Things not to do to Succeed as a Small Business owner?

Things not to do to Succeed as a Small Business owner?

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December 15, 2021
Last modified on December 31st, 2021

If you are a small business owner, you may have too much responsibility on your shoulders. As an entrepreneur, you have to look after everything. And with a small business, you are multi-tasking at one time.

From balancing the roles of a financer to Admin to the customer service manager to market here, all have to be done by you. Playing multiple roles at one time may be challenging to follow a smooth journey, and you may encounter many pitfalls on your way.

Making way for small entrepreneurs

Some of the small business owners commit a lot of mistakes and lead to the downfall of their business. It is your prerogative to look out for ways to keep your business sustainable and afloat.

You can follow many tips to avoid making mistakes as a small business entrepreneur. Do not go with the flow and always be specific for your business needs.

In Ireland, many small business owners at first do not pay attention to details and hence face financial issues later on.

They also borrow online small loans in Ireland that makes them stuck in debt. It is advisable to be aware in the initial period in order to keep your business on the right track.

Things not to do to Succeed as a Small Business owner?

Things not to do to Succeed as a Small Business owner?

  • Not pricing appropriately

If you have just started with your business, it can be difficult for you to set the pricing of your products and services, and it can be a mind-boggling job. Many small businesses often underprice themselves and do not generate the desired revenue.

This makes a hole for them to climb out of it. It is essential to ensure that you praise your products and services in a correct and fairway. Be competitive in your pricing strategy.

Also, while setting the prices, be reasonable of your profit margins. One good way is to keep an eye on your Competitors pricing strategy.

You can look for their technique and replicate the same. If not replicated, you can make slight changes and then implement the same strategy in your business. This will help you avoid selling yourself short and ensure fair returns to your business.

  • Not hiring on time

At first, you may feel that you can complete all your business tasks independently. But do not be late in hiring the employees for your business. Do not multi-task and waste time.

It is good to experiment with your expansion but not wait for too long. Hire specialized professionals for your specialized departments.

For example, hire an individual with expertise in administration jobs for handling your administration department. Similarly, hire employees for financial as well as marketing sector.

  • Not building a professional network

You cannot go alone in the market, and you need to have a professional network for your business. If you survive in an industry, you should build a professional network within the same industry.

You can create a community with the same business owners and freelancers. This network building can lead to a whole new world of opportunities for your small business. There will be challenges, but there will be more opportunities.

You can learn tips and tricks from your professional network and implement the same in your business.

Also, you will get to know what the mistakes to avoid in your business are. You can try out various social media groups to find out the relevant groups you can join for your business networking.

  • Mixing the two bank accounts

Do not use your business bank account for your personal expenses and vice versa. If you have a small business, always operate a separate business account for its functions.

This one is extremely important as mixing both of them can create confusion. There should be separate accounts for both purposes, which every experienced entrepreneur recommends.

If you have a separate business bank account, it will give you a clear picture of your total expenses and revenues generated.

Mixing both of them can keep you in financial confusion, and it will be difficult for you to segregate your revenues with your expenses. Also, the right professional way is to have separate accounts for both.

  • Underestimating the value of marketing

Marketing is an essential tool for any business. Many small entrepreneurs do not understand the importance of marketing in their business, and a lot of effort goes into marketing.

The right marketing technique helps to attract new customers and helps to retain the existing ones. If your existing customers are not retained, attracting new customers can become more difficult.

Focus on mastering your basics of marketing in order to implement them in your business. You can use various marketing methods such as getting a business card printed, promoting your business on social media platforms, looking out for various other digital marketing techniques.

Also, you can hire professionals that will help you market your business. In today’s times, no business does not have its own website.

First of all, build your own business website and maintain your website as per the latest market trends. Following these steps will help you to stay relevant in the market.

  • Putting your personal life on hold

Because of your business pressures, do not put your personal life on hold. Your personal life carries the same importance as your business. Always set priorities between your business and personal life so that none interface with each other.

If your personal life is on the right track, it can become a driving force to grow your business more and more. Having a disturbed personal life can have a significant impact on your business as well.

Always maintain a work-life balance and do not be inclined towards anyone. Make exemplary efforts so that you achieve this balance soon in your life.


Always keep your business motives clear in your mind. With this clarity, it will be easier for you to maintain your work and personal life.

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to strike a balance initially, but gradually, you can work on different aspects to grow your business.

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