How To Promote Your Blog On Instagram?

How To Promote Your Blog On Instagram?

Written by Alison Lurie, In Marketing, Published On
December 3, 2021
Last modified on December 31st, 2021

Instagram is a platform that is much popular to build awareness about businesses and brands. It is due to that billion of people being registered on IG, and also this is the number of active members per month. It opens doors of opportunity for those who want to build their online presence and wanted that people must know them. For that kind of people or businesses, Instagram is the best and effective platform. No matter what kind of business you have or want to show your skills to get famous, Instagram can work for you.

People used to buy Instagram followers for their accounts, and it helped much to attract more followers. Things more crowded attract more people towards it. That’s why Instagram is a platform of opportunity for those who want to generate engagements with more people worldwide. Growing IG profile is easier and can be done using effective techniques. But when it comes to promoting your blog on Instagram, you can’t ignore using this platform because IG can make you able to get views and increase traffic to your blogs related to any niche.
But how it works?

How I can get more traffic and visitor to my blog. This question is frequently asked by users that are using IG and not achieving their goals. Don’t worry and refresh your mind. We will describe in detail how you can promote your blog on IG that can help you get what you are looking for.

Some effective ways to promote your Blog Posts on Instagram

Use of Instagram Stories

IG stories are a more effective way to target millions of the audience for your blog posts when you share a blog post teaser. The research finds that over 200 million users on IG loves to watch IG stories instead of scrolling their posts feed. Is it not a great number of people that you can target? Yes, it is. To get more views on blog posts and increase its IG traffic, share it on IG stories. You can use a screenshot of the blog post or share links with an image. Use an attractive way of sharing blog posts on stories so that people are easily attracted to them. In that case, it will be effective for you.

Putt Link in Bio

When you are getting much traffic to your blogs or blog posts, make sure you put your blog link in your IG profile bio. It is beneficial to redirect your IG profile visitor to a blog by using that link. When you have a fan following on IG and engage with your IG profile content, they also like to visit your blog. So, make sure that when you optimize your IG profile with a picture and description, don’t forget to put your blog link in your bio. People will easily access your blog and then also can read blog posts. To make it easier for people who can find your link in bio, tag yourself in posts and Instagram stories. So that users of Instagram that are watching your posts and stories can visit your IG profile and then blog.

Use of Images that Reflects on Your Blog Posts

When it comes to sharing content on IG to engage with more users, the content can work. Same as that, when you have a blog or want to generate awareness using social media platforms like Instagram, images of blogs are effective. To generate traffic for specific blogs and blog posts, use specific blog images for IG content sharing. Images that are used in blog posts are also used in IG posts. If people find it attractive and then they can access your blog using that posts too.

Tag your Followers

When you generate the content, and after completing it, the next step is to post it. During the post, sharing must tag some of the well-known followers that are their fan following and better online presence. It will help them to know about your blog posts as well. When you tag in your posts, the post will also appear on their feeds. So that followers of your followers can also access your posts in which you mentioned your blog and visit the blog. If they found your post attractive and eye-catching it makes their mind to visit your blog post too. Therefore, it is an effective way to increase blog traffic.

Wrapping up

Instagram is a platform with the help of many businesses or brands are become successful in building their online presence. Not only that, but they also succeed in generating traffic for their eCommerce websites, blogs, etc. But there are some effective techniques for using this platform more efficiently. Read this post, and you will get to know about them.

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