Top Alternatives Of Survey Monkey You Can Use Free

Top Alternatives Of Survey Monkey You Can Use Free

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February 9, 2022

Survey Monkey is one of the largest survey software leaders that lets you answer twenty million questions every day. Customer satisfaction and experience are critical for organizations to flourish, and the easiest way firms come to know about their customers is through Surveys. Thus, Survey Monkey helps you increase your business research skills to maintain track of your product, evaluate your notions and gain a feel for your target population. You can use it to connect with consumers wherever they are, uncover trends and communication skills, and knowledge throughout your business to increase meaningful and timely actions.

By using Survey Monkey, you can maintain a competitive advantage by fully knowing your consumers’ voices. Customer satisfaction surveys allow you to engage with your consumers at many checkpoints to learn exactly what they want, need, and anticipate. So, you can learn what works and what does not from your personnel. You can measure employee engagement, conduct 360-degree reviews and distribute employee adherence quizzes. Such surveys may help you acquire the information you need, whether you are in human resource department or a team leader.

When it comes to surveying your consumers and customers to promote a brand or retain employees, Survey Monkey is a common platform to use. Yet, there are many other top alternatives of Survey Monkey you can use for free. These top alternatives are the competitors of Survey Monkey that you can use. They are easy to use and cheap as well as better options than Survey Monkey.

Top Alternatives Of Survey Monkey You Can Use Free

Check out the below top alternatives to Survey Monkey shared by top dissertation helpers you can use for free:

  • Google Form

Google Form

One of the easiest, cheapest, and most accessible survey forms that you can use is Google Form. While Google Form is not a direct competitor to SurveyMonkey, it is a widely used tool for data collection. You can use it in the manner of a questionnaire creator or a quiz creator. While it takes into consideration its rival, because of its restricted applicability, many experts avoid using Google Forms. It is mobile-friendly and simple to use but you cannot automate your surveys or schedule them, which makes Google Forms a low priority survey tool over Survey Monkey.

  • Survey Sparrow

Survey Sparrow

Survey Sparrow is the best Survey Monkey substitute available. With a plethora of innovative features, outstanding customer service, and plenty of other devoted consumers, Survey Sparrow is very engaging and offers an appealing user interface that claims a 40% increase in survey completion percentage. It is reasonably priced, provides appealing monthly plans, and has a no-hassle refund policy.

It is the world’s largest first survey tool featuring chat-like polls and communicative questionnaires. It also includes 360-degree feedback which lets you perform appraisals and improve engagement. NPS software (Net Promoter Score) allows you to conduct NPS surveys. It determines how probable it is that your consumers and staff will support your brand. The colorful dashboard of Survey Sparrow provides you with fast and limitless access to important insights. Except for the 360-degree evaluations, Survey Monkey lacks these functionalities, and its starting price is $19.

  • Question Pro

Question Pro

This product has excellent customer service and a variety of adjustable settings. QuestionPro is an advanced tool designed for serious researchers. Tech help is available through chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the customer care staff is quite educated about the product, which tells a lot about the survey tool. But this survey tool is less preferred over Survey Monkey because of its uninteresting and archaic User Interface. Several consumers also show dissatisfaction with the shifting costs, which impair their encounter with this otherwise incredible service.

  • Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a good SurveyMonkey substitute. Its customization option is popular, and the pricing levels are reasonable. The degree of control and freedom it provides its users is a crucial advantage. As a cherry on top, Zoho Surveys integrates seamlessly. The reasoning feature, on the other hand, is simple yet perplexing. In comparison to the rest of the tools, the reasoning feature appears to be quite absurd, and many users find it boring to use than Survey Monkey. The pricing starts at $20 per month which makes it a paid platform and not free to use.

  • Qualtrics


Qualtrics is more like a research tool than a Survey tool. You cannot compare it with Survey Monkey completely. With Qualtrics’ outstanding questionnaire, it is simple to design an expert questionnaire. If you are exclusively interested in research, this is one of the effective tools you can access. Qualtrics is not the greatest solution for third-party interfaces since it only integrates with a few applications. Its drawback is that it is inconvenient when you lose crucial data because there are no alternatives to store survey replies in an automated way.

  • TypeForm


Typeform is a famous SurveyMonkey replacement and is one of the best user interfaces available. It is lauded for its crisp and clean appearance, as well as its easy usage and outstanding analysis capabilities. TypeForm customer support, on the other hand, is quite inadequate. Furthermore, the price plans are rather high and not at all adjustable. Additional areas where TypeForm falls short of consumer expectations include no opportunity for user classification, automatic surveys, reminders, and default email sharing.

  • AskNicely


AskNicely is an excellent choice for a Net Promoter Source service. This survey tool knows what it is doing and is quite straightforward. Furthermore, it allows for simple integration and allows you to automate almost everything. Yet, support articles are a huge letdown, especially when it comes to figuring out a somewhat difficult function. It is also exhausting to experiment and discover that the help articles are useless. So, it is not a good option and alternative to Survey Monkey.

  • Wufoo

Wufoo has a simple interface and numerous possibilities for customizing forms, yet the interface is uninspiring.

  • Formstack

This survey tool is highly adaptable and simple to incorporate but it appears to be out of date and far from attractive. Users also discovered that complex forms might take a long time to put up.

  • Kwik Surveys

You can make up any survey within minutes with Kwick Surveys, but you cannot prioritize it over Survey Monkey due to its limited customizable options. The pricing is also steep.


These are the top alternative of Survey Monkey you can use for free or pay when needed. Whenever you feel like using any of the alternatives of Survey Monkey, you need to use this guide. Look at all the pros and cons of the survey tools discussed above that you can match with Survey Monkey and decide which one to use.

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