The True Story of  Candy Wheeler Show

The True Story of  Candy Wheeler Show

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February 28, 2024

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  • Crime shows, especially real ones, grab viewers’ interest.  Despite their horror, crime dramas are based on genuine incidents, making them more sympathetic. Due to its secrets, crime programs are gaining popularity. Candy on Hulu is making waves. It follows Candy Wheeler 42 years after killing her lover’s widow.
  • Although acquitted, one murder has left the public feeling unsatisfied. Betty Gore’s murder leaves many doubts, regardless of viewership. Questions include why someone attacks another with an axe 41 times in self-defense.

Crime shows, especially real ones, grab viewers’ interest. Despite their horror, crime dramas are based on genuine incidents, making them more sympathetic. Due to its secrets, crime programs are gaining popularity. Candy on Hulu is making waves. It follows Candy Wheeler 42 years after killing her lover’s widow. Although acquitted, one murder has left the public feeling unsatisfied. Betty Gore’s murder leaves many doubts, regardless of viewership. Questions include why someone attacks another with an axe 41 times in self-defense.

True Crime Series Candy Wheeler on Hulu

Candy is an American biographical crime drama called Candy: A Death in Texas. The Hulu miniseries is by Nick Antosca and Robin Veith. The five-episode series recounts Candy Montgomery’s Betty Gore murder. Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery in Candy, and Melanie Lynskey plays the slain Betty Gore. Like its real-life counterpart, candy occurs in a 1980 suburban Wylie, Texas. On May 9, 2022, the miniseries began and ended on May 13, 2022. Crime drama fans will like this binge-worthy miniseries.

Candy Wheeler—where is she now?

Candy Wheeler
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Candy reportedly performed an errand at Betty’s house in Wylie, Texas, on June 13, 1980. Betty confronted Candy about cheating on Allan while there. Parade said that Candy met Allan on December 12, 1978, despite being married with two children. It lasted months until he ended it. Candy admitted the adultery, and Betty pulled an ax. Candy hit her 41 times with the hefty instrument as the situation worsened. Allan requested a neighbor to check on Betty when he couldn’t reach her on a business trip. She was found dead. Candy was acquitted of murder on October 29, 1980. At trial, she claimed self-defense. She was hypnotized by psychiatrist Dr. Fred Fason, who found a “dissociative reaction” when Betty instructed her to “push,” a childhood trauma trigger. Candy didn’t know how many times she axed Betty.

She was acquitted of murder by a jury of three men and nine women. Candy went to Georgia with her husband, Pat, from Wylie. The couple split, publications said. Candy lives in the south under her maiden name, Wheeler. She may also be a mental health counselor or therapist.

what happened to Candy Wheeler?

Candy Wheeler
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Candy Montgomery—what happened? Candy Wheeler, also called Candice Wheeler, was suspected of killing her close friend Betty Gore in Wylie, Texas, on June 13, 1980, after an adulterous romance with Allan Gore. Candy, who lived near the Gores with her husband, Pat Montgomery, and their two children, met middle school teacher Betty at a United Methodist Church of Lucas service in Collin County, Texas, and became fast friends. Texas Monthly said that Candy confessed to murder under hypnosis with psychiatrist Dr. Fred Fason. She testified that she visited Betty to buy a bikini for Alisa, Betty’s daughter, who was residing with Candy and her husband. When Betty asks Candy about her romance with Allan at her house, Candy confesses but says it happened a “long time ago.

Candy said that Betty left the room and returned with an ax, threatening Candy never to see Allan again, which Candy consented to. Candy apologized to Betty as she picked up Alisa’s bikini, which she said made Betty upset and pushed her into a utility room. Candy said she and Betty fought for a long time, cutting her toe and head. She said Betty informed her she intended “to kill” her. Candy said she took Betty’s ax and used it on her in self-defense before her pal could assault her again. Candy attempted to leave the room in fear of killing Betty, but Betty stopped her by shoving her body against the door.

Candy said she had childhood trauma prompted by being instructed to “shush” during her hypnosis session. Betty’s death occurred while Allan was away. When he couldn’t call his wife, he asked neighbors to check on her. After forcing their way into the residence, they found Betty’s corpse and Bethany, Betty and Allan’s 1-year-old daughter, wailing and awake in her crib in another room. Authorities found a three-foot ax beside Betty that Candy allegedly used to slice her 41 times, including 28 times on her head and face.

Betty surrendered to police after the murder and was given a $100,000 bail, according to Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Candy was acquitted of murder in October 1980 after an eight-day trial in which the defense claimed self-defense and the prosecution claimed Betty was conscious during most of the stabs, that her death was intentional, and that she showered in Betty’s bathroom afterward. At trial, psychiatrists said Candy had a “dissociative reaction” to stabbing Betty repeatedly. Texas’ “Stand Your Ground” statute allows the use of deadly force to prevent violent crimes like Betty’s threats against Candy. Candy Wheeler was acquitted of self-defense. A jury acquitted her of murder on October 29, 1980. She never went to prison.

