Danny Keough: The Unveiling of Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex-Husband

Danny Keough: The Unveiling of Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex-Husband

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February 12, 2024

In short:

  • Danny Keough, a musician and songwriter from the lively city of Chicago, grew up with musical roots, which paved the way for his lifelong journey into music.
  • Danny’s celebrity status is largely built upon his former relationship with Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley; this adds a certain glamour and public interest to how people view him.
  • Besides his marital responsibilities, Danny showed a multi-faceted artistic skill by playing the bass guitar in Lisa Marie’s band, which demonstrates dedication to artistry. Moreover, his acting debuts in movies like “The Lodge” (2019) exemplify the multifacetedness of his creativity.
  • After the divorce, Danny and Lisa Marie Presley’s determination to join parenting came out as a paragon of responsible co-parenting. As Lisa Marie herself described in 2003, their lasting bond is beyond the usual narratives of estrangement and highlights the enduring nature of family ties.

Amidst the tapestry of the music industry, where melodies interweave with personal tales, Danny Keough’s story is an intriguing chapter. The musician and songwriter Danny, originally from the bustling city of Chicago, wrote his name in history as a husband to no other than Lisa Marie Presley. With each step into the details of his life, from the first chords strummed in Chicago to what he did for Lisa Marie’s band, we find a fascinating story—a love story with fame thrown in and how one survived it all under public pressure.

Danny Keough’s Bio

Attribute Details
Name Danny Keough
Age 58 years old (As of 2022)
Date of Birth November 6, 1964
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, USA
Sibling Thomas Keough
Parents Francis Keough and Janet Keough
Spouse Lisa Marie Presley
Children Benjamin Storm Keough, Danielle Riley Keough
Profession Musician, Songwriter, Actor

Danny Keough’s Early Life & Family

Being born on the 6th of November in the vibrant city of Chicago, Danny Keough’s life as a maestro commenced. Indubitably impactful day for Kevin James’ infancy, meaning there was a need from an early age to provide music and creativity; when he is celebrating his birthday because it displays certain benefits, seeking those dates with direct absence restrictions that assisted him through childhood. They had very good parental influences, Francis Keough and Janet Keough, since they provided him with an environment that encouraged the development of creativity in him. Having been raised with his brother, Thomas Keough, the word of rhythm and tune seemed quite a deal to Danny long before he turned out the first couple of them.

Danny Keough’s Rise to Fame

Danny Keough

Although the music industry produces many eccentric personas who get and remain adored because of their creative output, Danny Keough became a famous figure through his marriage with Lisa Marie Presley. The brilliant singer and songwriter, daughter of the great Elvis Presley, became Danny’s pass to become famous. Even though their marital relations were ended, being connected to Lisa Marie Presley brought Danny into the mind of the general public eye. Significantly, his life got mired in a very controversial custody battle between Lisa Marie Presley and the King of Pop – Michael Jackson.

Danny Keough: The versatile artisan

Aside from personal networks, Danny Keough’s creative enterprises no less reached different fields of the entertainment world. With his singing, writing songs, and acting skills, he displayed a talent that was not only limited to the scope of his personal life. Even in the band of Lisa Marie Presley, where he plucked his bass guitar proficiently at amazing speed and accuracy that everyone must have wished to be like him, he proved not only how great a musician but also how much one could dedicate to mastering an art. The audience may recognize him from films like “The Lodge,” “Cabin by the Lake,” and ‘’Darkling’‘( 20 : ), where he proved that, indeed, an artiste could find a way to cross into acting.

Marriage and Divorce

Danny Keough and Lisa Marie Presley’s union started on October 3, 1988, in the Celebrity Center International of Scientology Church in West Hollywood. However, it ended in 1994 when Lisa filed for divorce in the Dominican Republic. The six-year relationship produced two children, Benjamin Storm Keough and Danielle Riley Keough.

Life After Divorce

Danny Keough

The aftermath of their separation presented a picture of responsible co-parenting, as in an emotional 2003 interview with Rolling Stone, Lisa Marie Presley said that Danny was her best friend. Although their romantic relationship had ended, the ex-spouses remained closely connected through parenthood; this demonstrated that even after divorce, there was a lasting bond between parent and child.

Children and Post-Divorce Relationship

The divorce of Danny Keough and Lisa Marie Presley in 1994 was a new start for both parties, one that would involve co-parenting. Their unwavering dedication to the care of their two children, Benjamin Storm Keough and Danielle Riley Keough proved an eloquent symbol of shared responsibility. Although their romantic relationship came to an end, Danny and Lisa Marie made sure that they would provide a stable home environment for the children. This was also evident in Lisa Marie’s 2003 Rolling Stone interview where she proclaimed Danny as her best friend, demonstrating a post-divorce relationship that defied the norm of estrangement. The fact that they were raising their children together as a cohesive unit was not only an affirmation of the strength of familial bonds but also served to be something people in other post-divorce situations could aspire towards.

Danny Keough


In the great symphony of life, Danny Keough’s story is a reminder that music has transformative power and family ties are eternal. From the busy streets of Chicago to the glare of Hollywood, his story is a tale rich in love and artistic talent, as well as post-divorce co-parenting that evokes a sense beyond music. The chords of his life reverberate, and Danny Keough’s story reminds us about fame. In the midst of all this, there is a tune that unites people; human beings’ timeless resilience has created it.


What about Danny Keough’s musical career?

Danny Keough’s musical pursuit can be traced to his early days in Chicago, where he was engrossed in a rich music culture. As a musician and songwriter, he perfected his art, leading to the start of what would later become an interlocking career with Lisa Marie Presley’s band.

How did Danny Keough become famous?

The key reason for Danny Keough’s success is his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, a famous singer and the daughter of Elvis Presley. Although their marital ties came to an end, Danny’s relationship with Lisa Marie Presley brought him into the limelight, especially during a very publicized custody battle with Michael Jackson.

What is Danny Keoug’s contribution to Lisa Marie Presley’s band?

Danny Keough played an important part in Lisa Marie Presley’s musical career as the bass guitarist of her band. His music, however, went beyond personal affiliations and showed his genius and dedication to the art.

What movies has Danny Keough been in?

Besides his musical career, Danny Keough was an actor and starred in films like ‘The Lodge,’ “Cabin by the Lake,” and The Darkling. This diversification revealed his omnidirectional view of the entertainment industry.

What was Danny Keough’s and Lisa Marie Presley’s post-divorce relationship like?

After their divorce in 1994, the two parents showed incredible dedication to co-parenting. The relationship after the divorce, having mutual respect and support between them, was defined by Lisa Marie as a friendship, which proves that this couple has a mature approach to co-parenting.

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