Amazing Table Designs for Different Home Requirements!

Amazing Table Designs for Different Home Requirements!

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February 3, 2022

When we search for a table online, it is always like what kind of table one wants? An immense collection is available in stores from coffee table to dining table, many designs are possible for the different requirements at home. Before looking for it, identify the requirement of space then choose to buy. If you still have doubts, then you can visit the WoodenStreet website. The store manager will tell you all about the designs.
A well-designed table is not should only be a utility piece, but it should be decorative along with adding function. A wooden table should be so long-lasting that one should cherish memories of it.

Multi-functional Table designs

Living space at home is always occupied with small events with your guests and relatives. Traditionally, center tables work wonders for such events. But, in recent times everyone wants to transform their space with something creative and modern. A coffee table is a perfect option for knick-knacks at home. You will find an immense collection under it. Modular coffee tables are comfy and decorative at the same, good for modern homes.

  • Coffee table with seating

Coffee table with seating

Extra seating is always required on rare occasions. But, such seats that do not consume much space, leave a long-lasting impression. The seating stools can be moved under the coffee table, when not in use.

  • Spacious coffee table

Spacious coffee table

When you get enough storage under your coffee table in form of open cabinets such that you can place your newspaper, novels, Tv remotes, and many more.

  • Double-tone coffee table

Double-tone coffee table

Two wooden parts of different colors are assembled to make it look creative such that, it looks stylish and becomes a focal point of your living. Under which you have open storage to display any showpiece.

  • Boho-inspired coffee table

Boho-inspired coffee table

Tiles of different designs are pasted on each side of the wooden table. Which is inspired by urban designs and looks good with every decor you have at home. It is a space-saving furniture piece, that comes in budget.

  • Attention-grabbing designs for narrow ways!

Console tables are made for narrow ways, when you live in a small apartment, even a small space matters a lot. To use such spaces, console tables are the best. These are usually long, narrow, and thin so that they can fit into small spaces. You can place your Tv on it, or you can have it at your entryways. So, when you leave, take your essentials with you such as your keys, wallet, spectacles, and other important things to carry, while you are out.

  • Exotic designs in nested tables!

Exotic designs in nested tables

A nest of tables is a style statement for every space. A set of 2 or 3 tables in decreasing size of the above table in the nesting set. A set of three tables, which are of unequal shapes such that one can be moved under the other. It has two ways to decorate your space, one is nesting and the other can be used to make your living or dining space to keep things.

  • Enhance your work-from-home experience!

Working from home can be irritating sometimes, one has to stick to one place. This can be changed by using a laptop table, which you can use anywhere from home to the place you travel. Just place it in your car and take it with you.

  • Universal end tables!

Universal end tables

These are made to complete the remaining requirement at home, be it your kitchen, study, or bedroom. You can add functions with such designs. Place it beside your sofa, or beside your couch in your bedroom, it will never disappoint you. It comes in various designs that can be used anywhere at home. One popular design is the Legion chairside end table, it is made in such a way that, every side can be used in some or the other way.

At WoodenStreet, you will find an amazing collection in every variety. The above described are the general designs you will find, but when you research for every type of wood table, unique designs are available. Invest in it to add function at very affordable prices.

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