Windmill Air Conditioner: A portable and advanced technology cooling system for your home

Windmill Air Conditioner: A portable and advanced technology cooling system for your home

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January 29, 2024

Suppose you are looking for an Air conditioner with multiple features like a fast cooling system, easy installation manual, advanced high technology, and perfect efficiency. In that case, you should look for advanced ACs that are not only perfect for use but also allow modern-day commands, such as Google Voice Assistant or mobile apps, to control the performance of the AC. One example is Windmill AC, designed by Windmill, with a 19.4-litre capacity, portability, and special advanced app control features and performance. Designed in NYC, this Windmill AC has a perfect, simple, sleek design with a quiet cooling system and an R32 Refrigerant, which has a 68% less global warming rate than traditional ACs.

Specifications of Windmill Air Conditioner

Windmill Air Conditioner

Specifications Details
Manufacturer Windmill
Price $349.00
Color White
Weight 70 pounds
Dimension 19.3’’D x 19.4’’W x 13.2’’H
Capacity 19.4 litres
Cooling power 8000 BTU
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) 6.2
Voltage 115 V
Power consumption 690W
Technology WhisperTechTM
Noise level 50 dB
Installation type Window
Portability Yes
Special feature LED Display, App control
Floor Area 350 Square feet
Cable length 6.5 feet
Warranty One year

What’s in the Windmill Air Conditioner box?

The Windmill Air Conditioner comes in a box that contains

  • The Windmill AC and Install Kit
  • Antimicrobial mesh filter
  • Cosmetic side panels keep it perfectly insulated
  • Remote control
  • User manual for easy installation

Design and Built Quality of Windmill Air Conditioner

The Windmill Air Conditioner contains a perfect, well-rounded design, with a matte grille in front and LEDs that give it a dimming effect. It weighs almost 60.1 pounds and comes in a pre-installed position, meaning it is assembled. You must open the box, take it out, read the manual, and then attach it to the window for proper working. It is small, making it a portable AC, yet only a few will notice its presence, making it perfect for your home. 8,000 BTU makes it ideal for a 10 x 15-foot room, and you don’t have to worry about the bills because it doesn’t cost much.

The window frame and side panels are installed at a minimum height of 14 inches. You have to find a window that is perfect for its placement. There are buttons on top with LED lights that tell you the room temperature, fan mode, cooling system, Wi-Fi status, and several other options. It blows air in the upward direction and the place where the air is needed, which will make you satisfied that it will not make you feel cold with air blowing in your face just as the traditional AC does. White color further makes it aesthetically pleasing for a room, and the remote control is 3.5-4 inches, with buttons that allow you to do everything with a single button.

Installation of Windmill Air Conditioner

Windmill Air Conditioner

Windmill Air Conditioner contains side panels and adhesive things like insulation strips that can be applied to the four sides of the AC, and from that, you need to place it in the window. It would be best if you remembered that it weighs 60 pounds, so you may want some help carrying it; the bottom of the AC should be well adjusted in the window sill. Screw the sections for further sturdiness. Make the side panels visible and attach all the remaining sections. Fill all the remaining holes with foam insulation.

Attach the cord to the board and plug in the AC. Download the mobile app and press the Wi-Fi button so that the LED light flashes, then pair the Windmill Air Conditioner with your mobile through the mobile app, set it to your preferred choice, and give it a name for your ease.

Performance of Windmill Air Conditioner

Windmill Air Conditioner

The Windmill Air Conditioner has excellent performance criteria with a sound cooling system and a fan speed at its finest. The technology, WhisperTech, is genuine and inculcates inverter technology with a reduction in the voice of AC. It means that this technology tries to reduce the noise generated by the fans in the AC. This makes it more effective than a non-inverter AC. It starts with a sound output, and in half an hour, you can see that a 360-square-foot room will be cooled to about 10 degrees more than before. Also, the inclusion of Google voice assistant and mobile app further makes it easy to change the mode or temperature of the AC without getting out of bed. You can also choose to set an on/off schedule button, which further makes you consume less power, and all in all, the power consumption is already less compared to the previous generations of AC.

Pros and Cons of Windmill Air Conditioner

Pros Cons
Efficient cooling system Noise is not that low as compared to other competitive AC
Affordable There are no reports on power usage
Portable design
R32 refrigerant inclusion
Google Voice Assistant or mobile app for use

Should you buy the Windmill Air Conditioner?

You should buy the Windmill Air Conditioner if you want a portable, sleek, and efficient working AC for your home. It is not just pre-assembled but also contains the latest WhisperTech technology that makes it work efficiently without making a loud noise. Along with that, the newest inclusion of Google Voice Assistant and mobile app allows you to personalize the optimum working of the AC to your preference, making it easy to use. Overall, it is an excellent product for a 360-square-foot room and has a sturdy design at an affordable price.

Final thoughts

Windmill Air Conditioner is a good inverter AC that provides efficient working at an affordable price. The sturdy design and pre-assembled features further increase its importance. You have to buy it and place it in the window of your choice using insulation strips and adhesives. The mobile app and Google Assistant further increase the likelihood of making this technology easy to use by the modern generation. All in all, the carbon offsetting program additionally makes it an environment-friendly AC, so you can think about buying it.


Q: Is the gas emission from the Windmill Air Conditioner causing a rise in Global warming?

The Windmill Air Conditioner has a carbon offsetting program which states that the refrigerant used in Windmill, which is R32, reduces the carbon emission to 68%, which causes less global warming than an average Air Conditioner, so This means that Windmill Air Conditioner is a good choice for AC purchase.

Q: Can the Windmill Air Conditioner used by placing it on the wall?

The Windmill Air Conditioner is designed to work in windows with an open and closing feature, single and double-hung. It cannot work on the wall, so you cannot place it anywhere else than the window.

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