Sasha Obama’s Education: A Journey Marked by Resilience and Growth

Sasha Obama’s Education: A Journey Marked by Resilience and Growth

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February 13, 2024

In Short:

  • Sasha Obama (born June 10, 2001) is the younger daughter of Barack Obama, the former U.S. President, and Michelle Obama.
  • Coming from Chicago, Sasha attended the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and became the youngest resident of the White House when she moved there in 2008.
  • In high school at Sidwell Friends School, she was really good at sports, especially basketball, and people were surprised when she chose the University of Michigan for her college.
  • Sasha graduated with a sociology degree from the University of Southern California in May 2023, which is another step in her life after leaving the White House.

Being the younger daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama spent the majority of her childhood and teenage years being raised in the public eye. Despite the much media focus and criticism that comes with being a member of the first family, Sasha has effortlessly sailed her academic career with grace and maturity. The article will take us through her educational life from primary to university graduation, looking at the schools she went to, the activities she was involved in, and the challenges she faced. A table summarising the central biographical facts is added as well, as well as the FAQ and the conclusion, which praises her impressive academic achievements.

Sasha Obama’s Bio

Birth Name Natasha Marian Obama
Date of Birth June 10, 2001
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States
Parents Barack Obama (Father), Michelle Obama (Mother)
Siblings Malia Obama (Older Sister)
Early Education University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
High School Sidwell Friends School, Washington, D.C.
Notable Activities Piano, Tennis, Gymnastics, Tap Dance, Competitive Swimmer, Basketball Player
University University of Michigan (2019-2022)
Degree Sociology (University of Southern California, 2023)
Post-Graduation Continuing public engagements, Marking milestones with the Obama family
Interests Music, TikTok, Demonstrations against police brutality
Graduation Date May 12, 2023

Early Childhood Education in Chicago

Sasha Obama

Sasha Obama was born in Chicago on June 10, 2001. Both her parents were successful Chicago natives forging careers in law and public service, with her father serving as an Illinois state senator at the time of her birth. Sasha spent her early childhood years living a relatively normal life in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighbourhood. She attended the renowned University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, an elite private school affiliated with the University of Chicago. There, she engaged in activities like piano, tennis, gymnastics, and tap dance lessons outside of a rigorous academic curriculum. This early education provided a strong foundation for the intellectual curiosity and well-rounded interests she continued to develop later on.

Adjusting to Life as a First Daughter

Sasha Obama

Sasha’s world was completely upended when she was just seven years old, and her father was elected the 44th President of the United States in November 2008. As the Obamas prepared to move into the White House, Sasha became the youngest resident at the presidential mansion since John F. Kennedy, Jr. Navigating a massive transition from her Chicago life to Washington, D.C., Sasha started 3rd grade at the prestigious Sidwell Friends School several weeks after her father’s inauguration in January 2009.

The private Quaker school had educated children of countless prominent political leaders, including Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore. Despite immense public curiosity, the Obama family carefully shielded Sasha from media scrutiny as much as possible. Under the watchful eye of the Secret Service, code-named “Rosebud,” Sasha adjusted to a peculiar childhood marked by both normal rites of passage as well as the pomp and circumstance of state dinners and diplomatic trips abroad.

Excelling Academically and Socially at Sidwell Friends

By all accounts, Sasha thrived both academically and socially during her 5th through 12th grade years at Sidwell Friends School. She embraced extracurricular activities ranging from basketball and tennis to dance performances and student government. Former First Lady Michelle Obama has especially praised Sidwell for prioritising both academic excellence and empathy, crediting the Quaker school for instilling the values of “courage, empathy, and hard work” in her daughters.

Sasha herself has shared glimpses into Sidwell school traditions on social media, like donning elaborate attire for Senior Thesis presentations. She also served as a senior class representative. By the time she graduated high school in June 2019, Sasha had undoubtedly built strong friendships and forged her own identity as a scholar and young community leader.

Pursuing Higher Education in Michigan

Breaking from her older sister Malia’s choice to attend Harvard University, Sasha took an unconventional route after high school by enrolling at the esteemed University of Michigan. She started classes in Ann Arbor during the Fall 2019 semester, selecting a new environment apart from the watchful bubble of Washington insider politics. While specific details about her studies are unknown, Sasha was likely able to explore her academic interests through the diverse course offerings of a large 40,000+ student university.

However, she spent her second year of studies remotely at home due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted many college students’ plans nationwide. Despite these newfound challenges as an underclassman, Sasha showcased maturity and adaptability, shifting to online learning while finding new ways to connect with peers virtually.

Transferring to the University of Southern California

Sasha Obama

In fall 2022, Sasha transferred to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles for her junior year studies. This surprise move actually situated Sasha near older sister Malia, who had already been working in the entertainment industry following her own 2021 graduation from Harvard. Now on the West Coast and at another highly selective university, Sasha continued her studies as a sociology major. She occasionally made headlines attending concerts or NBA games with Malia but largely avoided the paparazzi spotlight. Remaining focused on academics, Sasha took advantage of USC’s real-world course offerings related to societal inequities, diversity issues, and community engagement – topics closely aligned with her family’s ongoing public service mission.

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Southern California

Sasha’s journey of pursuing higher education for nearly four years came to an end in May 2023 when she graduated from USC with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. The Obamas reunited to proudly attend her graduation ceremony, which was one of the few occasions where Sasha made a public appearance since leaving the White House. At 21 and a college graduate, she thought about the struggles she had gone through and the priceless lessons that she had learned during her academic journey, which took place in Chicago, Washington D.C, Ann Arbor, and Los Angeles. Besides of deepening her intellectual curiosity and leadership skills, Sasha’s educational path demanded resilience, humility, and the self-confidence to adapt to new environments outside her comfort zone. Those formative experiences will definitely mould her character as well as the future career she pursues after her post-grad life outside the public sphere.


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Sasha Obama has navigated an unconventional educational journey shaped profoundly by her family’s high-profile status on the public stage. From attending elite private schools to finding her path through higher education, Sasha demonstrated remarkable resilience and personal growth in the face of outside scrutiny few other Presidents’ children have experienced. She carved out diverse academic interests, from the humanities to the social sciences, while participating in extracurricular activities that built leadership abilities to complement her studies.

While much of her college years were spent privately out of the media glare, Sasha maintained a sense of poise and self-confidence, which are characteristics of the Obama family values instilled from an early age. Having successfully earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California, her plans remain unclear – but Sasha now appears well-equipped to pursue diverse career paths or postgraduate opportunities of her choosing.


Where did Sasha Obama attend elementary school?

She attended the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools for kindergarten through 4th grade while living in the Hyde Park area of Chicago.

What was the name of the prestigious private high school Sasha attended?

She attended Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., for grades 5-12.

What college did Sasha initially attend for her first year?

She enrolled at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for her first two years of college following high school graduation in 2019.

When did Sasha transfer to the University of Southern California?

Sasha transferred to USC ahead of her junior year in Fall 2022 to be closer to her older sister, Malia.

What was Sasha’s college major?

She completed her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Southern California in 2023.

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