Samsung Galaxy J7: A perfect budget-friendly mobile phone

Samsung Galaxy J7: A perfect budget-friendly mobile phone

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February 7, 2024

When it comes to budget-friendly, then you must remember the Samsung Galaxy J7 because it is one of the most basic and budget-friendly products made by Samsung. There are no modern technological features incorporated into it. Still, if you want a mobile phone that does all the bare minimum and essential work, then the Samsung Galaxy J7 can be your choice. It offers a wide range of features and fulfils all the essential requirements of a mobile phone.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7

Specifications Details
Manufacturer SAMSUNG
Price $229.99
Colour White
Weight 10.1 ounces
Dimension 0.3 x 5.99 x 3.1inches
OS Android 5.1
Wireless communication Cellular
Display technology LED, AMOLED
Human interface type Touchscreen
Camera Front & back
Memory 16GB
Connectivity 3.5mm jack and USB port
Screen display size 5.5inches
Battery 4000 milliamps hours
Wireless carrier T mobile
Warranty One year

Design and Built Quality of Samsung Galaxy J7

The design of the Samsung Galaxy J7 is identical to all of the mobile phones being operated in 2015. At the time of its creation, the J7 had one of the latest technology and the design is gold aluminium back along with the white plastic trim. It is not that top class and just barely covers the back. On the exterior frontal display, you can see the fingerprint sensor along with the app switcher and back button in the lower portion. The display is not edge-to-edge but rather a screen covered with white trim from the four sides. Along with that, there is a micro USB port which is not USB-C Type. The 5.5-inch screen does not display the HD version, yet the 1080p LCD makes it a standard-quality display.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 has a good minimal built quality, which means that you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched or broken while suffering a blow because they are sturdy and well-built.

Display of Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7

The Samsung Galaxy J7 has a standard quality display, with the screen having a reproduction rate of 105.4 per cent of the sRGB colour spectrum. It emphasises the colour display and makes the image more vibrant, crisp, and soothing. The colour display is guaranteed by Delta-E rating, which suggests that it is 0.30, and this is comparable to several other phones of the same time.

In terms of brightness, the J7 dwindles a bit, which reaches an average of about 433 nits. The display is not HD quality or ultra-bright. It just fluctuates at full brightness, but overall, it offers a formidable array of colours and brightness.

Camera of the Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7

The Samsung Galaxy J7 has a 13-megapixel rear camera which captures solid colors along with a good arrangement of brightness. The autofocus also enables it to adjust the focus on itself with a measurable contrast. The sharp and vibrant images have good, vivid colours and perfect brightening effects. In low light, however, the pictures may differ considerably as the image lacks details and colour.

The 8-megapixel selfie camera is not a huge win as it just barely displays the original colours, and the quality could be better, which makes the person in the selfie mode look dull and without life. The beauty filter is also there, but it makes the facial features worse, so it’s not a good choice.

Performance of the Samsung Galaxy J7

The battery persists for a maximum of eight hours, which is not that long. Along with that, the software included is Samsung’s very own TouchWiz UI with a version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. With this software, you can do several functions as it always runs atop the display, which is you can customise your icons, notification shade, and menu customisation. Along with that, you can choose a theme from the theme selector, and there is a smart manager that enables you to clean storage and perform with greater efficiency.

Pros and cons of The Samsung Galaxy J7

Pros Cons
Affordable Front Camera
Good display Battery life is short
Perfect performance Normal call quality
Dual-band Wi-Fi along with NFC
Replaceable parts of the phone

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy J7?

Yes, you can if you have a phone that gives you the minimum features at a low price. It has a good built quality along with efficient working scenario, but the camera and other advanced features are not that modified, so if you are into a full HD Screen display or a top-notch modern phone, then this cannot be your choice. Other than that, it is a good product.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy J7 has a capable design and performance. The sound quality and picture quality are balanced, and if you want a product at a minimal price that gives you a bare minimum of what a modern phone can do, then you can opt for this mobile phone.


Q: Can you save your Samsung Galaxy J7 charging when it gets low?

Yes, with the help of power saving mode and ultra power sound, you can save your charging. These features allow you to enable specific functions that are necessary for the phone and disable excessive battery-consuming apps.

Q: What are the connectivity options in the Samsung Galaxy J7?

The Samsung Galaxy J7 offers dual-band Wi-Fi along with NFC support. Along with that, there are cellular Wi-Fi connectivity options. Bluetooth is there, and you can connect the phone through a 3.5mm micro USB Port.

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