Top 8 Social Media Design Mistakes You Could Be Making

Top 8 Social Media Design Mistakes You Could Be Making

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June 1, 2024

Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are now crucial elements of the marketing toolkit. These platforms are highly competitive, as each company, brand, or influencer strives to get their content enjoyed, liked, and shared.

You’re putting in the effort and effort, but despite all your best intentions, your content may not reach the number of people it could.

It’s not just about the quantity; Quality is equally crucial. It is possible to make everyday design errors without realizing it!

By making a few minor modifications to your publishing style, you can refresh your feed and create attractive, easily shared graphics.

Check out the top 8 mistakes that marketers make when designing their social media. You can also get advice on how to correct your posts!

Top Social Media Design Mistakes You Could Be Making

1. Your Images are Blurry

Your Images are Blurry

If your meticulously composed photos become blurred as soon as the upload is made to your preferred social media site, You’re not alone. However, it is a frequent problem that users of social media accounts face. However, it is possible to avoid.

If your image file is small and is stretched the image, it could result in poor-quality pictures and pixels. Unfortunately, images with pixelated pixels can make your company appear less professional and are unlikely to share.

It is always best to upload a bigger, higher-quality picture than a smaller one. Shrinking is superior to stretching!

Also, be aware of dimensions, orientation, and file type. Each social media platform has various requirements for images, so it is recommended that you conduct your research before you start.

Important Note: PNG or JPEG file formats are typically preferable over GIFs.

Need assistance with your image sizes? Check out the following guides: Instagram Image Size Guide, Facebook Image Size Guide, and our Pinterest Image Size Guidelines to ensure your posts are the proper size!

2. Your Fonts are Hard to Read

It’s tempting to select the most attractive font. However, this is not always the best option for social networks.

Your users are surfing quickly and want typography that is easy to read and comprehend. You’re limited in time to communicate your message, so make sure it’s worth the effort!

SansSerif Serif fonts comprise a set of simple, modern fonts that work well on digital screens.

Sans-serif fonts work best as bold headings. They can be utilized on social media posts as banners, logos and even stories. Don’t know where to start? Try Arial, Verdana, or Helvetica.

3. You Are Choosing the Wrong Colors

Colours can impact our moods. It is documented in numerous studies regarding the psychology of colours!

For example, red may be powerful, green is calming and calm, while yellow can be helpful.

The colours you select for your social media design should reflect your company’s look.

When choosing the colours that will be the foundation for your brand, you should invoke the appropriate emotions and be conscious of how they look on the screen.

For instance, someone who runs a cafe near a beach may want to go with summer colours like yellow and blue.

This could result in design errors. If the yellow is too dark and gloomy, it may not be easy to see against white backgrounds. If the blue colour is utilized in the text, it might be misinterpreted as a hyperlink.

Colors shouldn’t be too dominant. If you’re not sure, ask for feedback before you post.

4. You Are Limiting Your Viewing Options

When posting content to social media platforms, you must know your followers. What are they looking at when they view your posts? Your content may look great on a desktop, but how will it appear on a phone?

4.08 billion people use social media through their mobile devices, so it is logical to test your designs on various devices.

Remember that your post may not be a standard-fit-all post that can be used on every social media platform. Your audience will differ, and the type of content will need to be adjusted.

Consider using creative images for Instagram. Use creative photos. Instagram: Choose inspirational images for Pinterest. Focus on your content on Facebook and keep it quick and sharp for Twitter.

Using the Tailwind application, you can plan your content to be published at a time that is convenient for your followers.

5. You Are Using Stock Photos

Stock images are a popular choice on the web. This is why adding a royalty-free photo to your blog post or article is accessible and will enhance what you’re trying to convey.

However, regarding social media, genuine, authentic content is the most critical factor for success. Your fans want to hear the persona behind your brand, and you can achieve this by taking photos of yourself.

In line with your company’s size and scope, hiring an experienced photographer may be beneficial.

If you’re an influencer or even a small business, the functions available on your phone could help you get the best shot.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should never use stock images—in fact, photography for stock photos has advanced from the Photoshop-like pictures that pop into your mind. Make sure you include images that are attractive and have a personality that matches your branding!

6. You Are Not Customizing Your Designs

Are you showcasing your creative side by personalizing your digital art? If you answer “no,” we say, “why not?”

If you sign up for Tailwind Create, you don’t need a professional designer to achieve the style.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. You can customize your social media posts within minutes. Change the colours and then add your logo. With little effort, your blog posts will appear professional and aligned with your brand.

7. You Are Using Every Inch of Space

Graphic designers are aware that less could be more. Negative space is the space which surrounds objects and text within your photos. The background is equally important as the words and images!

A standard error is overfilling the entire image with letters or shapes. This may look messy and may confuse your readers. Try to make space if it’s a logo, header, or even a post.

A few brands you could have heard of are aware of a simple background’s impact. They include FedEx, Google, eBay, and J Crew. Try to be organized and keep your images from chaos.

8. You Are Not Using Grids

When we see the writing, we are conditioned to anticipate that it will flow in a specific way. Another frequent design mistake is placing text randomly.

Not correcting the spacing and alignment could confuse the reader and make your profile look chaotic and rushed.

Suppose you’re intentionally scattering your words to create a unique look. However, they must be aligned. When creating your images, you can use the grid function to ensure your position is correct.

Be aware of the order in which you present your message. The most significant portion of your message must be the most powerful, and the boldest and most important should be the least important.

9. Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes

If you’re committed to social media, you must review how you design your content. You may make plenty of errors, but the good news is that they’re simple to correct!

We looked at eight of social media’s most common design problems, such as blurry images, difficult-to-read fonts, wrong colours, and limited viewing options.

Pictures that look generic have too little negative space and unaligned text. Also, we provided a few tips to help you perfect your designs.

If you take the time to create and adapt your images to fit your preferred social media platform, the result will be worth the effort. Once you’ve found a design and a colour that matches your brand, stay with it.

You don’t have to tackle it independently because Tailwind simplifies the process. This innovative application allows you to create custom content for social networks, schedule your content, and discover relevant hashtags!

With a free trial of Tailwind, you can get the help you need to create and manage stunning content for your Facebook and Twitter profiles!

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