Simplifile: E-Recording Services

Simplifile: E-Recording Services

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March 9, 2024

In Short

  • Simplifile serves as the electronic “Delivery Agent” for the Lincoln County Register of Deeds, ensuring secure document transfers between offices.
  • Simplifile makes the complex process of submitting electronic documents easier to understand and allows users to submit papers digitally with ease. The platform provides a comprehensive approach to managing public information, enhancing document security, expediting approval processes, and minimizing errors.
  • Simplifile stands out in the competitive sector with its automated workflows, enhanced document security, and nationwide accessibility. Prospective users need to be aware of the limitations unique to their county, the potential learning curve, and dependence on high-speed internet.

Simplifile is a key player in the document management industry, which is constantly changing. It is the Lincoln County Register of Deeds’ secure document transmission mechanism. The foundation of Simplifile dates back to 2000 when it was established as the biggest electronic recording network in the country. In addition to retaining its standing over time, it has added cooperation capabilities and post-closing visibility for settlement agents and mortgage lenders. This introduction lays the groundwork for understanding how Simplifile uses state-of-the-art e-recording services to transform conventional record-keeping procedures.

Key Specifications

Specification Details
Subscription Fee (First Year) $390
Subscription Fee (Subsequent Years) $340 per year
Per Document Submission Fee $5.00
Customer Support 24/7, 800.460.5657
Compatible Counties Simplifile-enabled counties in the U.S.
Security Measures Encryption, hash algorithms, ACH transactions
Availability Nationwide in the United States
Document Handling Intuitive, Web-based document management dashboard
Automation Automated workflow processes for efficient submissions
Document Approval Real-time status tracking and detailed rejection reasons
Fee Calculation Automatic calculation of taxes and recording fees for each county
Document Security Original document images encrypted during transmission
Business Expansion E-recording capability with any Simplifile-enabled county in the U.S.
Legislation Compliance Adherence to federal and state legislation for secure electronic recording
Industry Experience Founded in 2000, the nation’s largest e-recording network

Subscription Plans and Cost Structure

Simplified cost and clear subscription options are key components of its allure. Users can utilize Simplifile’s e-recording service for just $390 in the first year, with an additional $340 yearly charge. In addition to the membership, a small $5.00 per document submission cost offers an extra degree of flexibility. Simplifile’s cost structure guarantees financial commitment transparency, making it a desirable option for enterprises. The all-inclusive subscription is valid for a full year and gives users access to Simplifile’s strong e-recording infrastructure and the helpful assistance of their expert staff.

E-Recording Process


Businesses considering Simplifile must understand electronic recording complications. Simplifile enables electronic recording by creating, managing, and protecting digital copies of official public information. It provides a complete solution for managing legally binding and often important data like land ownership documents. To follow the step-by-step guide, scan the document, convert it to an electronic image, and send it to the county of your choosing with one click. This makes the process more efficient and guarantees immediate and long-term advantages for enterprises. Data is encrypted and transmitted securely to prevent tampering and corruption.

Simplifile in Comparison: Competitors and Similar Solutions

Simplifile is part of a competitive landscape, including businesses such as Cortera, nFocus Solutions, Iken, and DataWalk. It does not function in a vacuum. Simplifile stands out for its quick expansion, evidenced by the internet platform it uses to link counties, settlement agents, and lenders. The strength of Simplifile is its ability to be more than just a land record document filing fad. Because secure electronic recording is supported by federal and state legislation, it aligns with government interests.

The comparison section looks at how Simplifile’s emphasis on e-recording has enabled it to create the business’s most reliable, extensive, and approachable network. By extending an invitation to join this network, Simplifile positions itself as a critical participant in the quickly changing record management scene. Since the platform requires high-speed internet, users should check their connectivity for efficiency. Organizations should allow enough time for setup to ensure smooth process integration. Users can maximize Simplifile’s extensive e-recording capabilities and overcome problems by considering these factors.

How Much Does Simplifi Cost?


Simplifi normally costs $47.88 a year. The current monthly cost is $2.39, or $287.73 annually. less expensive than Rocket Money Premium and Mint Premium. Considering the user experience is good, it needs more. The mobile applications allow you to log in, quickly find what you need, and continue your day, just like the browser-based version.

Comprehensive personal financial software without a credit score

The app has all the standard features, such as goal-setting and expenditure tracking, but to get your credit score, you must use WalletHub or Credit Karma, both of which are free. You may view every transaction by having Simplifi import bank transactions. Its Spending Plan and Watchlists may be set up and used similarly and more flexibly, even though they are not budgeting tools like Mint. Establish and monitor goals, monitor investments and spending, and review specific investment transactions.

Note: Consider these things before exploring the transformational world of Simplifile E-Recording services. Simplifile offers affordable membership rates, robust security, and simplified document clearance, but consumers should be mindful of potential drawbacks. Specific county rules may impede Simplifile’s smooth use. 

Pros and Cons of Simplifile

Pros Cons
Cost-effective subscription plans Potential learning curve for new users
Enhanced document security Dependency on high-speed Internet for efficiency
Automated workflow processes Initial setup may require IT involvement
Seamless document approval and delivery Possible county-specific limitations
Nationwide accessibility with Simplifile Per document submission fee can add up


Simplifile becomes more than just a service provider—instead, it becomes a revolutionary force in record management. Its e-recording revolution is defined by its cost-effective structure, increased security measures, and dedication to user-friendly interfaces. The long-standing issues with traditional document processing are addressed by Simplifile, which quickly fixes problems, including drawn-out procedures, sluggish document approvals, and expensive physical submissions. Simplifile offers compelling answers to the important questions that organizations raise about the effectiveness of their document processing, encouraging them to do more than merely record—to Simplifile. The benefits enterprises may gain from using Simplifile’s e-recording services are highlighted in this conclusion, making it an appealing option in the constantly changing document management market.


How can I stop using Simplifile?

Take these actions to end your Simplifile subscription: Locate the subscription you want to cancel by going to the “Subscriptions” area, selecting it, tapping “Cancel subscription,” and following the directions. Users can easily manage the status of their subscriptions thanks to this user-friendly approach.

What is the Simplifile e-recording procedure?

Digital copies of official public information are created, managed, and protected as part of e-recording with Simplifile. It provides a sophisticated solution for managing legally binding and valuable records beyond mere document scanning. The procedure entails scanning the document, turning it into an electronic image, and then clicking once to submit it to the selected county. To improve document security, the system ensures that data is transmitted securely and using encryption.

Who are the rivals of Simplifile?

The companies Cortera, nFocus Solutions, Iken, and DataWalk are rivals of Simplifile. Simplifile is a quickly expanding online platform that links counties, settlement agents, and lenders. It stands out for having an extensive and intuitive e-recording network.

How can I get in touch with Simplifile support?

The Simplifile support service can be reached by phone at 800.460.5657 or through the web form. Within one business day, the support team will address any problems, respond to inquiries, and offer assistance. This guarantees that users can get dependable and timely service.

Why is maintaining records crucial?

Records are essential because of their content and because they serve as proof of conversations, choices, deeds, and history. The e-recording services offered by Simplifile help to maintain effective records by streamlining procedures, improving document security, and cutting down on the time and expense involved in submitting documents the old-fashioned way.

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