Sony Alpha A6100: A mirrorless camera for your perfect images

Sony Alpha A6100: A mirrorless camera for your perfect images

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January 25, 2024

Cameras are something used for capturing emotions. People in the past used them for certain purposes. The feelings are still the same yet cameras have become advanced from the past. From the DSLR to the recent Sony Alpha A6100, the camera has shifted towards a mirrorless camera. You can capture the world with a shared view of the timeless treasures. Sony Alpha A6100 has perfect advanced technology, a full-frame model, and persistent designs.

Specifications of Sony Alpha A6100

Sony Alpha A6100

Specifications Details
Manufacturer Sony
Price $748-$1098.00
Auto-focus technology Eye detection
Color Grey/Black
Lens E PZ 16-50mm f/ 3.5-5.6
Lens Sony E-mount lenses
Aspect ratio 3:2
Pixels 24.2 megapixels
Sensor APS-C type, Exmor CMOS sensor
Recording format RAW, Jpeg
Image size (16:9) L: 6000 X 3376 (20M), M: 4240 X 2400 (10M), S: 3008 X 1688 (5.1M)
Recording format XAVC S, AVCHD format 2.0 complaint
Image processor BIONZ X
Video UHD 4k30p and full HD 120p video
Screen 3.0’’921.6k-Dot 180° Tilting touchscreen
Tracking Real-Time Eye AF and Subject tracking
Connectivity Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Warranty One year

What’s in the box of the Sony Alpha A6100?

The Song Alpha A6100 comes in a box that contains

  • Camera body
  • Power zoom lens
  • AC Adaptor: AC-UUE12
  • Eyepiece cup
  • Lens cap
  • Micro USB cable
  • Power cord
  • Rechargeable battery NP-FW50
  • SELP1650
  • Shoulder strap
  • User manual

Design and Touch Quality of Sony Alpha A6100

Sony Alpha A6100 is one of the finest lightweight and portable mirrorless cameras with a powerful sensor that gives you a perfect image with a perfect throttled performance. Not only does it have a sleek appearance, but you can also have grey and black color choices from which you can choose. A shoulder strap is also available for you to sling the camera. A mirrorless APS-C format is one of the most anticipated features that helps elevate the status of stills and video shoots.

The touch screen elevates the style of the Sony Alpha A6100 by making you control the focus system. You can also select your focus point through the eye of a subject in the image which makes it a perfect camera for focused images. Not only does it automatically focus on the eyes of the humans, but along with that it focuses on the animal eye as well. It also captures the real-life skin tones which makes it bridge the gap between images and reality. The low-noise shutter enables high-resolution images in a dimly lit environment. You don’t have to worry about bad images if you are taking a portrait from the Sony Alpha A6100.

Image processing of Sony Alpha A6100

Sony Alpha A6100

A new image processor which is Exmor CMOS sensor along with a 24.2 megapixel vision makes it a powerful processor for a camera. The Sony Alpha A6100 has a 1080p resolution and implements creative style for aesthetic content into the images. There is an option in the settings that allows you to choose your pictures in a vivid or portrait style which means that you can select the exposure, contrast, colour, saturation, and sharpness of your preferred choice. The precise crafting and further creative personalization elevates the status of your images which makes you capable of capturing the right moment with the right contrast.

The focus system of Sony Alpha A6100

A powerful 4D focus system is incorporated in the Sony Alpha A6100 that is made up of 420 on-face detection points along with contrast detection areas. This means that it focuses precisely on the little details in just a sharp time of 0.02 seconds. The AF system is precisely accurate and offers an Exmore CMOS sensor that focuses on the eyes of the individuals and the picture. The focus point adjusts to eye movement and automatically refocuses the camera. It is just like seeing the world with your naked eye and the images capture the same essence as a real-world portrait. You can also make a video with this Sony Alpha A6100. It has a 4K UHD and 30 Fps which makes a resolution of 6k and allows much detailed capturing of the video than a simple camera. It will also make the surreal details more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer.

Video creation through Sony Alpha A6100

Sony Alpha A6100

The camera allows taking pictures along with an option of capturing a video. You can make a video much faster than with a simple camera. A powerful APS-C 24MP sensor captures the real light in the images and emerges from the mirrorless technology spectrum. ISO ranging from 100-32000 expands to almost 51200 which helps in capturing the image in a much faster and more precise manner. The Sony A6100 allows you to capture up to 30 FPS for a 4K UHD with a shipping resolution of 1080 pixels. This means that you can capture a slow motion video from up to 4x and 5x frame rates along with the idea of a mirrorless camera which makes it perfect for still movie making. There is precise AF tracking for better accuracy and focal point which adjusts the autofocus system to make it one of the best video graphing devices. Nonetheless, it provides the most amazing video setup for capturing simple details in your filmographies.

Pros and Cons of having the Sony Alpha A6100

Pros Cons
Affordable Not full creative control over the camera
Mirrorless design
Eye detection autofocus system
Exmor CMOS sensor

Should you buy the Sony Alpha A6100?

Yes, you should buy the Sony Alpha A6100 which is the best auto-focus camera with a mirrorless design. It only has a sleek finish and touch sensor display, but along with that, you get the best Exmore CMOS internal processor which creates a sharping difference in the precision of the Sony Alpha A6100 and other cameras.

Final Thoughts

The Sony Alpha A6100 is one of the classic and advanced cameras that deliver powerful images in a broad spectrum of color and vivid imaging. It has an Exmor CMOS sensor and a 4k UHD imaging along with a 1080p resolution. The enhanced copper wiring and circuit processing make it one of the best affordable cameras out there.


Q: Can it trace the objects to focus them?

Yes, the Sony Alpha A6100 has a perfect autofocus ability that allows the camera to adjust its focus by tracing the objects and also by eye-detection feature.

Q: Does it have movie-making ability?

Yes, the Sony Alpha A6100 has a mic inclusion along with a 180-degree tiltable 3’’ touchscreen feature. This makes it perfect for movie-making.

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