Benefits of using MERN Stack

Benefits of using MERN Stack

Written by Alison Lurie, In Software, Published On
November 25, 2023

To begin with, the MERN stack is a highly popular technological stack that consists of four open-source technologies which are Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS.

Advantages of Working with MERN Stack?

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Using MERN Stack for development operations can prove to be very beneficial for developers. This technological stack consists of 4 technologies which are MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS. Mongo DB is useful for storing the JSON data natively. In addition, this is a NoSQL database management system and it works very well with NodeJS and thus.

MERN Stack ensures that developers don’t have many issues in manipulating, representing, and storing JSON data. Coming to its next component, Express JS is a server-side framework and it makes mapping URLs function extremely easy. Many institutes provide the best MERN Stack Courses and one can enroll in them to learn this technology. Apart from these, given below are some of the significant advantages of working with the MERN stack.

  • Top-Notch Applications – Companies usually prefer the MERN stack when they are looking to develop top-notch applications. It’s because the MERN stack consists of various flexible technologies that facilitate quick development in a seamless manner.
  • Open Source – The MERN stack consists of all the open-source technologies which makes it a popular choice among startups. Furthermore, it also eliminates the need for vendor lock-in and permits future changes or transitions
  • Full Stack Development – It facilitates full stack development and develops the frontend and backend components of an application. This results in improving the cost-saving potential and therefore most startups prefer it.
  • Great Community Support – There is a huge community that supports the MERN stack. Furthermore, there are lots of documentation and tutorials available on the MERN stack and new developers can seek them.
  • Cost & Time Saving – Using the MERN Stack platform ensures that the company only needs to hire JavaScript experts. This ensures that organizations process and save both time and financial resources.
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How to Start with MERN Stack?

Using the MERN stack is highly beneficial for companies in terms of cost efficiency and productivity. This technological stack is highly recommended for startups and many leading companies also use it. Preparing for the MERN Stack Certification will surely help you learn the MERN stack technology and understand how to start with it. Here are a few steps regarding how you should start with the MERN stack.

  • Install Node – Installing Node JS is the first step and you can download this technology from There are two versions available and you can download any of them.
  • Create a New Node Project – After installing Node JS and Mongo DB, you need to create a project directory. For this, you need to open a window and create a new Node project directory.
  • Create a Node.js Express Server- Now the next step is creating a file called server.js.
  • Install Mongoose and MongoDB – The next step in using MongoDB and utilizing Mongoose as the front end to your MongoDB database. They are capable of working in an asynchronous environment.
  • Connect to MongoDB Database – Now the next step is connecting the servers to the database. For this, you will have to open a terminal window inside your ‘server’ directory along with executing the command.
  • Create a React Application – The next step is creating a React application and for this, you need to execute the create-react-app command in your project’s root folder.
  • Create the React Components – Now the next thing you need to do is create a components folder inside the sac directory.
  • Testing – After creating the components you need to connect your React app to the back end using fetch. Using Fetch provides you with a cleaner and easier way to handle HTTP requests.
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Developers can gain a lot by using MERN Stack for development activities. Since the MERN stack includes every open-source technology, it is a well-liked option for entrepreneurs. Moreover, it allows for future modifications or migrations and does away with the requirement for vendor lock-in. It builds an application’s front end and back end and makes full-stack development easier. Because of the increased potential for cost savings, this is preferred by the majority of entrepreneurs. The MERN stack has a sizable network of supporters. It is ensured that the organization will only need to engage Java/JavaScript professionals by using the MERN Stack platform. In conclusion, the MERN stack is highly beneficial for companies in terms of cost efficiency and productivity.

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