don’t have a visa if you have the proper paperwork. Zolve will look at more than just your application when deciding whether to approve it. For example, if you are a young worker or new to credit, Zolve will look at your expected future wages. You will get all the information you need once the account is approved. While in India, you can add money to the account and get cashback. Your debit or credit card will be mailed once you get to the United States, and Zolve will let you know your new address. There will be no way for you to use your Zolve card to buy things in India.

How to Fund a Zolve Account?

In the United States, you have two options for funding your Zolve account: Wise or a bank wire transfer. A wire transfer can be quickly initiated at any branch in India, either in person or through online banking. To make an overseas transfer, you must provide Zolve’s banking details (account number and routing number) as the recipient. The conventional method of sending money is through a bank transfer, but additional fees may be associated with the exchange rate and the transaction fee. Both factors can add up to make a move pricey. Banks tack on a markup to the conversion rate they give you when you convert rupees to US dollars; this is how they hide the exchange rate cost.

Using one of the recommended providers, like Wise, on Zolve can help you save money on international transfers. When you join up for Wise, you may send money to any country in the world, including India, with only one small cost. Additionally, any markup or fee will never be associated with the exchange rate. When calculating exchange rates, Wise utilises the standard Google midmarket rate.

Here are the ways to fund your US Zolve account after you’ve signed up for free on Wise’s website or app:

  1. Enter your Wise login information.
  2. Find the amount in US dollars and choose the amount you wish to send.
  3. Verify the delivery date, currency rate, and transfer charge.
  4. Just plug in the details of the account that will receive the money.
  5. Verify all information
  6. Make a payment for the purchase.
  7. Send in the money shift.

Among American websites, Zolve receives the highest traffic

Most of Zolve’s users are located in the US, despite the platform being created and released in India. With a monthly visit growth rate of 653.07 per cent, the United States accounts for 61% of all web traffic. A quarter of all website visitors are located in the UK. Indian visitors account for 10% of all visits, South Africans for 1%, and Hong Kongers for 1% more. To better understand who is most interested in Zolve’s offerings, strategic planning committees can use the data collected from the website analytics report. It will be utilised to ascertain the subsequent actions for the business regarding growth and expansion into different regions. Additionally, it highlights the areas that require additional marketing efforts.

Zolve has faith in its customers

Zolve is also unique because it depends a lot on customer trust. It gives potential buyers a Zolve credit card that Mastercard backs. The card holds a lot of money and is not secure. For the year’s first half, there is no annual percentage rate (APR) to help new people. There are no fees to apply for the card and no fees for using the card in other countries. Finding this kind of financial service can be challenging because few companies offer great deals to people who apply for the first time.


Before entering the United States, immigrants and international students worldwide had trouble applying for credit. Zolve credit cards are a good choice for foreigners trying to manage their finances in the US. These cards are creative and open to everyone, so immigrants and international students can use them to build credit and benefit greatly.


Zolve differs from traditional banks—what is it?

Zolve, a financial technology business, is levelling the playing field for everyone, especially Indian immigrants in the US. Accounts and credit cards are available without a US Social Security number or credit history.

Who is Zolve’s founder?

Technological and engineering-degreed businessman Raghunandan G founded Zolve. TaxiForSure.com and startups demonstrate his business launch and growth skills.

Can Indians use Zolve?

Indians can use Zolve’s internet services. Zolve’s major goal is to simplify US travel by facilitating services and financial transactions.

What documentation do I need to join Zolve, and how?

Zolve membership is simple and free. To apply online, fill out the form on their website and upload supporting documents like a visa confirmation. The application is one of numerous approval factors.

Zolve account payments: how?

Zolve takes Wise and bank wire payments in the US. Wise’s low transaction fees and great exchange rates let you send money abroad for a fraction of a bank’s cost.

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