Layton Simon: The Real-Life Inspiration for Lamar Silas in BMF

Layton Simon: The Real-Life Inspiration for Lamar Silas in BMF

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January 24, 2024
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In short:

  1. Layton Simon, a former American drug dealer, is likely still alive as of the last available information.
  2. Simon’s tumultuous life, including his early involvement in Detroit’s drug trade, his rivalry with Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, and his subsequent transformation into a youth mentor and public speaker, is detailed in his biography.
  3. Simon’s story inspired the character Lamar Silas on the Starz series BMF, showcasing the complexities of his life and his journey from crime to community advocacy.

Layton Simon is a former American drug dealer who inspired the character of Lamar Silas on the hit Starz series BMF. While his current whereabouts are unknown, his storied history reveals a complex man.

In the ruthless drug game of 1980s Detroit, a larger-than-life figure emerged who would later inspire a hit TV series. Layton Simon carved his name in Motor City criminal infamy through drug dealing exploits. The former kingpin’s tales fueled urban lore and provided creative inspiration for the recent show BMF (Black Mafia Family).

Through the character Lamar Silas, based on Simon, the series brought this infamous dealer’s legacy to the airwaves. While dramatized, BMF draws from Simon’s real story of rise, rivalry, and redemption. To understand the man behind this TV chapter, one must delve deeper into his past, peak, downfall, and current restored status.

Layton Simon’s Bio

Category Detail
Full name Layton Simon
Birthdate Likely 1958
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan
Ethnicity African American
Siblings 1 brother (deceased)
Criminal activities Drug dealing, assault, theft
Incarcerations Unknown terms in prison
Current occupation Youth mentor, public speaker, clothing designer

Is Layton Simon Still Alive Or Not?

We searched the whole internet, but couldn’t find any information if he is alive or dead, as he has always been away from the spotlight and limelight for a long time. However, Some sources claim the silence of Layton Simon could mean he is dead. But we can only assume that the drug dealer is maintaining a private life and is away from the media.

Know About Her Early Life and Upbringing

Layton Simon’s

Layton Simon was likely born in 1958 in Detroit, Michigan. By his account, he had a difficult upbringing. At age 8, he defended his mother from two drug addicts with a shotgun. Though this gave him street confidence, it also led him down a turbulent path. When two drug addicts attacked Simon’s mother demanding money, the precocious youngster fetched a shotgun and threatened to shoot them if they did not stop. Though his mother halted any gun violence, Simon credits this incident with giving him the confidence required to survive Detroit’s dangers. It also marked his first arrest—at age 9—when police apprehended him for stealing hats during the 1967 riots. Still, the die was cast on Simon’s adversarial outlook toward law enforcement and eventual embrace of criminality.

Descent Into Drug Dealing

Simon entered Detroit’s drug trade at 14 under kingpin Harold Stinson. Within a year, he had enough money to purchase a car in cash. As Simon moved up the ranks, he battled other dealers for territory.

Biggest Beef Was With the Flenory Brothers

Simon reserved particular contempt for Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory. After the murder of Simon’s brother, Meech taunted Simon about it. In retaliation, Simon shot Meech 18 times, grazing his cheek once. Though rivals, Simon respected that Meech never squealed to the cops.

Life After the Streets

Layton Simon’s

Following his ultimate release from prison, Simon has walked an admirable path over the decades since his criminal glory days. Now around 66 years old, he firmly denounces the drug game that once enriched him while ravaging Detroit communities. Determined to counter his prior harm, he mentors wayward youth to show alternatives beyond crime or violence.

As part of grassroots outreach initiatives, Simon regularly speaks at schools and events, conveying hard-learned wisdom through his redemption journey. He spotlights the importance of education and training marketable skills to escape cycles of desperation. Alongside these efforts, Simon also launched his clothing line called Made In Plain. While funding his activism, the venture allows Simon to achieve legitimate business success after dealing.

Through noble pursuits uplifting his community, Simon has constructively evolved since waging bloody 1990s drug wars. His transformation epitomizes how even destroying angels can resurrect through reform.

Layton Simon’s Net Worth

Layton Simon’s

Estimating Simon’s current net worth proves difficult, given his shadowy past and lack of financial transparency. At the peak of his narcotics empire, he likely held millions in cash and assets later forfeited upon capture. Years spent incarcerated and subsequent entry into modest legitimate enterprise certainly depleted reserves. While providing some income, his small apparel business fuels community service—not luxury living. Ultimately, Simon seems driven by a righteous legacy over a rich livelihood.


In the journey from notorious kingpin to dedicated community advocate, Layton Simon exemplifies the possibility of redemption. His efforts to deter youth from crime reveal maturity gained from mistakes made. While pop culture dwells on Simon’s past misdeeds, perhaps we should also recognize the positive impact he now strives to achieve. His transformation delivers hope that anyone may overcome hardship through perseverance and growth.


  • How old was Simon when he entered the drug trade?

Simon began dealing drugs at age 14 under the tutelage of Harold Stinson.

  • Who did Simon shoot 18 times?

Simon shot rival dealer Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory 18 times, grazing his cheek once.

  • What does Simon do now?

Simon mentors Detroit youth, speaks about education and crime prevention, and runs a clothing line called Made In Plain.

  • What inspired the Lamar Silas character?

The show character of Lamar Silas took inspiration from Simon’s real-life involvement in Detroit’s drug trade and beef with Big Meech.

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