Unveiling Insights Into 10.0.0..1 Pause Time

Unveiling Insights Into 10.0.0..1 Pause Time

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January 25, 2024

Digital connectivity is essential to our life right? An effective and dependable internet connection is crucial for business, pleasure, and family communication. Wi-Fi networks are popular in public spaces, making this necessity clear. Piso Wi-Fi, a fast and cheap internet service in public settings, is becoming more popular in the Philippines. This article will cover 10.0.0..1 Pause Time and Logout capabilities.

What is 10.0.0..1 Pause Time?

10.0.0..1 Pause Time

Since 2017, Piso Wi-Fi has been a popular internet service provider in the Philippines. Users choose 10.0.0..1 Pause Time since it’s cheaper and easier to use. Customers praise its ease of use. Piso Wi-Fi vendor has numerous features, including Pause Time. 10.0.0..1 Pause Time allows customers to stop or disconnect their internet connection, among other features. The Piso Wi-Fi pause feature saves money and bandwidth.

Benefits of Piso Wi-Fi?

The major benefits of Piso Wi-Fi pause time are:

  • It allows users to halt their internet connection temporarily.
  • It helps people avoid the internet.
  • It helps consumers save.
  • Many Wi-Fi connections slow internet speed. The stop-time option helps here. Users can utilise it to boost speed by blocking others.
  • This capability is helpful during server outages for bandwidth conservation.

10.0.0..1 Pause Time Free Plan Features

Internet use is limited to 15 minutes per day under the free plan. Using the free service will result in sluggish internet, but you may connect using your mobile data. The free plan lets you connect 5 devices to one account. On the streets of the Philippines, you may access Piso WiFi. Registration and cancellation are simple because you only need your cellphone number.

10.0.0..1 Pause Time Paid Plan Features

You can get high-speed internet with its premium subscription. You can even get fast internet. Enjoy Piso Wifi’s benefits for a small fee. Php 399 gets you 499 in internet data. As Piso WiFi free only allows 5 devices per account, the subscription plan allows 10 devices. Students can choose from many Php 199 internet plans.

Methods For Setting 10.0.0..1 Pause Time?

10.0.0..1 Pause Time

Set Piso Wi-Fi Pause time with these simple methods.

  • Open the Piso Wi-Fi admin panel here.
  • Enter your credentials to access the dashboard.
  • Enter general settings and activate pause time. You may enable auto mode here by selecting Auto Pause Time on Boot.
  • Visit the admin panel again. The screen will show pause time.
  • All done.

How to Use 10.0.0..1 Pause Time?

Here are the simple Piso Wi-Fi instructions.

  • Open the browser on your smart device to connect to the internet or Piso Wi-Fi.
  • Now, visit the homepage. Click here to go to the homepage. You may also visit the homepage at
  • To access Wi-FI, enter your credentials on the login screen. The default network password is admin.

How to Register 10.0.0..1 Pause Time?

Here are the simple Piso Wi-Fi signup instructions.

  • Find the Piso Wi-Fi vending machine with hotspots to connect to the network.
  • After finding a suitable machine, connect it to the network. After connecting, the network web portal will open immediately. Additionally, you may download an app to log in and control all network items.
  • You must pay for the network to acquire credentials. If the machine accepts coins, you can pay with them or digitally.
  • Sign in with the credentials and check the Piso Wi-Fi time limit.
  • Finally, your smart gadget can access the web.

How Does The Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time Machine Benefit Users?

10.0.0..1 Pause Time

  • Accessibility

For temporary internet connection, Piso Wi-Fi vending devices are useful in public locations. This can be handy in locations with restricted internet access.

  • Lack of Commitment

Piso Wi-Fi vending devices let consumers pay for the precise amount of time they need, unlike regular internet subscriptions. This is helpful for occasional internet users.

  • Public Space Comfort

Piso Wi-Fi vending devices are usually found in waiting areas, transit hubs, and marketplaces. This allows people to access the internet while traveling.

  • Affordability

Internet connection may be paid for in tiny amounts, making it more reasonable for individuals who cannot afford a full membership. This affordability may appeal to many people.


This article shows how to restrict internet bandwidth using Piso Wifi Pause Time. Philippines consumers get Piso Wifi internet service. The Pause Time feature Piso Wifi provides internet service thoughtfully. It recognizes consumers’ changing internet demands and offers a sensible answer. This feature improves your online experience while being budget-friendly for students, professionals, and casual surfers. Use Piso Wifi’s revolutionary feature to maximize your online time.


Do I start 10.0.0..1 Pause Time?

Enter the IP interface, go to settings, and find pause. Set the connection pause duration from there.

Can I set user-specific pause times?

Yes, users and devices on the network may customise pause lengths using the interface.

When the pause time is out, what happens?

The connection automatically restarts after the given pause length, giving the user or device normal network access.

Does pause time have limits?

Pause time is useful, but Piso WiFi providers and network setups may limit it. Ask your provider about restrictions.

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