A Review On Sennheiser Momentum 4 Supercharges Sound

A Review On Sennheiser Momentum 4 Supercharges Sound

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February 16, 2024

In Short

  • The Sennheiser Momentum 4 provides an unmatched listening experience. The headphones create a balanced, immersive sound with deep bass, expressive middle, and well-defined highs.
  • A clever hybrid ANC technology in the Momentum 4 minimises external noise, creating a quiet listening experience.
  • Momentum 4 is luxurious and sophisticated, made of real leather and brushed stainless steel, with matte black accents. Combined with a sturdy carrying bag, the headphones are compact and portable.

Sennheiser has set industry standards for audio perfection with its innovative and high-quality products. The Sennheiser Momentum 4, the latest model, continues the brand’s dedication to superior sound. This detailed analysis of the Sennheiser Momentum 4 will examine its design, features, performance, and overall impression, examining what makes it a top premium headset.

Sennheiser Momentum 4 Specs

Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

Specification Details
Materials Used Genuine leather ear cups, brushed stainless steel, matte black accents
Design/Build Portable foldable design
Comfort and Fit Ear cups include memory foam.
Bluetooth version (5.0)
High-quality audio codec aptX, AAC
Connectivity, Controls Charge using USB-C
Active noise cancellation ANC hybrid with feedforward and feedback microphones
Sound Quality 42mm transducers
Battery Life ANC-enabled playback for 20 hours
Sennheiser Smart Control App Equaliser, ANC intensity, and touch controls are customisable
Compatibility Compatible with iOS and Android Sennheiser Smart Control apps
Additional Features The transportable case for protection
Price Quality workmanship and high-end features justify the premium pricing.

What is in the box?

  • The Momentum 4 headphones are the main piece. These stylish over-ear headphones use high-quality materials and innovative audio technology.
  • Users who prefer a wired connection or use headphones with non-Bluetooth devices typically receive a detachable 3.5mm audio cord.
  • Momentum 4 headphones have a USB-C connection for charging. This contemporary charging standard charges devices faster and is compatible with many.
  • A robust case usually protects travelling headphones. The Momentum 4 is protected from scratches, dust, and small impacts in this case.
  • The Momentum 4 headphones come with a detailed user handbook or quick start guide for setup, use, and maintenance. Touch controls and extra functions may be covered in this tutorial.
  • The package may contain warranty terms and conditions. This information is essential for understanding Sennheiser’s warranty coverage and length.

Quality Design and Construction

Elegant appearance and high-quality construction distinguish the Sennheiser Momentum 4. These headphones ooze elegance and sophistication with their ideal balance of premium materials. Genuine leather ear cups are soft and comfy. Brushed stainless steel and matte black accents modernise the Momentum 4, making it a fashion item as well as an audio accessory. The headphones fold up for storage and transportation. The Momentum 4’s folding design and sturdy carrying case make it ideal for travelling audiophiles.

Comfort and Fit

Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

The Momentum 4 continues Sennheiser’s tradition of user comfort. The memory foam ear cups fit snugly and insulate noise, giving long-lasting comfort during lengthy listening sessions. Head sizes vary, yet the adjustable headband fits securely. The swivelling ear cups make it easy to choose the best listening position. This elasticity makes the Momentum 4 comfortable to wear for long periods without weariness.

Connectivity & Controls

The Momentum 4 has many wired and wireless communication options. With aptX and AAC compatibility and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these headphones guarantee a robust and efficient wireless connection. USB-C charging speeds up charging and works with newer gadgets. The Momentum 4 has a detachable 3.5mm audio cord for high-fidelity audio even in wirelessly difficult situations. Simple touch controls on the right ear cup improve user ease. Touch-sensitive features let users change volume, skip music, and answer calls with a swipe or tap. The dynamic controls modernise the design.

Battery Life

The battery life of wireless headphones is crucial, and the Sennheiser Momentum 4 delivers. These headphones can handle everyday usage with 20 hours of playing with ANC active and a large battery capacity. Fast charging gives two hours of playback in 10 minutes. USB-C charging is welcome, following the trend towards standardised and rapid charging.

Active noise cancellation (ANC)

The Momentum 4’s Sennheiser Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology improves listening quality by eliminating ambient noise. The hybrid ANC system uses feedforward and feedback microphones to isolate the listener from outside noise. The Sennheiser Smart Control app lets users adapt the ANC to suit their environment. This versatility optimises performance in a busy metropolis, a noisy office, or a peaceful location. The transparency option lets Momentum 4 users see where they are without taking their headphones off. Transparency mode amplifies exterior noises through the microphones, allowing users to talk or be aware without sacrificing audio quality.

