What Happened to Candy Montgomery

What Happened to Candy Montgomery

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February 17, 2024

In Short:

  • Candy Montgomery’s perfect-sounding suburban life went down the road with an affair. She began a secret affair with Allan Gore, a friend from her Wylie, Texas community.
  • The affair, initially meant to be only a physical one, was turned into a complicated emotional relationship, which finally led to the breaking down of Candy’s marriage and sad events.
  • Candy exposed the world to a more brutal side with her murder of her friend Betty Gore in 1980, claiming self-defence and sparking an uncertain trial that ended in her acquittal.
  • Candy’s life after the trial was directed towards recovering normality, leaving Texas with her husband, and settling in Georgia, where she works as a mental health counsellor.

In 1980, Texas housewife Candy Montgomery stood trial for the brutal murder of her lover’s wife, Betty Gore. Despite chopping Betty over 40 times with an axe in a gruesome killing, Candy was controversially acquitted on the grounds of self-defence. In the aftermath of the shocking crime, Candy expressed a simple desire: to put the trauma behind her and regain normalcy. This article traces Candy’s curious path over the four decades since the trial, posing the question: Could this now-notorious figure truly attain the ordinary life she coveted?

Candy Montgomery Bio Table

Aspect Details
Birth Year 1949
Move to Wylie, TX 1977
Affair with Allan 1978-1979
Betty’s Murder June 13, 1980
Trial and Acquittal October 1980
Current Residence Georgia
Occupation Mental Health Counselor

The Immediate Aftermath: Hostility and Exile from Wylie

In the weeks following Candy’s acquittal, Wylie residents made their outrage clear: hate mail and death threats poured into the Montgomery household. The persistent hostility from neighbours and scrutiny from curious eyes prompted Candy and her husband Pat to make a life-altering decision – they would uproot entirely from their Texas suburb. While Candy had boldly told reporters she hoped to resume her regular routine after the trial, judgmental attitudes in Wylie would necessitate starting over somewhere new.

Seeking Obscurity in Small-Town Georgia

Candy Montgomery
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With her limited media exposure pattern, Candy’s exact whereabouts in the first years post-trial remain unclear. But around 1985, she surfaced in rural Georgia, having found work as a church secretary. Likely assuming an alias, Candy feared the discovery of her true identity. Even amidst the remote countryside, she was too high-profile. Within a year, Candy moved on in search of a community where she could blend in and gain distance from her crime.

The Midwest Years and Career Change

Candy and Pat reportedly lived discreetly in the Midwest throughout the late 1980s and 1990s – perhaps in Minnesota or Illinois. During this stable period, Candy returned to school to become a psychologist. By 2000, she had resumed using her real name and built a counselling practice – an astonishing transition facilitating her from notoriety into anonymity. As a therapist, Candy possessed the nearly unimaginable power to guide others through personal trauma without divulging her horrific past.

Violent Dreams: Lingering Psychological Torment

In a rare 1993 interview, Candy confessed that peace of mind remained elusive over a decade since her crime. Her relationship with Pat suffered strain; after waking from Candy punching him violently in her sleep, Pat discovered remnants of psychological trauma from the murder. Candy admitted to visions of the killing, unsure each time whether she was holding the axe as killer or victim. Citing a “plan” from God, she found purpose in helping troubled women – her counselling was both an act of atonement and a form of self-treatment.

Parallel Lives, Tragic Ends: Allan Gore in the Lone Star State

Candy Montgomery

While Candy quietly built her Midwestern life, parallel existence continued back in Texas for ex-lover Allan Gore. Remaining near Dallas, Allan focused on raising his daughters and upholding his late wife Betty’s memory through continued church involvement. But the echo of scandal persisted there; for Wylie locals, Allan invoked instant recollection of the shocking murder. In 2006, Allan Gore died suddenly of cardiac arrest at 58 – a reminder of the interconnected lives indelibly marked by the original crime.

Candy Today: Mental Health Advocate in Georgia


Now age 73, details remain sparse on Candy’s current lifestyle, as she still avoids the limelight. After several moves, she settled in Georgia but has yet to return to call Texas home. Candy is believed to be retired, residing with a female roommate rather than husband Pat (sources suggest the Montgomerys eventually divorced). While not revisiting the past directly, Candy volunteers actively with women’s mental health organisations – perhaps finding a new purpose as a cautionary tale and support system for others still overcoming trauma.

Note: The matter tackles delicate issues such as affairs and murder. The evidence is derived from accessible sources; different individuals may have other opinions. The case leaves room for speculation on the legal system best for dissociative defences. Besides that, the HBO Max series “Love & Death” is also suggested to have a more detailed investigation.


Despite acres and alias changes over 42 years, Candy Montgomery’s story feels unresolved. While she avoided prison, social exile and haunted memory proved to be Candy’s true sentence. Any hopes for a routine suburban existence were dashed by a breach of trust of epic proportions: her cardinal violations as wife, neighbour, and lover. Today, Candy remains in the shadows – keeping darkness and distance from her crime while finding some atonement through counselling broken women. Hers is a cautionary tale of intimacy gone heartbreakingly awry – and a permanent derailment from ordinary life by shocking violence. For Candy Montgomery, normalcy remains as elusive as her early dream of “fireworks” with lover Allan Gore. Obscurity is now the convicted but free woman’s reality, unlikely the quiet denouement she once envisioned.


Was Candy Montgomery legally responsible for Betty’s death?

No, the process of Candy Montgomery’s acquittal for the murder of Betty was widely controversial. She claimed self-defence under the circumstance of a dissociative state.

Which factors could be considered as the cause of the affair between Candy and Allan falling?

Finally, Allan and Betty’s choice to reconcile and the connection that Allan feels for Candy lead to the termination of the affair.

Where is Candace Montgomery now?

Candy Montgomery, now living in Georgia and working as a mental health counsellor, is my next interviewee.

Where was Candy and Pat Montgomery’s relationship after the trial?

Media accounts hint that the marriage of Candy and Pat Montgomery did not last for long after the trial, though it is possible that they separated eventually.

What terms did Candy and Allan agree upon for their encounter?

Candy and Allan decided that their respective spouses should never have a clue about their secret love affair, and they have sworn not to fall in love with each other.

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