CoreFirst Internet Banking: Handling Money in the Digital Era

CoreFirst Internet Banking: Handling Money in the Digital Era

Written by Mark Williams, In Finance, Published On
February 28, 2024

In Short:

  • It brings consumers a hassle-free and safe experience as they can use the platform anytime to conduct account operations.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of secure money transfers and excellent account management.
  • Find out how CoreFirst Bank & Trust evolved from its beginning as a Commerce State Bank to its present place.
  • Find out how CoreFirst is optimizing customer service, enabling community growth, and refurbishing physical sites.

The bank offers an unbeatable customer experience in finance through its CoreFirst Internet Banking platform. This is an excellent illustration of how innovation and customer-centric services can thrive in the dynamic world of modern banking. The CoreFirst knows that people have busy lives and must stay at the heart of their financial system. This digital banking allows users to conveniently and securely manage their accounts from wherever they are, be it their PCs, tablets, or mobile devices. It also contains the extra-time feature of 24-hour access. In this article, we investigate all the benefits, minuscule details, and long history of CoreFirst Bank & Trust so that you can see how this company has become a trusted ally to help you overcome the difficulties of the digital age.

Key Specifications Of Corefirst

Specification Details
Founded 1959
Headquarters Topeka, Kansas, USA
Number of Locations 14
Total Assets $997 million (March 2013)
Number of Employees 300-350 full-time equivalent (June 2013)
Company Type Private
Industry Finance
Headquarters Topeka, Kansas, USA

Benefits of Online Banking at CoreFirst

All-inclusive Account Administration

Examine the balances and transactions on various accounts, such as credit cards, installment loans, banks, savings, money market, CD, IRA, and credit lines.

Convenience and Security

Easily access your accounts from a computer, tablet, or mobile device with security and convenience.

Quick Money Transfers

With quick funds transfers, you may quickly move money and feel in charge of your finances.

Simple Monthly Bill Payment

Paying your bills on time each month will simplify your finances and make spending easier.

Viewing Images

Examine pictures of the checks you’ve written and your deposits to get a more thorough account assessment.

Alerts on Mobile

With smartphone notifications, you can stay on top of your money by getting critical messages straight to your phone.

Extra Services

Change your address conveniently, rearrange checks, halt payments, and use Money Plan, your helpful budget ally that encourages monitoring, saving, and planning.

Details of CoreFirst Internet Banking

Online Banking

  • There is no fee for online banking.
  • No cost when using E-statements
  • There is no fee for using your smartphone for mobile banking.
  • Free Online Bill Payment for Users

It’s easy to sign up for CoreFirst Internet Banking. Click the Login button, select Enroll Now, and adhere to the Primary Account Owner’s instructions. Owners of secondary accounts can visit branch locations or get enrollment instructions by contacting Customer Service.

CoreFirst Bank & Trust: A Rich History

Known initially as Commerce State Bank, CoreFirst Bank & Trust was founded as a part of a lofty idea by Topeka businesspeople. On December 3, 1959, the bank held its official opening, with Emery Fager serving as its CEO. Emery saw Commerce as a forward-thinking, creative, fiercely competitive bank prioritizing amiable, supportive, and individualized service. For example, Commerce established the first 24-hour ATMs, grocery store branches, extended and weekend hours, and several technical breakthroughs in the area, among other customer service “firsts,” over five decades. The CoreFirst Bank & Trust brand evolved as the necessity for growth materialized. With offices now in Topeka, Olathe, Lenexa, and Denver, CoreFirst is still dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients, giving back to the community, and being innovative.

Investing in Growth

CoreFirst Bank & Trust has a few expansion strategies, and one of them is to prioritize remodeling current locations to offer more services to the clients and staff. The project of remodeling the bank’s headquarters at 3035 SW Topeka Blvd. is the best illustration of the important change process that the bank went through. This large project, finalized in December 2020, covered a complete upgrade of the building’s corporate offices, lobby, and customer service facilities and involved infrastructure improvement. The structure won beautification in 1972 for its original architectural features, which remained intact but were also modernized to improve the physical area.

To further display its commitment to remodeling, CoreFirst Bank & Trust has remodeled several smaller branches within the community, all while still paying attention to providing great quality service. To ensure that the renovations are done when these systems are working correctly, CoreFirst prioritizes timing these renewals and keeps the drive-thru tellers functioning throughout the renovation. Besides renovating physical locations, CoreFirst regularly invests money into services, software, and technology to enhance the customer experience for its loyal customer base.

Online Banking: How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up

It’s really easy to sign up for internet banking! Click the Login button on the top ribbon, select Enroll Now, and adhere to the Primary Account Owner’s instructions. For enrollment instructions, secondary account owners must call Customer Service or come into one of our branch locations.

Mobile Banking Enrollment Procedure

Verify that you have signed up for online banking.

Go to Google Play or the App Store, search for CoreFirst Bank & Trust, and download the app by going to app_store_badgegoogle_play_store_badge.

  • To log in, use your Internet Banking ID and password.
  • Ensure your Touch ID is enabled for a speedy login if you’re using an iPad Pro®, iPad AirTM 2, iPad MiniTM 3, or iPhone 5s® or later.
  • Go to the Settings menu and open the app.

Note: Discover how CoreFirst Bank & Trust has changed throughout the years, from its illustrious beginnings as Commerce State Bank to its cutting-edge online banking system that prioritizes innovation, client pleasure, and community involvement.

Pros and Cons of CoreFirs

Pros Cons
Comprehensive Account Management Limited Physical Locations
Security and Convenience Renovation Disruptions
Innovative Services
No Charges


The bank, focusing on innovation and a user-centric approach, has become the leading bank in the banking sector, guided through the digital era. Thanks to the unprecedented simplicity, security, and variety of highly advanced services, the CoreFirst Internet Banking System reflects present-day banking practices. Indeed, CoreFirst distinguishes itself in the financial industry by its rich history of strategic development and community-oriented values, which are carefully defined in the benefits and details of the bank’s offers. In addition, the rigorous upgrades that CoreFirst has done, combined with its technical and community services budgets, point to its unshakable determination to grow and happy clients. CoreFirst Bank & Trust is not just a bank; it is a partner that is always there for you and able to adjust to your needs and the constantly changing world. CoreFirst stays updated and remains at the forefront, a lighthouse of resilience and innovativeness.


Is online banking at CoreFirst secure?

CoreFirst Online Banking offers a secure, encrypted environment for all your financial activities.

Which services may be accessed using the CoreFirst mobile application?

Several services are available through the mobile app, such as real-time chat support with customer support, bill payments, account balance checks, and cash transfers.

How can I sign up for CoreFirst Online Banking?

It’s simple to enroll. Select Enroll Now after clicking the Login button, then adhere to the Primary Account Owner’s instructions. Owners of secondary accounts can get in touch with customer service or go to a branch.

What advantages do the most recent upgrades at CoreFirst offer?

Modernizing facilities to improve customer experience is the goal of renovations. The bank is dedicated to providing excellent client service during the renovation process.

In what ways does CoreFirst benefit the community?

Through several programs, including introducing ice skating to Downtown Topeka and providing time, materials, and human resources for community improvement, CoreFirst actively supports the neighborhood.

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