Does Facebook Tell You Who Viewed Your Profile?

Does Facebook Tell You Who Viewed Your Profile?

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June 2, 2024

Are you uncertain of Does Facebook Tell You Who Viewed Your Profile? There are others like you. Various hacks may pique your interest, even though Facebook doesn’t provide an easy way to monitor profile visitors. Here, we will walk you through how to find out who has been looking at your Facebook profile.

There is an app-free method to determine who has been viewing your profile. You can obtain a list of the people who visit your profile the most often by looking at the source code of your Facebook page. See our Facebook privacy settings guide to modify who can view your profile. Let’s dive into the detailed steps to find out who visits your Facebook profile now. Every web browser, Mac or PC, can be used with this technique.

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Page?

Step 1: Enter Your Facebook Account Information.

Does Facebook Tell You Who Viewed Your Profile?

To start, launch in your computer’s preferred web browser. To log into your Facebook account, enter your phone number or email address and password.

Step 2: Visit Your Facebook Profile Page.

Does Facebook Tell You Who Viewed Your Profile?

To access your profile, once logged in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3: View Page Source

fb source code

Right-click wherever on the empty area on the sides of your profile page. Choose “View Page Source” from the ensuing menu. This opens a new tab with your Facebook profile page’s source code shown.

Step 4: Look for “InitialChatFriendsList.”

Now, you will be presented with a page full of code, which can be somewhat perplexing. To locate the pertinent section of the code, hit “Ctrl + F” on your keyboard (or “Command + F” on a Mac). This launches a search box. Enter “InitialChatFriendsList” (without the quotes) into the search box. This will draw attention to a number-listing part of the code.

Step 5: Find Profile IDs

Take a clipboard copy of one of the profile ID numbers from the list. Paste the number following “” (e.g., into the address bar of your browser and hit Enter. That will open the profile of the individual linked to that ID. See who views your profile the most by repeating this process for additional IDs.

What Accuracy Are the Results?

Who has been seeing your Facebook profile the most seems to be accurately shown by these results. Some, meanwhile, think these IDs could be pals you talk to on Facebook more regularly than folks who only browse your page. Test this approach and make your judgement. We have other suggestions if you’re interested in additional methods to determine who views your page the most.

Points To Remember For Does Facebook Tell You Who Viewed Your Profile?

  1. Recall that the list you locate might not be exactly in the order that people last saw your profile.
  2. Not simply friends who view your profile but also those who engage with you the most on Facebook may be included in the IDs.
  3. Trust no outside apps that say they can display who has viewed your profile; they could be dangerous for your security and are not approved by Facebook.
  4. Use the “View As” option often to see what areas of your profile are visible to the public.
  5. Watch what you set for privacy. You will have less privacy the more visible your profile is.

Are there any other ways to find out who reads my Facebook profile?

You could try a few different apps or browser add-ons to see if they work better for you. There are a lot of apps like this that claim to show you who has looked at your page. Some of these apps, on the other hand, are definitely fake. Before you get these apps, we suggest that you read reviews of them. Some programs might only be there to gather information about their users so that they can sell it to marketing companies or even try to steal your name. Before you buy an app, read reviews of it to see if it seems trustworthy.

We found a couple of apps that seem to have gotten mostly good reviews, which means they are reliable and do what they’re supposed to do. We think you should look into these.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile App

Google PlayStore – link

You can get the free Who Viewed My Facebook Profile app for Android devices from the Google Play Store and use it. Many things can be seen about your Facebook page, such as who has seen it, who likes your posts the most, who you like the most, and more. The program will not ask for or send any personal information, will not post anything on your timeline, and will not send your information to any other computer.

Who Cares App

Google PlayStore – link

You can get the Who Cares app for free from the iTunes Store. It’s a great choice for iOS devices. Look at the top of the list to see who looks at your picture the most. If you want to see more names on the list, you can pay $2.79 once to see up to 35 profile visitors, $3.99 once to see 50 visitors, or $5.49 once to see a huge list of the top 100 visits.

You don’t have to give out any personal information to use this app; all you have to do is log in with your Facebook account. When you buy something inside the app, it goes through the iTunes store, so you don’t have to worry about your credit card information getting stolen.

Why Is Meta Not Showing Who Looks at Your Profile?

Privacy is the primary factor in the lack of an official method to check who views your Facebook profile. Encouraging users to view who saw their profile would raise privacy issues and maybe turn them off of the website. Facebook wants to keep users feeling safe on its network and stay out of legal hot water.

Can I Hack My Data?

A previous “hack” says you may look at the source code to see who has viewed your Facebook profile. It is an unreliable approach, though. The numbers you see could not reflect those who saw your profile but rather those you communicate with often. You run the danger of damaging your computer if you try this hack. Better still, stay away from these dubious techniques.


The procedures listed above provide you with an idea of who may be paying closer attention to your online presence, even though the nagging question of “who is viewing my Facebook profile” is still only partially answered. Recall that Facebook has privacy options to help you control your digital imprint, which is more public than you may realise. With regard to unreliable web resources or third-party programmes that make lofty promises, always proceed with care and scepticism.


What can I see if anyone saw my profile is hidden?

As well as your friends’ wall postings and tags, you can see who has liked, commented, and shared your posts.

Can someone confirm that I have looked at their profile?

Facebook does not alert users when someone checks their profile.

Is there a reliable way to find out who has looked at my profile?

Regretfully, not at all. Any technique employed should be considered an estimate only and not a precise list of profile visitors.

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