Brilliant Techniques for Simple MBOX to PST Transfer with Attachments

Brilliant Techniques for Simple MBOX to PST Transfer with Attachments

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January 18, 2024

Are you attempting to convert a PST file from an MBOX? Read on for a step-by-step manual approach to manually converting MBOX files to PST file formats at no cost.

The most popular mailing services available today are email programs like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Netscape, Entourage, SeaMonkey, etc. To save emails locally, each of these apps creates or supports an MBOX file.

Now, let’s look at how to export an MBOX file in PST format.

Three Free MBOX to PST Conversion Methods in Detail

To manually export MBOX files into PST format, there are several ways to do it. Let’s examine each one in turn:

Method 1: Use Dragging and Dropping to Convert MBOX to PST Freely

  • Save emails from MBOX as EML files.
  • EML files were dropped into Microsoft Outlook using drag and drop.
  • Emails from MBOX can be exported to a PST file.

Let’s examine each step individually:

  • First, save MBOX emails on your desktop.
  • Launch the email client program Thunderbird. Any folder can be right-clicked, then select “New Folder.” I’m choosing the “Inbox” folder right now.
  • To create a “new folder” beneath Inbox, enter any name. For instance, for emails, Click the “Create Folder” icon.
  • To transfer all of the emails to the newly established “Emails Messages” folder, select them all.
  • All of the chosen emails will then be transferred to the “Emails Messages” folder. View the screenshot that is below.
  • Once every email has been chosen, right-click to save it.
  • The desktop folder will be where all EML files are kept.
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Step 2: In Microsoft Outlook, Drag and Drop Files.

Locate and open the EML file storage folder. Drag all of the emails into the Microsoft Outlook folder by selecting them all. EML files can be imported into Outlook in this manner.

Export MBOX emails to a PST file in step three.

The last step in the procedure is to convert these EML files to PST format.

  • In Outlook, choose File>> Open & Export >> Import/Export to export emails.
  • Select “Export to a file,” then click “Next.”
  • After choosing the “Outlook data file (.pst)” option, press “Next.”
  • Once you are searching for the location where you saved the “EML” file, select “Next.”
  • Click the “Finish” button after choosing a place for the new Outlook PST file.
  • In this manner, we have exported Outlook emails into PST files.

By following the procedures above, we have now successfully converted MBOX files into PST format.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method:

  1. Platform-Dependent Approach: MBOX to PST-Free Conversion needs at least one email program to function or be implemented. Therefore, without an email program, it isn’t easy to use such a technique.
  2. Elevated Danger of Email Data Loss: There’s a considerable danger of losing data while moving emails across applications. Furthermore, there are a few hazards associated with altering email program settings, which might cause the application to run more slowly.
  3. Not a Straightforward Method for Converting MBOX to PST: This manual approach requires using Apple Mail, Eudora, Outlook Express, and Microsoft Outlook one at a time. The MBOX conversion method is ineffective if any of these programs are unavailable.

Method 3: Use a Professional GainTools MBOX to PST Converter to Convert MBOX to PST

One of the best ways to access MBOX data in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and older versions without having to worry about losing any data is to use the GainTools MBOX to PST Converter. Email programs that support MBOX files can be identified using MBOX to PST software.

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Furthermore, an MBOX converter can readily handle an MBOX file from any email client, including Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Mutt Mail, etc. With only a few clicks, the completely independent program converts MBOX to PST files in an easy manner.

How to Convert MBOX to PST Files with GainTools

  • Execute the GainTools MBOX to PST Converter.

  • To add the MBOX file, click Add File.
  • See an overview of every MBOX email.

  • Select PST as the format for saving.
  • Initiate the procedure by clicking the export button.

To convert your MBOX files into PST format, just follow these simple steps. This clever utility can divide PST files and create distinct PSTs for different MBOX files. You will have the free version of the tool after downloading it. You can convert a few emails per folder from the MBOX files by using this free version for a trial. Then, if you’re happy, choose the full version.

An Overview of PST Files and Everything MBOX

  • Text files with particular formatting for email messages are what MBOX files, also known as mailbox files, are basically. Email correspondence is stored in this File in a concatenated manner, which means that each message is held following the previous one.
  • These files were formerly exclusively compatible with UNIX servers, but today, they are supported by some desktop email programs, including Chaos Intellect, Spicebird Mail, and Mutt Mail. This file format, with the extension .mbox, is kept in the spot where an email program automatically saves its files.
  • Microsoft Outlook uses the Personal Storage Table (PST) file format to store data from personal folders. Emails, calendars, contacts, and other Outlook objects can be saved as copies of these files, which are in an open proprietary format.
  • Thus, to migrate data in Microsoft Outlook, source files must be converted to PST format.
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User-Based Case Studies for MBOX to PST File Format Conversion

The situations that follow will demonstrate the reasons behind the MBOX conversion:

Scenario 1: “I use my computer to mail things using Apple Mail. But I want to give one of my friends, who has Outlook installed on his computer, access to my emails. So that I can use Apple Mail with Microsoft Outlook, I’m looking for the easiest technique to convert an MBOX file into PST format. Could someone please provide a similar strategy?

Commonly Asked Questions

Give a quick explanation of the free MBOX to PST conversion process.

Here’s a free method for converting MBOX files to PST:

  • First, make a backup of the MBOX files.
  • For a free conversion, choose Method 1 or Method 2.
  • Follow the instructions in the techniques to complete the MBOX file’s stages.
  • At the conclusion, you will receive a PST file.

How can I open my Outlook PST file?

The procedure is quite easy to follow:

  • To convert MBOX to PST, use the GainTools Application.
  • Select File after opening Outlook.
  • After choosing Open & Export, choose Import/Export.
  • Select Import from a different file or application.
  • The Outlook data file (.pst) should be selected.
  • Examine the PST file you received following the conversion.
  • Complete the Outlook procedure.

In Finalization,

Converting MBOX files to PST can be accomplished by automatic methods as well as manual (free) methods. Users can choose a free method if they don’t need any data at all and are willing to lose it. If not, the appropriate action is to utilize the GainTools  MBOX to PST converter, which makes it simple for people to convert MBOX files.

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