Now, where is Candy Wheeler?

Now, where is Candy Wheeler? Candy and Pat went to Georgia following the 1980 trial, according to Texas Monthly. They divorced four years later. According to Entertainment Weekly, candy returned to her maiden name, Candace Wheeler, and works as a mental health counselor in Georgia with her daughter, Jenny. Bil told Entertainment Weekly in 2022 that she tried to contact Candy’s representative to see if “she was interested in having any conversation whatsoever.” “She was not interested,” Biel added. Biel spoke to Candy’s attorney, Robert Udashen, one of her two lawyers, who was a “huge resource of information” for her role.

Jessica Biel In Candy Wheeler Show

Candy Wheeler
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Biel expressed why she liked Candy and Betty’s defense. “For 90% of their lives, they lived these very normal, suburban lives, and then boom, this crazy thing happens,” she remarked. “She had to be beloved and likable and nice and kind and someone you can get behind, and then after this crazy thing happens, I still want you to be behind her weirdly,” she adds. Of Betty, Lynskey said, “I just felt like I knew her, and parts of me were parts of her.” She said, “You’re living in this feeling, and it can sometimes feel slightly repetitive, but that’s what depression feels like.”

Olsen explains to The Hollywood Reporter why they didn’t contact their source material. “I knew she didn’t want that,” says Olsen. I admire someone who draws such a firm line after such a major story and never gives an interview. She hasn’t been interviewed since the trial except for Evidence of Love. I understand why people seek secrecy and privacy, even though the show avoids it.” According to director Leslie Linka Glatter, HBO changed Candy’s appearance. Olsen recalls, “She didn’t want my hair permed because she thought it would be distracting.” “I felt free just from Lesli’s choice of trying to tell the heart of this story, not a documentary version.”

Glatter said, “If she had been playing a character from the public zeitgeist, like Marcia Clark or Jackie Kennedy, you must be as realistically real as possible. However, Candy was unknown. We chose to do something suitable to the moment, not just a version. We stuck to the courtroom wardrobe—they discovered Candy’s wacky jacket. But not wearing a wig and focusing on it was a choice.” Olsen wanted to faithfully recount her tale, even though it differed from Hulu’s. “Something awful happened, and we don’t want to minimize it. I suppose the exercise is: How can we communicate someone’s tale while understanding how their life leads to that moment? And understand why someone decides where we would ordinarily judge without seeing the show.” According to Vanity Fair, Olsen dug back to magazine correspondents from the late 1970s and early 1980s to find Candy’s idols. “We tried to understand the type of pressure and perfectionism that could lead her to [the killing],” says Olsen. Candy constantly sought to improve herself.

According to her, it was difficult not to think about Hillary Clinton then since she had ambitions beyond being a wife, mother, and caretaker. Candy’s perm mugshot made me think of Hillary when choosing a hairdo. Due to hair loss, people don’t always have perms for two years. We have to create a [hair] history before the moment.”

Evidence of Love: A Suburban Passion and Death Story

John Bloom and Jim Atkinson’s 2018 book Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs discusses Candy Montgomery. The true-crime bestseller, which inspired Hulu’s Candy series, investigates Betty Gore, a Wylie, Texas, middle school teacher who was murdered by her closest friend, Candy Montgomery, on June 13, 1980. Sugar Montgomery and Betty Gore performed together in the Methodist church choir, their girls were best friends, and their husbands worked for computer businesses in Silicon Prairie, north Dallas. According to the publisher, both ladies struggled with unsaid disappointments and unfulfilled goals despite their seemingly ideal lifestyles. The book includes compelling details of Montgomery’s murder trial and unique interviews with Gore and Montgomery’s families. Kirkus Reviews calls the book a nail-biter that will “fascinate true crime fans.”


  1. What is the Candy Wheeler show’s origin?

Hulu’s criminal drama miniseries, “Candy: A Death in Texas,” stars Candy Wheeler. Candy Montgomery, who was acquitted of murdering her lover’s wife Betty Gore 42 years later, is the protagonist. The series uncovers the case’s riddles and the public’s questions.

  1. Which Candy: A Death in Texas actors are most notable?

Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery, and Melanie Lynskey plays Betty Gore in the Hulu drama. Nick Antosca and Robin Veith conceived the show.

  1. When did Candy Wheeler premiere? How many episodes?

The miniseries aired from May 9-13, 2022. Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore’s murder are covered in five episodes.

  1. What led to Candy Montgomery’s murder of Betty Gore?

After an affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore, Candy Montgomery was suspected of murdering her friend Betty Gore in Wylie, Texas, on June 13, 1980. Candy hit Betty 41 times with an ax during a fight at her residence. Candy claimed self-defense and was cleared of murder on October 29, 1980, following an eight-day trial.

  1. Where is Candy Wheeler?

Candace Wheeler, formerly Candy Montgomery, and her husband Pat went to Georgia after the trial. They divorced four years later, and Candy is a Georgia mental health counselor. She lives with Jenny, her daughter.

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