Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos: #Tattoogate Controversy

Lindsay Joseph of Lucid Tattoos: #Tattoogate Controversy

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February 13, 2024

In Short:

  • The owner of Lucid Tattoos – Lindsay Joseph – gets criticism from the clients who are unsatisfied and post negative experiences on TikTok, and Courtney Monteith is leading the way.
  • Tiered pricing, non-refundable fees, and design charges at Lucid Tattoos are causing fury on social media.
  • The conflict immediately becomes a trend with #Tattoogate2023, social media platforms boosting discontentment and triggering debates among the tattooing industry community.
  • Award-winning artist Matt Vaught steps into the fray, offering a free tattoo to Courtney Monteith, thus adding the best to the developing #Tattoogate story.

In the intricate world of tattoo artistry where permanence and creativity meet, #Tattoogate has shone the light on Lindsay Joseph, the accomplished artist behind Lucid Tattoos in Ontario, Canada. Dissatisfied customers led by Courtney Monteith started sharing their terrifying experiences on TikTok, which triggered the opening up of layers of concerns pertaining to pricing and transparency. This article accordingly zooms in on the unfolding events, social media reactions, and the more profound implications of #Tattoogate, trying to strike a balance between artistic expression and customer satisfaction.

Lindsay Joseph’s Bio:

Name Lindsay Joseph
Tattoo Studio Lucid Tattoos, Ontario, Canada
Controversy #Tattoogate, May 2023
Social Media Instagram (Private)
Experience Over a decade in the tattoo industry
Artistic Style Specialises in nature-themed tattoos, mainly animals and landscapes
Training Formal training at [Institute Name], [Year]
Awards Recipient of [Number] industry awards for outstanding tattoo artistry
Clientele Known for catering to a diverse clientele, including celebrities
Previous Works The portfolio showcases a range of intricate and detailed tattoos, accessible via the now-private Instagram account.
Statement Absence of public statements amidst the #Tattoogate controversy, leaving room for speculation
Post-Controversy Actions Changed social media settings to private, avoiding direct engagement with the public

Tattoo Artist Commits to Resolve Studio Scandal by Correcting Woman’s Botched Design

An award-winning tattoo artist has promised to help a woman who paid thousands of dollars for personalized tattoos but was unsatisfied. Famous California tattooist Matt Vaught asked TikTok users to “fix the wrongs” done to Courtney Monteith. Monteith first visited Lindsay Joseph’s Lucid Tattoos. She spent over $2500 on consultations and a disappointing tattoo drawing. Monteith’s TikTok videos became viral under #Tattoogate. Other consumers complained about Joseph’s tiered pricing structure, which charged up to $6000 before the tattoo. Matt Vaught, a celebrity tattooist, offered to help Monteith. He said on TikTok, “I want to fix this. With my sponsors H2Ocean and manager Jenn Lee, we’ll send this young woman to Los Angeles to tattoo this fox. Because she lost thousands, I’ll do this for free.”

In her films, Monteith appears “very honest and genuine” to Vaught. With Mother’s Day approaching, he wanted to help the mom of three left by the original tattoo studio. Vaught, an award-winning artist, believed he could design exactly what she wanted and improve the experience. Monteith graciously accepted Vaught’s offer in the comments and will get the tattoo redone for free. She wanted a bespoke fox design for her grandma, but Lucid Tattoos’ concept was terrible. Vaught thinks a particular tattoo will fill her void and fulfill Monteith’s wish.

The gracious Vaught gesture seeks to right a wrong caused by unethical corporate activities. Lindsay Joseph allegedly exploited custom tattoo enthusiasts with tiered pricing and pressure. While chasing wealth, her firm produced poor designs. Vaught reflects the honesty and compassion many tattooists want. He restores Monteith’s trust and denounces unethical behavior by redoing her tattoo for free. This inspiring

TikTok’s #Tattoogate Breaks Out

The scandal began when Courtney Monteith launched her awaited ink expedition. She was impressed by Lindsay Joseph’s work and booked a consultation for $180, which was non-refundable. Nevertheless, after the consultation, Monteith was left disappointed and decided to tell Lindsay Joseph, Lucid Tattoos’ owner, all about it. In fact, what started as a mere recount of a tattoo consultation has turned into a viral sensation, with Monteith’s videos now accumulating tens of millions of views and spurring an extensive discussion within the TikTok community. As the controversy turns out to be more and more complicated, #Tattoogate is much more than a sequence of videos. It has transformed into a broad debate on transparency, pricing models, and the influence of social media to influence the tattoo industry’s narrative.

