Top 7 Online educational Apps for High School Students 2022

Top 7 Online educational Apps for High School Students 2022

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January 1, 2022
Last modified on January 11th, 2022

In life today, where all of the education has mostly shifted to online platforms, demand for educational apps is on the rise. Technology has now made it easier for the focused to be more focused with various educational apps that can be accessed through cell phones as well as computers. The apps provide courses for different fields, study materials, informative quizzes, flashcards, and even mock tests so that the students can study as well as assess themselves before exams. In this article below, we are going to list some educational apps that have proven to be the best guides for high school students so far and will be in high demand in 2022.

Top 7 Online educational Apps for High School Students 2022

  • Learn Next

Learn Next

It is a very engaging and amazing self-learning app that offers anywhere and anytime learning for k-12 students. This app fosters students to learn a lot more through the video lessons designed by experts, unlimited practice papers, experiments, self-assessment questionnaires with detailed answers with real-life examples, and a lot more covering all kinds of subjects and even offers courses for NEET/JEE and other such competitive exam aspirants. They also provide anytime doubt clearing facilities with detailed answers.

  • Brainly


A Polish education technology company that has a network of tutors that provide detailed explanations on all grade-level topics and subjects. Quick access to detailed answers and explanations, assessment papers, and study materials are readily available at all times. It also has a panel of people who help in in-depth doubt clearing anytime and anywhere. And with 350 million-plus students, finding answers to any question is a trivial thing. This app also provides courses on different fields and their certification carries value.

  • Unacademy


An e-learning platform available in multiple languages and a repository of knowledge. The app visions to partner with great minds and provide students with the best of knowledge who would in turn be the light for a brighter future. They are equipped with various courses on all kinds of subjects with proper certification. They have excellent mentors who can help the students in every aspect to achieve their goals. Courses for high school students, JEE/NEET aspirants, and other such exams are also available.

  • Vedantu


It’s an India-based online education platform spread over 50 countries and has millions of students who are seeking extra help in their studies. This app provides courses and study materials for high school students and also students appearing for NEET, JEE, NDA, NTSE, and KVPY, etc. With is the feature of any time problem-solving, it has proven to be the student’s favorite. Free topic explanation videos, question papers with solutions, regular assessments are also available. The contents are available in various languages to make it accessible to students worldwide.

  • Byju’s


This app was launched in 2015 to make learning fun for students. It offers learning programs for students in primary as well as secondary classes and also other courses like JEE, NEET, IAS, GRE, and GMAT. It has hundreds of engaging videos on every lesson and provides an analysis of every student’s performance to help them improve in their field of study. Courses are provided in multiple languages so as to make it available to students all over the land. It also provides in-depth solutions for any problem or question.

  • Khan Academy


It is an America-based educational organization (non-profit), founded in 2008 by SaI Khan. The goal was to create a set of tools on the web to help educate students in the best way possible. This app includes study materials and videos in several languages and even practice papers for self-assessment, flashcards for revision, etc. Courses for all classes as well as other examinations like NEET, JEE, and others are available.

  • Udemy


It’s one of the best educational apps for students to learn a bit more about everything. With 130,000 and more video tutorials on courses ranging from several academic subjects to business and technology to the development of personal skills. The doubt clearing feature of the app keeps its demand high. With all of the assessment and progress analysis, this app ends up becoming a best friend to the students who are really serious about their studies.

The Bottom Line

Programmers are continuously hunting for new techniques to help pupils learn more effectively. High school students are often teens who face several distractions at this stage of their life. There are several apps available to assist you in living a better life. Organizing your daily routines, learning and improving your communication skills, and overcoming oversleeping and being late for lessons and other school activities may all help you succeed.

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