From the Dominican Republic to Viral Fame- Meet Ice Spice Mom

From the Dominican Republic to Viral Fame- Meet Ice Spice Mom

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March 9, 2024

In Short

  • On August 17, Charina Almanzar became an overnight internet celebrity after dancing to her daughter Ice Spice’s “Deli” song. Internet surfers loved and were intrigued by her charm and captivating energy.
  • Charina Almanzar’s Dominican ancestry enhances Ice Spice. Ice Spice’s ethnicity shows in her manner and the viral dance video.
  • Charina Almanzar has supported Ice Spice throughout her music career. Since Ice Spice is the first of five children, her mother has supported her in the competitive hip-hop industry.
  • Charina Almanzar likes seclusion despite her online fame. To seem covert, she has not shared her Instagram account. Her seclusion is sought despite increased fan and media attention.

Charina Almanzar’s captivating dance moves are famous online. Ice Spice is her daughter. Dominicans influence Charina’s daughter’s personality. Ice spice mom’s and her rhythmic talents made her famous on August 17 when her dancing to Ice Spice’s “Deli” went viral. Beyond viral success, Charina Almanzar is vital to Ice Spice’s climb from the Bronx to Billboard. She helps her youngster transcend the viral video. Black and Dominican Charina helped build the Gaston family’s loving and diversified culture. To protect her privacy, Charina Almanzar maintains her Instagram account secret despite the attention. Despite Ice Spice’s success, her secret identity keeps her normal. Ice Spice’s mother offers a personal and culturally rich depth to the story, revealing the woman behind the dance that captured audiences worldwide and amplifying fan enthusiasm over the rising star’s succes.s

Isis Naija Gaston About

 Isis Naija Gaston

REAL NAME Isis Naija Gaston
DATE OF BIRTH January 1, 2000
AGE 23 Years
BIRTHPLACE The Bronx, New York, NY
ICE SPICE MOM & DAD Joseph Gaston

Charina Almanzar

NET WORTH $8 million

Ice Spice’s Parents Support Her Most.

Despite her rising prominence as a rapper, Spice never forgets her Bronx, NY, roots, where her parents reared her. Spice (actual name Isis Naija Gaston) was born on Jan. 1, 2000, to Dominican and Nigerian parents Charina Almanzar and Joseph Gaston. The oldest of five siblings, she is. In July, the “Munch” rapper told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that she’s “grateful” for her family’s benefits from fame. “At the end of the day, it opened doors for me,” they said. “It allowed me to help my family, help myself, and change my lifestyle for the better.” The spice seemed destined for rap success or renown. “I’ve been a diva since birth,” she joked in British GQ. My folks say so. I was the only newborn to eye-roll at them.” Spice also told The Cut in early 2023 that her parents were split. She also started living alone after living with her parents, the site reported. She said, “I’m just discovering a lot about myself — like I love to be alone.”

Ice Spice’s Mom

Isis Naija Gaston

Spice attributes her “bad b*tch-isms” to her mother, Almanzar. In October 2022, the rapper told Billboard, “My mom raised me to be a horrible b*tch. You already know Latina chicks are sassy. She always had her nails done, so I did too. She was always gorgeous. I was the classmate with the pretty mum.” Spice got her features from her mother. Both are nearly identical! Spice’s mom’s since-deleted video of herself lip-syncing and bopping to her daughter’s smash song “Deli.” went viral in August. This led social media users to find images of the similar mother-daughter combo and Spice’s mom’s accounts.

Spice told Teen Vogue she “always” wanted to perform as a child. She even wanted to attend a film or performing arts high school, but her parents said no. “I wasn’t allowed, for some reason,” she said. “I was mad salty about that for years.”

Since childhood, Spice’s mother has been one of her strongest supporters. Spice told Billboard that her mum would record her singing. “What’s funny is my mum sent me a video the other day — and I don’t even remember this, of course, because I was like four,” remarked. But I sing in the video. I was astonished to witness this footage for the first time.”

Dad of Ice Spice

Spice credits her dad, Gaston, for her rap career. “He definitely inspired me to want to record,” she told Paper Magazine this year. I recall being at his studio. I probably was a toddler. Flashes come to mind. Not every detail, but tiny things like those revealed to you so early, create an imprint. I subconsciously become an artist after seeing my father do so.”

Gaston was an underground rapper, but Spice says he’s a “private person.” Spice told Variety, “That’s not even his lifestyle anymore,” working in real estate. While growing up, he exposed Spice to local stars JAY-Z, 50 Cent, and Jadakiss. She told Paper, “He likes music. He’s a hip-hop fan beyond myself. He knows everything. He’s always teaching me hip-hop and stuff.”

Hip-hop is part of Spice’s early paternal memories. She told Elle in January he would “freestyle all the time in the house.” she said, “He would always be like, ‘Let me hear something,’ and put me on the spot.” Spice believes her dad would always support her as a rapper and beyond. Spice responded, “My father, he would always show up.” when British GQ asked who she’d contact first in danger.

