Struggling to Define Your Style? Here’s How to Find Your Signature Look!

Struggling to Define Your Style? Here’s How to Find Your Signature Look!

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May 2, 2024

Making your own style can be an enjoyable experience. It can help you express yourself better and display your true self to others. Getting your own style can help deter fatigue syndrome, save time on the closet search, and have confidence that your style represents you.

Steps to Find Your Signature Style

Look for your Style

Creating a signature style can save time, money, and effort, making you more comfortable dressing daily. It will also increase confidence level! Step one in creating your signature look is understanding your style and character. Think about which styles appeal to you and why. Also, note which clothes appear regularly in your closet – such as a T-shirt, grey Marle cable knit cardie, and roll-up jeans. As part of your signature style, consider your preferred prints and patterns – such as stripes, florals, or polka dots – when creating your signature look. Finally, decide the message your signature should convey.

Explore your Body Shape

No matter your body type – fuller-bust pear, narrow shoulders apple, or inverted triangle – how you carry and shape yourself will always be unique. Here are a few general guidelines to help define your style. Understanding your shape is a practical place to start exploring your body shape. To determine this, measure the widest part of your waist and compare it with hips and bust measurements; an hourglass figure has an hourglass waist size between nine inches less and nine inches smaller than both hips and bust. If you have hips that are wider than your shoulders and bust, you probably have a pear or apple body type but rectangular if they are similar in width to both, triangle if shoulders are narrow.

Create a Mood Board

A mood board can be an invaluable way to communicate design ideas. You can use it to explore various directions, evaluate available products, and identify which styles spark most of your excitement. Start by picking some main design keywords that depict the look you long to achieve; afterward, search these keywords on the net or around you through pics, typography, color palettes, interaction, or packaging that fit into this aesthetic. To add depth and dimension, include textures such as paper and fabric to the mood board, whether digital or physical. Short text captions could assist when creating one for a client and help you explain your ideas better so that they can communicate their vision in this manner.

Take Inspiration

Creating your look saves you time and stress before dressing each day. Additionally, this will prevent you from splurging on apparel that does not mirror personal stylistic principles but rather on classic wardrobe basics that can last forever. Inspirations in life, such as the styles around us, are best suited to perfecting who we are as individuals identified through what we do best! Imagine a celeb, coworker, or close pal whose wardrobe you covet and what makes their style unique. To advance your style and assert individuality, stay ahead with current fashion trends on one side and avoid being a tout ensemble person doing everything in vogue as this might not be an authentic style. Do not focus too much on trying to be like those currently trending – your personal brand needs to represent all who you are in essence.

Think About the Compliments You Get

When individuals express admiration for how you dress, they suggest that some components of your attire are well-liked. They may also suggest what aspects to concentrate on regarding stripes, floral prints,s, animal print, ts, color combinations, textures, dance, fa, faux fur, and lace.

Discovering and creating your unique style can bring great gratification by enabling you to feel empowered and lovely within yourself and others’ eyes.

Examine the clothing you wear all the time if you want to develop your style.  Perhaps, there are certain clothes, which make you feel pretty than others, keep note of their cut, color and embellishments before checking out similarities that exist among other clothes in either your closet or laundry hamper.

After identifying the looks and components that constitute your style, hang out a board for a vision. One can use pictures of famous figures in fashion wear and even check some fashion blogs for more collections through Pinterest or Instagram, among other platforms. Keep in mind that when constructing your signature style, it has to feel good, not like something hard; don’t even dare think of asking for help from anybody else; personal stylists are very useful as they help in discovering and refining ideas about what one like and what suits them best.

Keep Track of Your Favourite Outfits

If you’re still unsure which style best suits you, one way to narrow down your aesthetic is to browse picture-based platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. Take notes of outfits you feel the most confident in and various styles that pop up more frequently than others.

To better understand your personal style, keep a tab on looks you fancy a lot. For instance, could we say that the perfect blend of classic and feminine elements comes in when you wear cigarette pants with a tailored blazer? Is it your signature look?

Having your fashion signature can bring many benefits. You will have more organized clothing items and build self-assurance that may assist you in numerous situations, including when relating to friends or at work.

Stay Updated on Current Trends

When curating your wardrobe, the key is to have a personal style. An individual, classic style that speaks to one’s personality and taste regardless of the trends or fads of the day, this style is always fashionable while making one feel good forever! To know what makes up your look, take another look at your fashion mood board and concentrate on the items you can’t do without — maybe just a neat white shirt and fitted jacket or even more outrageous alternatives. Establishing a personal style requires both commitment and time. Once discovered, it becomes easy to pose, which means finding a while to develop it further, one has to explore longer—looking for a signature style?

Discovering what works for you may require several attempts, but never look back after you find it.

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