Sound Quality

Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

Superior sound quality is the hallmark of luxury headphones, and the Sennheiser Momentum 4 delivers. The headphones’ 42mm transducers reproduce a wide frequency range, capturing instrument and voice details with clarity. Rich and deep bass without dominating other frequencies creates a balanced and immersive listening experience. The vocals sound genuine and warm due to the expressive and detailed midrange. High frequencies are clear and well-defined, reproducing every note of the song.

The Momentum 4’s sound reflects Sennheiser’s decades of audio experience. These headphones cater to classical, rock, and hip-hop fans, providing a diverse and pleasurable listening experience. Momentum 4’s spatial audio creates depth and dimension in the soundscape. This spatial precision is especially useful in genres where instrument placement and separation are essential for immersion.

Sennheiser Smart Control App

Sennheiser’s iOS and Android Smart Control app enhances user experience. Touch controls, equaliser, and ANC strength are adjustable via the programme. For new features and additions, the Momentum 4 may get firmware updates via the app.¬† Simple UI and design make the software handy for customising headphones. The Smart Control software lets users choose bass-heavy or balanced sound.

Note: Few colours are available for the Momentum 4. The design is attractive, but colour options may be limited. It may take time to become used to touch-sensitive control gestures. This is subjective and depends on personal preferences. Modern and easy touch controls on the right ear cup change the volume, skip music, and take calls. The dynamic controls enhance the user experience.

The Sennheiser Momentum 4’s well-balanced sound profile, powerful bass, smooth middle, and precise highs provide superior audio. Its 42mm transducers and spatial audio performance suit audiophiles seeking high-fidelity sound. Premium-priced Sennheiser Momentum 4s are big investments. While justified for features and quality, budget-conscious shoppers may consider it.
Hybrid ANC lowers external noise for immersive listening. Adjustable ANC intensity via the Sennheiser Smart Control app lets users adjust to varied settings. Luxury design and materials make it heavier and bulkier than competitors. This increases durability but may deter people who want lightweight and compact designs.
The Momentum 4 oozes elegance with real leather, brushed stainless steel, and matte black accents. For mobile users, its folding shape, collapsible construction, and robust carrying case make it elegant and handy. The Sennheiser Smart Control app offers great customisation. However, those who prefer not to utilise applications may find it limited. Some customisation features are app-only.
Comfort and security are provided by memory foam ear cups, an adjustable headband, and swivelling ear cups. Users may listen for long periods without tiredness due to the design.

Should I buy it?

Reasons to Buy

  • The Sennheiser Momentum 4’s well-balanced sound profile, powerful bass, and crisp audio reproduction make it a good choice for audiophiles.
  • Genuine leather brushed stainless steel, and matte black accents give the Momentum 4 a rich and elegant look.
  • With memory foam cushioning, an adjustable headband, and swivelling ear cups, these headphones are comfy for lengthy listening sessions.
  • The Momentum 4’s hybrid ANC technology and customisable settings with the Sennheiser Smart Control app provide an immersive and customised listening experience.
  • The Momentum 4 features wireless and wired communication with Bluetooth 5.0, aptX, AAC compatibility, and a retractable 3.5mm audio cable.


  • The Sennheiser Momentum 4 is expensive. Consider your budget and whether the features and quality match your desire to spend a lot on high-end headphones.
  • For lightweight and compact designs, the Momentum 4 may be bulkier and heavier owing to its premium structure. Consider whether the extra weight is comfortable.
  • You may customise the equaliser and ANC settings with the Sennheiser Smart Control app if you want a headphone experience without applications.
  • Consider whether the colour choices suit you. Limited colour options are available for the Momentum 4.


The Sennheiser Momentum 4 demonstrates the brand’s dedication to audio quality. These headphones are Sennheiser’s best, from their style and build quality to their sophisticated features like Active Noise Cancellation and easy touch controls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on the Momentum 4?

Hybrid ANC minimises external noise in the Momentum 4. The Sennheiser Smart Control app lets users adjust ANC intensity for different circumstances.

Can Momentum 4 be used long-term?

Yes, the Momentum 4 is comfortable for long listening sessions. A secure and pleasant fit is provided with memory foam ear cups, an adjustable headband, and swivelling ear cups.

Can the Momentum 4 be wired?

Detachable 3.5mm audio cable lets Momentum 4 users switch to wired connections.

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