Matt Riddle’s Leaked Video Discussion and Speculation

Matt Riddle’s Leaked Video Discussion and Speculation

Written by Mark Williams, In Celeb, Published On
February 28, 2024

In Short:

  • The WWE Superstar, Matt Riddle, is under public scrutiny after a personal video done with his wife, Misha Montana, appeared on the internet.
  • At first, the vulgar material was released to Twitter through the profile of the NSFW pro-wrestling, and it was spread all over the internet very quickly.
  • In the since-deleted tweet, Riddle’s ex-girlfriend Daniella Petrow requested a closer monitoring of the actor’s behavior. She appears to have been facing the same situation for a long time.

Even though Riddle was well-known in the WWE and UFC, his career had its share of highs and lows, as well as successes and setbacks. He was, for instance, kicked out of the UFC following a positive drug test. With the release of this violent film, fans have raised contentious concerns regarding Riddle’s personal and professional life, the place of public personalities in the internet age, and the potential effects on the sports entertainment sector. This article explores the storyline, the responses from fans, Daniella Petrow’s response as the ex-partner, and the fallout for the King of Bros, who had his film leaked online.

Matt Riddle’s Bio

Matt Riddle

Born January 14, 1986 (age 38)
Birthplace Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Spouse Lisa Rennie (m. 2011; div. 2022)
Children 4
Ring Name(s) Matt Riddle, Matthew Riddle, Riddle
Billed Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Billed Weight 216 lb (98 kg)
Billed From Las Vegas, Nevada
Debut February 7, 2015
Martial Arts Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Years Active 2008–2014

Details of the Leaked Video

The video in question shows Riddle and his wife, Misha Montana, engaging in an intimate act. While the original video will not be linked here, Riddle’s identifiable tattoos confirm it is him. The footage first appeared on a Twitter account posting adult wrestling content, but despite the account owner deleting it shortly after, the video quickly spread across social media. The timing makes the leak even more problematic for Riddle, soon after he and Montana announced they are expecting their first child later this year. Rather than focus on the joy of impending fatherhood, Riddle is now forced to deal with this latest scandal instead.

Initial Reactions from Riddle’s Ex

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle’s ex-wife, Daniella Petrow, has been vocal about his past controversies. Upon learning of the leak, Petrow tweeted that she wasn’t surprised and called out Riddle’s current wife, Misha, to “get your dog on a tighter leash.” Petrow also made sure to tag Triple H, WWE, and news site Ringside News to draw maximum attention to her reaction. She soon deleted the tweet but followed up by saying Riddle should not have recorded the video or shown it to anyone in the first place. Petrow placed the responsibility for the leak squarely on Riddle himself.

Backlash from Fans Online

Fans took little time to pick up on the news and react online. Many questioned why Riddle still has a job with WWE while former superstar Mandy Rose was released over her adult content. Fans slammed the “double standard,” complaining that Rose was punished simply for having an OnlyFans account while Riddle has now been part of multiple scandals without losing his prominent on-screen role.

Other fans expressed disgust at seeing the graphic content after it circulated on Twitter and other platforms. Several called out the apparent hypocrisy within WWE around male versus female talent scandals.

Evidence Riddle Knew About the Leak

Shortly after the initial outrage, screenshots emerged allegedly showing Riddle being messaged the video directly. His response asks, “Where did you get this?”. When informed that the video had spread rapidly across Twitter, Riddle was notified there was a second explicit video.

The screenshots suggest Riddle was caught unaware by the leak at first. If he was not responsible for recording and releasing the videos, it raises questions over who accessed the sensitive content and why. Riddle has enough controversial history already without unauthorized sex tapes circulating on top of past allegations.

Not Part of Raw Broadcast

Matt Riddle

In a likely related development, Matt Riddle was kept off WWE’s flagship Raw television broadcast in the days following the leak. However, Riddle did take part in the web series Raw Talk after the show. His absence from Raw indicates backstage officials may have deemed it prudent to keep Riddle away from live TV while the scandal was at its height. Nonetheless, WWE stopping short of suspending Riddle shows some support amidst the latest controversy.

Comparisons with Lars Sullivan’s Situation

The video leak has invoked memories of previous scandals within WWE, including the situation surrounding wrestler Lars Sullivan in 2019. Like Riddle, explicit videos of Sullivan emerged online without his consent. In Sullivan’s case, he was also fined $100,000 by WWE for hateful online comments made years prior. However, unlike Riddle, Sullivan disappeared from WWE programming for an extended period following the controversies coming to light.

Riddle avoiding a similar punishment suggests WWE officials have adopted more of a “wait and see” approach for now. With his wrestling career riding on the outcome, a lot still depends on whether new details emerge that significantly compound the issue for Riddle and WWE’s PR team.

Note: We will not be sharing the leaked video featuring Matt Riddle and Misha Montana with the public. We would like to start with situation analysis, fan reactions, and industry implications, bearing in mind the violation of privacy. Readers are asked to interact with the article, mindful of its explicit nature and implications. The content may be deemed too graphic for certain viewers.


Matt Riddle’s leaked adult video has caused embarrassment for all parties involved and reopened debates over alleged double standards in WWE. While Riddle himself is likely facing intense personal stress, the company also seems keen to avoid rush decisions despite the latest scandal. For now, Riddle remains a prominent on-screen character, but between outraged fans and uncomfortable company executives, the situation appears far from resolved. Until more facts come to light, the cloud hanging over the former MMA fighter’s head seems unlikely to pass quickly.


How did Matt Riddle’s leaked video end up on the internet?

A Twitter account specializing in NSFW pro wrestling content first posted the video. The video was able to circulate across other platforms due to its digital footprint, even after it was removed.

How did Daniella Petrow react to the video leak?

Daniella Petrow said Misha Montana should put a “tighter leash” on Matt Riddle’s actions, but she wasn’t overly surprised by the leak. She tagged Triple H, WWE, and Ringside News in the tweet, which she subsequently removed.

Did fans respond in any way to the leaked footage?

Fans used social media to voice their concerns, calling attention to what they saw as WWE’s apparent double standards and discussing the difficulties in maintaining a public persona in the social media era.

What was Matt Riddle’s reaction, according to reports, when he watched the leaked video?

Screenshots purporting to show Matt Riddle asking the sender where they obtained the video were posted. The response said that other purported videos were going around, and the video was quite popular on Twitter.

Did Matt Riddle’s WWE appearances suffer due to the leaked video?

Matt Riddle was not present on RAW, the main WWE program, the week of the leak. The absence raises concerns regarding possible backstage ramifications and WWE’s handling of the incident.

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