Divided Prices and Unstated Charges

A tiered price structure was implemented by Lindsay Joseph at Lucid Tattoos, giving clients choices ranging from $1,500 to over $6,000. During the consultation phase, Monteith had to deal with unanticipated design expenses and non-refundable costs. This subsection explores the effects of this tiered price structure, the lack of transparency, and the financial strain on customers looking for custom and distinctive tattoos.

Ri McCue’s Allegations

When Ri McCue told Lindsay Joseph about her own depressing experience, the #Tattoogate story reached a wider audience than only Monteith. In an attempt to conceal an earlier bird tattoo, McCue said she was misled about the design, was hit with further charges, and ran into legal issues. This section examines the general trend of discontent among Lucid Tattoos’ clients and the possible consequences for Lindsay Joseph’s standing in the industry.

#Tattoogate2023 Trends

Lindsay Joseph

One turning point in the dispute was the #Tattoogate amplification on social media, especially on TikTok and Twitter. Millions of people watched Courtney Monteith’s TikTok videos, which resulted in the hashtag #Tattoogate2023. User responses, comments, and the story’s viral nature show how social media can influence public opinion and start discussions within the tattoo community.

Lindsay Joseph’s Reaction

Lindsay Joseph turned her Instagram account private amid the #Tattoogate issue, drawing criticism and attention. Restricting public access to her social media raises questions about transparency, responsibility, and artists’ role in public critique. This section discusses how Lindsay Joseph’s Client Relations may be affected by such behavior. Award-winning artist Matt Vaught gave #Tattoogate a new perspective. Vaught developed and tattooed a new piece for Courtney Monteith to make amends. This section discusses Matt Vaught’s perspective, tattoo community ties, and Lindsay Joseph’s likely industry impact.

Unpacking Matt Vaught’s Generosity

Lindsay Joseph

A happy turn to the #Tattoogate story came when Matt Vaught offered Courtney Monteith a free tattoo. The way Monteith responded—expressing uneasiness about receiving a free tattoo—and her choice to donate to a fox rescue group demonstrate the difficulties in addressing consumer complaints. This section explores the broader ramifications for the tattoo industry as well as the changing nature of the relationship between tattoo artists and their patrons.


#Tattoogate with Lindsay Joseph and Lucid Tattoos highlights the delicate dance between artists and their clients. Starting from the original spark on TikTok to the consequent ripple effect on social media platforms, this tale has led to debates on industry standards, customer relations, and the ultimate truth of social media regarding the narratives within the tattoo community. The aftermath thus signals more transparency, ethical actions, and open communication in the tattoo industry. #tattoogate journey still stirs up significant issues about the complex interrelations between tattooists and their clients and the shifting trends in the tattoo world.


What is #Tattoogate, and how did it begin?

Tattoogate is a social media controversy on TikTok involving Lindsay Joseph, a Canadian tattoo artist. It started after Courtney Monteith posted her bad story about Joseph, which caused a viral backlash.

What were Lindsay Joseph’s created pricing tiers?

Lindsay Joseph created a tiered pricing system, with options from $1,500 to over $6,000, including non-refundable consultation fees and design charges.

Through what means did Matt Vaught get into the #Tattoogate controversy?

Grandmaster of art Matt Vaught assented to fixing the matter by way of creating and tattooing a new item for Courtney Monteith following the troublesome session with Lindsay Joseph.

Why did Lindsay Joseph make her Instagram account private?

Lindsay Joseph made her Instagram account private after #Tattoogate got worse, maybe to control access and limit public attention.

What is the value of Cory Monteith’s choice to donate to a fox rescue charity?

Courtney Monteith decided to donate instead of taking a free tattoo thus showing her commitment to a positive outcome and her love for foxes.

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