Top 5 Poetry Book Publishing Websites in New Zealand

Top 5 Poetry Book Publishing Websites in New Zealand

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May 14, 2024

Hello rhymester.

You have prepared heart-touching verses and are now seeking a platform to publish your soulful poetry. Relax; we have a list of poetry publishing websites for you.

Every poet has their distinctive taste and style of poetry. The same goes for publishing websites. Different publishing houses have their unique standards and styles. If you are new to poetry writing and have no idea about the publishing procedure, keep scrolling because this blog will take you nearer to publishing.

For your guidance and assistance, below, we have mentioned some reputable publishing websites that will help you submit your poetry and make it reach a larger audience. It’s better to submit your work to multiple publishing houses to maximize the chance of acceptance. Let’s begin with the details of the top publisher that will help you in your publishing.

Top Websites That Offers Poetry Publication Services

Let’s start exploring all those reputable websites that are famous for publishing poetry by well-known poetry book publishers.

British Book Publishing is one of the leading publication houses in New Zealand. They are famous for publishing poetry books and literature, history, politics, arts, and many others. These reputable service providers have a record of publishing poetry for big-name poets. They are open to accepting book proposals. You can contact them via email or by visiting their website, They will ask you about the table of contents, author information, your target market, and the platform where you desire to publish your book.

Here’s another independent publication house in New Zealand. They are famous for publishing poetry books, fiction books, and children’s literature. Their primary focus is on the publication of poetry books. You can browse their catalogue to ensure what services they offer and if they fit your poetry well. Contact them using the information on their website and send a PDF sample of your book. They will guide you through the submission process.


Gulf Publishers is a big name. They focus on high-quality poetry books. This prestigious publishing house mainly caters to New Zealand publishers. They have an excellent record of publishing famous poetry, which helps their clients reach a maximum audience. You can contact them through the information they have provided on their website and in your manuscript. Don’t forget to attach a cover letter, brief bio, previous publications (if any), and a synopsis of your poetry collection. After receiving your request, one of their team members will contact you to discuss further.

This is another publishing house that works to discover talented New Zealand poets. Its purpose is to offer a platform for poets and authors to expand their country’s literature worldwide. If you are new to the field of poetry publishing, then this website will surely help you out in the best possible ways.

All you have to do is send a short biography of the author and a copy of your poetry. You can keep checking their submission deadlines because they are mostly crowded with orders. Contact them by mail, and they will assist you further with the guidelines.

This well-known website has been serving for a decade now. It expresses poetry and art from New Zealand to the rest of the world and publishes art, essays, short stories, and other books. Its motive is to promote authors, poetry, and artists.

We recommend that you read their guidelines before submitting your book. Then, contact them through their mail and ask for their deadlines and criteria.

Elements To Consider Before Submitting

Below are a few reasons to consider before making your final submission. Let’s see what these crucial factors are.

Platform For Publishing

The first thing you need to decide is your platform. Think about the platform where you desire to publish your book. There are different platforms. You can research your preferred platform or ask the publication house to help you choose the right one.


Your book formatting matters the most. Make sure you have correctly edited your book before submitting it. These websites offer formatting services as well. If you think your book requires professional editing, don’t hesitate to ask them for formatting services.

Book Design

A book is always judged by its cover, so don’t get deceived by any famous saying that states never judge a book by the cover. If your book cover design is appealing,  excite the audience excited to read it. Design an astonishing book cover, or hire a professional to help you.

Grammatical Errors

Make your book free from every kind of error. A book that contains grammatical mistakes is not considered an ideal book. Readers who struggle to read a book because of grammar will choose not to read. It would be best to ask these service providers for Poetry Publishing in NZ to proofread your book before publication.

Let Us Wrap

We know that the publishing field has become diverse. You can have numerous publishers to submit your work. However, searching for a reputable publishing house is essential before submitting. You can ask the publication house to provide you with their previous work samples, making it easier to determine if your poetry fits the publication house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I publish my poetry book on my own?

Most of the writers opt for self-publishing as it is a cost-effective approach. However, self-publishing can be difficult if you don’t have much knowledge about the self-publishing process. However, when you decide to self-publish, you have all the power over your publication.

How do you publish poetry online?

To publish your poetry online, opt for self-publishing platforms. Many platforms allow writers to self-publish free of cost—for instance, Smashwords, Lulu, Amazon, and Kindle Direct Publishing. The author needs to consider all the platform’s crucial guidelines before uploading.

How do I send my poetry to a reputable publisher?

Before sending your manuscript, read the guidelines carefully.

  1. Read journals, residency applications, and magazines.
  2. Most of the journals ask for a cover letter.
  3. Keep a record of your submission.

Best of luck with your poetry publishing procedure.

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