Questions to ask your doctor after knee replacement

Questions to ask your doctor after knee replacement

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February 25, 2022

Knee replacement surgery helps people whose knees have degenerated due to osteoarthritis or post-traumatic arthritis when an injury has damaged the knee.

Knee replacement surgery is also like other major surgical procedures with a long recovery period after the surgery. Patients cannot completely eliminate, but you can take some steps to shorten its duration.

Questions to ask your doctor after knee replacement

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Here are some lists of questions that you can ask your doctor after knee replacement surgery.

  • How much should I walk after a knee replacement surgery?

Once you have recovered from the surgery, you should be able to walk normally with minimal pain or no pain at all. During the early stage of recovery, it is recommended to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day, and walk for 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day.

After some days, you will likely be able to return to your normal activities, and it is essential to take your time during the recovery process. It is also essential to complete all the required physiotherapy and wait until your knee is fully revoked before doing all the things you used to do before the knee replacement surgery.

Before returning to any activities, ensure to get ok from your doctor or physiotherapist.

  • When can I drive?

Before you take your car, it is essential to talk with your surgeon about when you can resume driving. Don’t drive a car before your first follow-up appointment with your surgeon.

It is also recommended not to drive while taking pain medication as it can impair your judgment and ability to operate the car safely.

At least six weeks after surgery, you should not use your surgical leg to operate machinery.

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  • When can I resume sexual activity?

You can resume sexual activity when you are ready, and a firm mattress is recommended. For the first six weeks after surgery, you have to be the passive partner and use the missionary or less dominant positions.

  • When can I return to work?

In the initial period after the surgery, it is recommended to avoid performing your regular activities like operating machinery and other activities requiring using your surgical leg. During your first follow-up appointment, you can ask your surgeon.

  • A follow-up appointment with the surgeon

You can call your surgeon for a surgery follow-up appointment when you do not already have one or if you have any questions or concerns.

  • How soon can you take a bath or shower?

After the surgery, you will be going home with a waterproof dressing covering your incision. If the edges are not peeling back, it is recommended to shower with this dressing.

If there is no waterproof dressing but still has sutures, stitches, you have to cover your incision with plastic to keep it dry while taking a shower. To take a shower, you can use a tub or shower chair in the bathtub and comfort until you can become more able to move around.

You can ask your surgeon when your incision can get wet and take a shower when you feel confident to do so.

Tips to speed up recovery after knee surgery

If you have undergone knee surgery, the following tips will help you to speed up your recovery process.

  • Follow the physician’s recommendations

It is essential to hear all of your surgeon’s instructions and advice. The surgeons will always know what recovery looks like and requires getting well soon.

When your surgeon prescribes medication, recommends rest, or has other instructions, you must follow everything as prescribed. If you fail to perform what they said, you might experience adverse effects that prolong the recovery process beyond the initial time frame.

Also can negatively impact the long-term result of your surgery when to avoid medications and do not take proper rest.

  • Walk frequently once you are allowed

After a few weeks, you will be cleared to put weight on your leg and walk, so at that time, you have to go for a walk several times a day. Performing physical activities will help to improve circulation, which will minimize swelling.

Walking will also ensure the tissue in the knee gets all the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Even a little movement will positively impact your repaired knee, and some short walks will enhance the circulation to make a difference, and you will be moving your legs even if you use a cane or walker.

  • Eat healthy foods and get plenty of sleep

Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious items are especially essential to get recover from surgery.

During the recovery time, your body needs minerals and vegetables, and the way to get them is naturally through wholesome foods that are good for you.

It is found that many restorations and strengthening happen during sleep, and they have established that it helps with physical recovery. Plenty of sleep after surgery benefits your body in many ways.

Summing it up

The recovery time after the knee replacement surgery is quite long. Consulting and asking the questions mentioned above to your doctor after surgery will be very helpful for you in your recovery period.

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