How tall is Jenna Ortega

How tall is Jenna Ortega

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February 21, 2024

In Short:

  • Standing at just 5’1″, Jenna Ortega challenges Hollywood’s height expectations for actresses.
  • Despite her small stature, Ortega’s acting talent has propelled her to stardom, earning critical acclaim and award nominations.
  • Transitioning from family-friendly roles to grittier fare, she defies stereotypes and impresses in diverse projects.
  • Ortega’s unconventional portrayal of Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s Netflix series cements her as a rising star, emphasizing that skill surpasses appearance.

In Hollywood, the notion exists that to achieve true stardom, one must strike an imposing figure onscreen. For actresses, that often translates to having the height of a runway model – 5’9″ or above. Jenna Ortega manages to defy such outdated expectations. The tiny 20-year-old stands at just 5’1″, shorter than the average American woman. And yet, in a few short years, Ortega has captivated audiences worldwide with her preternatural acting talent. Size, it turns out, does not matter for this budding legend in the making.

Jenna Ortega’s bio

Jenna Marie Ortega

Category Details
Full Name Jenna Marie Ortega
Date of Birth September 27, 2002 (age 21)
Place of Birth Palm Desert, California, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years Active 2012–present
Education Amelia Earhart Elementary School, John Glenn Middle School
Height 1.55 m

Against the Odds: A Child Star Rises

Ortega demonstrated a preternatural knack for acting from an early age. With no connections to the entertainment industry, she began auditioning for commercials in Los Angeles at 6 years old. Her mother made the arduous six-hour round-trip drive to L.A. up to five times a week. Though initially rejected for not fitting the “look” casting agents wanted, a determined Ortega eventually booked over a dozen national commercial campaigns.

Her feature film debut came at age 10 in a bit part in Iron Man 3. Two years later, she landed the role of Young Jane on the hit CW series Jane the Virgin. Critics praised the pre-teen Ortega for “eschewing the trappings of a typical child actor.” More TV roles followed, including Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle. On that show, the 14-year-old Ortega drew from her large family to play the middle child of seven siblings. She won an Imagen Award for her performance before exiting to take on more mature roles.

Transitioning to Grittier Fare

Jenna Marie Ortega

To prove her range beyond family-friendly Disney fare, Ortega consciously decided to pivot toward edgier, more adult roles as a teenager. That led to her breakout performance in 2019 as the mysterious Ellie Alves in Season 2 of Netflix psychological thriller You. Critics singled out her “standout” and “beautifully nuanced” acting amidst a cast of proven adult performers.

Ortega continued that momentum in projects like Yes Day, Scream, Studio 666, X, and American Carnage. Particularly in the scary movies, the 5’1″ actress displayed a preternatural ability to compellingly Essay emotional duress and extreme situations. Her scream queen roles cemented her as a fan favorite and critical darling in horror circles. Despite her short stature, she stood tall on screen against terrifying genre conventions.

Wednesday: A New Spin on an Iconic Character

Fully stepping into the spotlight came with Ortega’s career-defining role as Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s supernatural Netflix comedy Wednesday. Against the traditionally tall, statuesque character portrayal, Ortega brought a modern spin. The 21-year-old infused empathy, dry humor, and teen angst to her take on the iconic part. Ortega chopped her long locks and dyed her hair stark black to inhabit Wednesday more fully. She also learned new skills, like playing the cello.

Critics bought into Ortega’s unconventional portrayal, praising her magnetic and charismatic performance. Despite standing far shorter than the average actress in Hollywood, Ortega loomed as large as Titans, three times her size on screen. Wednesday became one of Netflix’s biggest hits ever. Ortega’s left-field portrayal scored her Golden Globe, SAG, and Primetime Emmy nominations. Once again, Ortega proved that skill matters infinitely more than appearance when capturing the audience’s imagination. As Tim Burton himself gushed to Netflix Queue, “I knew she was right for the role immediately. I could not picture anyone else as Wednesday.”

Expanding Her Horizons

Jenna Marie Ortega

Rather than rest on the success of Wednesday, Ortega continues using her platform to take creative risks. She poked fun at her scream queen image hosting Saturday Night Live with self-deprecating gusto. Ortega also made her writing debut with the book It’s All Love. An increasingly vocal advocate for immigrant rights and the LGBTQ community, she wants to inspire young people to enact positive change.

On the acting front, Ortega returns to horror roots, reprising her role in Scream VI. But she also stretched herself playing a fledgling drug dealer opposite Tommy Lee Jones in the indie crime drama Finestkind. Ever committed to dodging predictability, Ortega’s upcoming roles run the gamut from musical legend Celia Cruz to a spaceship pilot in Dune: Part Two. As Ortega explained to Harper’s Bazaar about her creative approach: “I don’t ever want to allow myself to feel too comfortable because I don’t think that’s when I’m doing my best work.”


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Note: Jennifer Ortega’s rise defies the high expectations set by Hollywood for actors, demonstrating that skill surpasses physical appearance. From early auditions to a breakthrough performance in Tim Burton’s Wednesday, she challenges preconceptions by highlighting the value of talent over looks. Her experience proves it’s possible to shatter stereotypes and redefine success in the field.


Jenna Ortega appears uniquely primed for long-term Hollywood success. She has proactively dodged the predictable post-child star trajectory of many of her Disney-minted peers. Factors in Ortega’s willingness to advocate for social causes and her poise indicate an artistic sensibility well beyond her 20 years. Wednesday may have brought Jenna Ortega mainstream fame as an actress. But one senses the willful performer will dictate her mold-breaking career trajectory from here on out – whether Hollywood is ready for it. Ironically, casting aside outdated appearance conventions and letting her formidable acting prowess shine signals Ortega’s best strategy for attaining icon status.


How tall is Jenna Ortega?

Despite rumors that she wears platform shoes to appear taller, Jenna Ortega naturally stands at 5 feet 1 inch. That places her on the shorter average for an American woman.

Has Ortega’s short stature hindered her career?

Actually, no. Despite being just 20 years old, the diminutive Ortega has already received Hollywood’s stamp of approval thanks to her mature acting prowess. Wednesday has catapulted her to household name fame.

What accolades has Ortega earned so far?

Ortega’s standout performance as Wednesday Addams scored 2023 nominations at the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards. She also won MTV Movie Awards for both Scream and Wednesday.

Does Ortega play up her height for specific roles?

Interestingly, no. Ortega has kept her short height from dictating or limiting the breadth of the characters she portrays. Taking unconventional roles like Wednesday has raised her stature in Hollywood.

How does Ortega make up for her small physical presence?

With bottomless wells of talent and charisma, evidently! Jim Hemphill of Filmmaker Magazine summed up Ortega’s appeal best, raving: “She’s one of those people who just pops off the screen in practically every shot. It’s a classic movie star quality that has nothing to do with height or appearance and everything to do with talent.”

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