Who Is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend? Her Relationship Timeline

Who Is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend? Her Relationship Timeline

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February 28, 2024

In Short

  • Doja Cat Keeps Her Relationship Private, But There Are Rumors
  • She Was Romantically Linked to Jawny and Collaborated With Him
  • Doja Shut Down Dating Rumors With French Montana
  • Flirty Posts Sparked Speculation About Bree Runway
  • Doja Asked About Stranger Things Star Joseph Quinn’s Relationship Status
  • She May Currently Be Dating Comedian J. Cyrus

Over the years, Doja Cat has kept her relationships secret despite her opinionated and amusing public presence. She seldom discusses her personal life, although rumors have linked her to various suitors. Her sole known public relationship in 2019 was with musician Jawny. However, she flirted with Bree Runway online, questioned about Joseph Quinn’s relationship status, and may be dating comedian J. Cyrus. Doja Cat has made personal news before. Over the years, the outspoken rapper, renowned for hits like “Say So” and “Kiss Me More,” has dated several celebrities. Her current purported affair with comedian J. Cyrus has drawn internet criticism.

Who Is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend?

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Weight 61 kg
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Abuse Allegations Against Cyrus

Doja Cat

By late 2022, Doja Cat was snuggling with Cyrus on vacation. They were rumored to be dating, although neither confirmed it—however, speculations of many women’s horrific charges against the comic alarmed many admirers.  Cyrus was accused of emotional abuse by female Twitch streamers and followers in 2019 and 2020. Several accused him of sexual harassment, gaslighting, and other harmful behaviors. Cyrus told Rolling Stone, “There is no excuse nor justification for my actions… In power and trust, I succumbed to my admirers’ temptations and attention.” He confessed guilt and failed the ladies.

Doja Cat’s Boyfriend Slams Romance Rumors Criticism

Doja Cat

Critics again brought up his harsh background when Doja and Cyrus were rumored to be dating. Doja responded on social media by criticizing individuals who questioned her connection. Doja would not acknowledge their relationship, saying: “It’s sad you guys comment beneath all my postings about J like you know anything about my personal life or his… Don’t criticize him or assume things you don’t know.” She said Cyrus apologized and shouldn’t be criticized again. Many saw his apology as insufficient to exonerate him of harming several women.

Fears of Doja Dismissing Abuse Claims

Doja appearing to ignore earlier unsettling charges without respect for victims angered many. She ridiculed fan complaints about her dating Cyrus instead of addressing the issue or demonstrating sympathy for abuse victims. This seemed dismissive of abusive conduct to survivors and their supporters in a culture where victims struggle to be heard or seen accountable. They say Cyrus shouldn’t be acquitted or given a lovely girlfriend like Doja Cat. Doja, an essential star with millions of teenage fans, is also under fire for downplaying abuse. Critics say her backing of Cyrus despite his misdeeds sends a wrong message to fans. The serious dispute shows how a Doja celebrity ignores an intimate partner’s troubled history. Face public calls for a more thorough evaluation of abuse sensitivity.

Changing thoughts about toxic behavior

It’s arguable how Doja or anyone else dating an abusive person ought to respond. Some claim that if someone repents, they may change and deserve another chance. Still, people who hold themselves to a higher standard usually have to perform better to forgive such transgressions. There is more pressure to uphold her ideals when one is in the spotlight, like Doja.

From Chris Brown and Louis CK’s career comebacks to Casey Affleck’s Best Actor Oscar blowback, the public’s reaction to scandalous claims varies with culture. # MeToo exposed the epidemic of covert harassment and assault. Abusers who seek treatment but don’t show improvement should be viewed with suspicion. Others counsel against being punished indefinitely without the opportunity to atone if progress is evident. Some believe that “cancel culture” stigmatizes flawed people excessively, which hinders progress, rehabilitation, and apology. Every situation presents challenging issues with ambiguous solutions. Grace and second chances always require considering whether they allow more harm.

The divisive responses to Doja Cat’s private life again highlight how difficult it is to draw a boundary between accountability and positive change. The spotlight on celebrities puts more pressure on performers to address allegations of inner circle abuse. It brings back the tense exchanges when Rowling and Teigen defended dubious men. To stop more damage, the location of redemption is disputed.

In the age of Social Reckoning, those with positions of authority and privilege are expected to examine the covert narrative that their associations promote. Their comments influence culture and young minds looking for direction in navigating society’s problems. Doja Cat is under fire for what appears to be a signal enhancement of an abusive person against polite criticism or silence. Her healing of past hurts puts the famous to the test in escaping the snares of patriarchy. Her upcoming public acts will impact her opinion.

Doja Cat’s Boyfriend: Past Cases

Doja Cat

Note “was.” Doja dated JAWNY till February 2020. Their 2019 Instagram Live session (now a YouTube video) revealed how they met. Doja told Distractify, “I found his ‘Honeypie’ music video and didn’t like the song.” “She hated it. She dislikes the tune. She hated the music, Johnny said. “But I liked the way you moved,” Doja said. “No idea. Your pants. I said,I like your pants.” I clicked on his YouTube video and commented on his Instagram, saying, “I love you, baby.”

One thing led to another, according to Doja, after Johnny replied on her Instagram. He clicked the bell to obtain Doja’s updates and pulled the trigger one day.

He wrote to Doja, “Hey girl, I gave this image to my young cousin and told him we’re together. Please don’t accuse me of lying. He admires me.”

They started dating once it worked. But both were done by February 2020. Everything’s fine. “I’m okay,” Doja remarked in a YouTube-archived Instagram Live session.

“Everything was OK when I unfollowed my ex-boyfriend on Twitter. We’ve been cool. No weirdness here. No fucking drama or crazy stuff happening. It just didn’t work. We f-cking moved on because it wasn’t working.”

Doja Cat’s Boyfriend: Current Situation

Doja looks to be delaying a romance. She told Crack magazine she wants a companion with “a really big nose.”

After being seen on a boat together in 2020, Doja tweeted, “Me and French got a song coming out. Fucking relax.” 

If she finds someone, don’t anticipate a social media eruption. “I don’t check Twitter as much or tweet as often because, honestly, sometimes social media is draining and brings out all of the negative things going on,” she told Fader in 2019.

It’s a place where bullies and people analyze everything you post looking for something wrong, so for me, the healthiest thing has been to step away and focus on what’s important.” 

She and online celebrity Joji were said to be dating in February 2022. In January 2022, Doja tweeted, “Joji wyd u doing.” 

Fans suspected a covert romance. According to HITC, fans speculated that Doja said she and Joji were together on Instagram Live. It was just fans leaping to conclusions.

“Yes, I do,” Doja said when asked if she liked the online content maker. Some thought they were dating.


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Who is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend now?

Recent images of Doja Cat on vacation with comedian J. Cyrus suggest a romance. Doja has not addressed her relationship with J. Cyrus.

Who did Doja Cat date?

In 2019, Doja Cat disclosed her sole public relationship with singer Jawny. They dated before ending amicably in 2020 after working on his song “Anything You Want”.

Did Doja Cat date French Montana?

Doja Cat was seen on a yacht with French Montana in 2020, fueling dating suspicions. Doja promptly denied the rumors on Twitter, saying they only worked together. French reiterated their friendship when she tweeted a 2022 vacation meal photo with Doja.

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