A Resurfaced True Crime: Menendez Brothers Now

A Resurfaced True Crime: Menendez Brothers Now

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February 12, 2024

In Shorts: 

  • Erik Menendez writes about the PTSD he suffered as a result of his father’s sexual assault in a letter he wrote to his cousin.
  • Jose Menendez is accused of drugging and repeatedly raping a former member of the Menudo band.
  • The Menendez brothers claim that the victims had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after years of sexual assault.

The horrific murders of Jose and Kitty Menendez have once again come to light in the disturbing world of true crime, adding another chapter to the Menendez family story. The piece delves into the chilling events of that terrible night, the trials that followed for their sons, and the new findings that have brought this notorious case back into the spotlight.

Menendez Brothers Tale

Cuban-born accomplished business executive José Enrique Menéndez founded his entertainment firm to support his family. After having her first son, Joseph Lyle Menéndez, Kitty stopped teaching and became a stay-at-home parent. After Erik was born two years later, the family moved from NYC to a lovely Gloucester, NJ suburb. Both brothers attended Princeton Day School, a private coed.

Lyle and Erik attended Beverly Hills High School when José’s job led them there in 1986. Erik had mediocre grades but was rated 44th in the nation among under-18 athletes. Lyle returned to the East Coast to attend Princeton University but was suspended for plagiarism, the only offence either guy made before the killings.

Killing José and Kitty Menéndez

Menendez Brothers Tale

José and Kitty were watching a movie in the den of their Beverly Hills estate in August 1989 when Lyle and Erik entered with firearms. The lads fired. Six shots hit José, including a back-of-the-head shot. Kitty survived nine bullets. She was found lying in the hallway with a blood trail, suggesting she tried to escape as Lyle reloaded his weapon in his car. He returned and shot her in the side of the face, killing her.

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The youngsters expected police to respond to gunfire, but they never did. The brothers got in the car and prepared their alibi. They bought movie tickets and threw away their firearms, bloodied clothes, and expended shotgun rounds after driving to the cinema. After arriving home around midnight, Lyle contacted 911 and wailed that his parents had been murdered.

When the cops came, Lyle and Erik gave them a big story about wanting to see License to Kill, but the queue was too long; instead they watched Batman. Then, they stated they attended Santa Monica’s annual “Taste of L.A.” event. When they went home, they were shocked to discover their parents slain by a mob or cartel hit. Both had the kneecap shot. Police offered condolences and let the lads leave since they had no reason to believe otherwise.

Aug. 20, 1989: A Dark Night

Horror struck the Menendez home in Beverly Hills, where the family had formerly been deeply involved in the music business thanks to Jose Menendez’s time at RCA Records. Kitty and Jose, who had formerly served as COOs of RCA Records, were brutally murdered in their living room after being shot numerous times with shotguns. For a while, police thought the murder scene was a mafia hit because of how horrific it was. Upon coming home with his 18-year-old brother Erik, Lyle Menendez, 21, frantically called 911 to report the finding of his murdered parents.

Prosecutions, Verdicts, and Mazes of Law

People started to suspect the Menendez brothers because of their post-murder financial dealings. In 1993, the dramatic courtroom trials of Lyle and Erik, which were shown nationally on television, had separate juries trying the two men together. They said Jose had a history of sexually abusing them in their previous trial when they pled self-defence. After two jury panels reached a stalemate, the trial came to a close. The second trial took place in March 1996 before a single jury without television cameras present, and the defendants were found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Sentenced to life without parole, the two brothers were handed down in a row.

How Menendez and Menudo Are Related?

Menendez Brothers Tale
credit-ABC News

Working with the boy band Menudo was one of Jose Menendez’s earlier endeavors in the music industry. Roy Roselló, a member of Menudo, presented disturbing claims of sexual assault against Jose Menendez and Edgardo Diaz, the founder of Menudo. In 1983, when Menudo signed with RCA, Roselló claimed that Jose Menendez molested her. These links were exposed in the Peacock series “Menendez + Menudo: Boys Betrayed,” which introduced shocking facts.

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Current Incarceration Rates and Release Expectations

In light of fresh information, including Roselló’s accusations, the Menendez brothers’ legal team may investigate possible release options. But getting out of prison requires navigating complex legal processes, such as petitioning for a fresh trial and enduring court review. Lyle and Erik Menendez are still in prison at this time; inquiries into the accusations made by Roselló and the Menendez convictions are still ongoing.

The Notorious Influence of Lyle and Erik Menendez: A Critical Analysis

In 1996, the names of Lyle and Erik Menendez entered the shadowy history books of criminality. Jose and Mary (Kitty) Menendez’s horrific murder rocked the country and sparked conversations that people are still talking about today. This blog explores the horrific circumstances of the Menendez brothers’ horrific crime, their subsequent trial, and their present location.

The Horror Offense

The Menendez family lived lavishly in Beverly Hills, California, and their seemingly flawless exterior belied their hidden, sinister past. Entering their mansion armed with shotguns, the brothers carried out a well-plotted murder on the night of August 20, 1989. Gunshot wounds caused their terrible deaths; Jose was shot six times in the face and Kitty 10 times. The crime’s severity is horrifying.

Lyle and Erik didn’t take the evasive route that most thieves use. The police officers that showed up pretended to have been at a Santa Monica Civic Auditorium event, seeing a Batman film or the “Taste of L.A.” festival, in order to evade responsibility for the killings. This laid the groundwork for a crime that would be solved at a later date.

Unveiling the Depths of the Mind

Menendez Brothers Tale
credit-ABC News

Beyond its horrific crime, the Menendez case explores the intricate interaction of motives, abuse, and family relationships at the psychological level. The prosecution’s depiction of avarice and the defence’s case of survival collide to create a story that goes beyond the boundaries of a courtroom.

A Variety of Views on the Menendez Effect

True crime buffs, psychiatrists, and law school professors have all been profoundly affected by the Menendez brothers’ narrative. Justice, mental health, and the blurry boundary between victim and offender are some of the issues brought up by the controversy concerning the motivation and the subsequent life sentences.

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The Future: What’s in Store?

The fate of Erik and Lyle Menendez’s case remains an open issue while they serve out their life sentences. When asked about the possibility of a reevaluation in light of fresh information or changes in public opinion, legal professionals provide their opinions. What happens next in the Menendez brothers’ story is still up in the air. Prison terms might be overturned due to fresh evidence, according to the Menendez brothers’ lawyers.

Court papers submitted on Wednesday show that the attorneys for Erik and Lyle Menendez, who are serving life sentences for the 1989 murder of their parents, are presenting fresh information that may lead to the overturning of those sentences. In their high-profile trials, the Menendez brothers acknowledged murdering Jose and Kitty, but they claimed self-defence since their father had beaten them their whole lives. According to the habeas petition, Erik wrote to his cousin eight months before his death about his father’s maltreatment. Roy Rossello, a Menudo member, alleges Jose Menendez raped him, backing the defence. A Los Angeles County District Attorney’s representative is reviewing the request. Since the defence didn’t submit the letter or Rossello’s testimony during the previous trials, they want either a new trial to present the new evidence or a conviction to overturn the sentence.

Note: the Menendez brothers’ tale is horrific in American criminal history. Their arrest, conviction, and prison sentence show human nature and the aftermath of a horrific night. Given the Menendez brothers’ legacy, crime’s long-term impacts on people, families, and society are discussed.


Thanks to fresh information and renewed interest, the Menendez killings continue to captivate true crime enthusiasts. The events of August 20, 1989, continue to plague the public psyche as the Menendez brothers explore possible avenues for release and legal maneuverings play out.

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