Meet Ice Spice Mom: A Dominican diva named Charina Almanzar

Isis Naija Gaston

By origin, a Dominican, Charina Almanzar is not only a proud mother but also a graceful, lively woman. Her upbringing in the Dominican Republic, where she was born and reared, surely shaped Ice Spice’s multifaceted personality. Despite the internet’s insatiable interest in her following the viral dancing video, Charina has consistently shown her daughter love and support.

Ice Spice Mom’s Viral Moment

Ice Spice and her family are famous. A video of her dancing to Ice Spice’s song went viral on August 17, launching her career. Mama Spice captivated social media users, who sought out her profiles. Aside from showing a mother-daughter connection, the video raised questions regarding Ice Spice’s personal life.

Ice Spice Mom: A Supportive Mother

Charina Almanzar remained Ice Spice’s rock when the video went viral. Despite the obstacles of fame, Charina gives her daughter the stability and support she needs to flourish professionally. She achieves this by being grounded and helpful. Ice Spice has repeatedly said her parents influenced her artistic career. Even though her father introduced Josephina to hip-hop, Charina has always supported her artistic expression.

Early Life and Education Of Ice Spice Mom

The Bronx, New York’s Fordham Road, is the origin of Isis Naija Gaston. Born to Dominican Charina Almanzar and African-American underground rapper Joseph Gaston, Ice Spice’s multiracial upbringing has greatly influenced who she is. She was the eldest of five siblings, and since her parents divorced when she was only two, she spent a large portion of her early years with her grandparents and relatives. Ice Spice, who was impacted by well-known artists like Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim, turned to hip-hop for inspiration and comfort while overcoming the difficulties of a shattered home. After realizing that the regular classroom setting did not fit with her goals, she quit her second year at Catholic Sacred Heart High School in Yonkers, where she graduated in 2018.

Family Details Of Her Daughter

Isis Naija Gaston’s tale may resonate with many. Despite his rustic upbringing, Gaston’s musical and visual talents were obvious from an early age. From painting to sculpture to photography, her talents were limitless. Challenges in her artistic pursuits boosted her tenacity. Her father’s underground hip-hop career inspired her to pursue a career in the genre. Even if her father didn’t like her posture, her mother became a rock. Ice Spice’s work is shaped by her diverse family’s cultures and experiences.

Ice Spice’s Passion for Discovery

Isis Naija Gaston

Ice Spice’s story transcends music. She had an amazing self-discovery journey. Her future doubts led her to reflection, inquiry, and uncertainty. She connected with the camera naturally using this method. Ice Spice started photography to freeze emotions, convey tales, and capture memories. Studying, seminars, and working with pros improved her talents. The unusual perspective and honest emotions in her images rapidly attracted clients and photo sessions.

Net Worth and Business Ventures

Ice Spice’s Mom’s net worth is unclear. However, she may be worth $8 million by 2023. Her financial knowledge and entrepreneurial enthusiasm shine through when she negotiates with industry leaders. The music industry is difficult, yet she negotiates and contracts strategically with manager James Rosemond Jr. Ice Spice was independent with “Bikini Bottom” and “Munch,” released before signing with major labels. Her entrepreneurial ventures include CashApp giveaways and a $100,000 chain featuring a caricature of her face.


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The Family Dynamic

Being the eldest of five siblings, Ice Spice’s upbringing has greatly influenced her personality. Ice Spice is a multi-cultural hybrid, having grown up with an African-American father and a Dominican mother. She grew up in a close-knit family because she spent time with her grandparents and cousins after her parents separated when she was only two years old.


Charina Almanzar’s story begins with Ice Spice’s dance video. The Dominican Charina helped Bronx-born Ice Spice to Billboard popularity. Despite being young, the Gaston family’s viral success shows their diversified upbringing and tight family ties. Since the mysterious Charina Almanzar keeps her identity private, Ice Spice’s rise is personal and cultural. She discusses parenting and family love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ice Spice’s mom?

Ice Spice’s mother, Dominican Charina Almanzar, became viral after a video of her dancing to her daughter’s song.

What is Charina Almanzar’s cultural background?

Charina Almanzar’s Dominican ancestry enriches Ice Spice’s family’s culture.

When did Charina Almanzar’s dancing video go viral?

The viral Charina Almanzar dance video to Ice Spice’s “Deli” was uploaded on August 17.

How many kids does Charina Almanzar have?

Charina Almanzar, a close family member, raises Ice Spice and her four siblings.

What is Charina Almanzar’s role in Ice Spice’s life?

Charina Almanzar, Ice Spice’s supporting mother, helped her rise from the Bronx to Billboard stardom.

How does Charina Almanzar hide?

Despite the internet interest, Charina Almanzar keeps her Instagram account private.

Can I get additional Charina Almanzar information online?

Charina Almanzar’s minimal web profile may restrict her personal life details.

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