Mati Marroni: From Viral Burger Video to Social Media Star

Mati Marroni: From Viral Burger Video to Social Media Star

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March 28, 2024

They were born in Houston, Texas, USA, in 2002. She is famous all over the internet and on social media. Mati shared a video of herself eating a Whataburger burger, which went viral. The best thing about her was her bare breast. The video quickly made her the cover girl of Forbes magazine. Mati got many fans online after becoming famous, which meant she had to deal with a lot of attention. Soon after she started twerking and putting out NSFW pictures, people began to criticize her. People thought she was a sex worker because of these actions and quickly spread rumours that she sold explicit Snapchat material.

Mati Marroni Profile Details

Full Name Mati Marroni
Gender Female
Known As Mati
Age 22 Years (2024)
Birth Date 18 January 2002
Birthplace Houston, Texas, United States
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Leo
Profession TikTok Star, Instagram Influencer
Qualification Graduate
Height 5’8″ (feet), 1.76784 (m)
Weight 56 kg
Father Not Revealed Yet
Mother Not Revealed Yet
Siblings Not Revealed Yet
Marital Status Unmarried
Relationship Status Single
Affairs Not Disclosed
Net Worth 2024 $1M

What does Mati Marroni do?

Mati Marroni is famous on social media and the internet. She is from Houston, Texas, USA. Her fame grew fast after she posted a video of herself eating a burger. The video, on the other hand, was mostly about her chest. Her Instagram pictures and videos are viral, so she has a lot of people who follow her online. Even though not many people like her, she is a brilliant woman. It is something she is aware of that women are objectified everywhere. So, she plans to change how she sees things.

Teenage years and formative years

She was born in the US in 2002 and is 21 years old. She believes that she is Caucasian and she is still an American citizen. She also believes in Christianity. There are few details about Marroni’s parents, brothers, and early years on record. No one can know anything about her private life or her schoolwork. Besides that, she is a high school student. It was found that she came from a middle-class family when her past was looked into. Besides her close family, no one else knows what she thinks about the choices she has made in her work.

Knowing a lot about a subject


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Mati Marroni became well-known after sharing naked pictures on Instagram. The video of Marroni devouring a burger became the first of many videos that went viral about her. She became even more famous after she joined the “Only Fans” group. People who were members could watch her movies and talk to her in real-time. Mati said in her talk that she would try to make the world a better place. In a YouTube video, she said she had no idea that a short film would make her famous.

As soon as the brave girl became very famous on Instagram, her fans made fan sites, and other people started selling things under her name. In the same interview, she talked about her happiness with her fame, even though it had some harmful effects. The author says she can travel and meet people she never thought she’d be able to at this point in her life. When asked about the bad things about fame, the 18-year-old said she felt no regret. Marroni thinks you won’t be sorry if you decide to make money on social media.

How is the relationship going?

From what I can tell from her social media pages, she’s probably been with many guys. In her conversation, she did dispel this myth, though. She says she’s not married and doesn’t have a partner. Also, he has never been with someone for a long time.

Height, Weight, and Appearance

Mati Marroni has dark brown eyes and light blonde hair. She weighs about 62 kg (136 lbs) and is about 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches) tall.

Mati knows a lot about running a business

The business owner’s father taught her everything about running a business. I have a business spirit because I have seen my dad work all these years and love what I do. Marroni told Disrupt in an interview that she wanted to use her fame to inspire and change many people’s lives. She thinks that helping others has power and hopes to use her authority.

The Rise of Mati at a Burger Joint

Marroni first caught people’s attention on social media when she was only sixteen. She shared a video of herself eating a messy hamburger, which immediately went viral. In an interview with Barstools Sports in 2022, Mati said she best liked the Whataburgers from the Texas-based chain.

I thought twice about posting it, but when I did, it quickly got out of hand, and all of a sudden, my life changed,” she said, remembering the time of the surge. As my fan group grew, it became clear that I had accidentally created my cult. She added, “It’s so strange to think that an 8-second video of me eating a hamburger changed my life for the better.

After the video went viral, Mati received many messages, fans, and offers to be an endorser. In an interview with Disrupt magazine, she talked about how much she loves having honest conversations and funny exchanges with her friends and followers. She also ensures they show what she thinks and who she is.

Many people like my honest personality and sense of fun and often write me notes. I won’t change who I am or how I act just to fit in with other people. After that, Marroni worked slowly but steadily to build a fan base and a good name as a model. As she did different things, she kept working as a model for Instagram. At the same time, she started to feel safe posting explicit content on Twitter, which is what led her to Only Fans.

Mati is happy with her job and the chances it will give her.

Mati says she doesn’t see her job as work because she loves being a social media star. Social media and modelling are primarily fun for her, so she says, “It doesn’t always feel like work.” This shows how creative she is through posing. It’s fun to take pictures while I travel and model because I can show them to my friends. Even though Mati is very famous, she has stayed humble and faithful to herself. In an interview with Business Deccan, she talked more about how serious she was about her job and how social media would open up more doors for her.

“It’s especially nice to see my work appreciated by thousands of people and receive substantial positive feedback,” she said.   She said that some famous people and models have figured out how to use the apps and are now making six or seven figures from their work. “I came to understand the lucrative nature of the social media industry when I started collaborating with well-known brands, other models, and a host of other collaborators,” the speaker went on. Many people make six- or seven-figure incomes from their social media sites.

Net Worth

Mati Marroni, the hot star, has a good life. It is expected that the net worth will be around $50,000.

In short

The meteoric rise to fame of Mati Marroni, who used to be a shy girl who loved fashion, shows how natural, approachable material can change people’s lives. With her unique style, exciting content, and honest attitude, Mati has won millions of fans and made a lasting mark on the fashion world. People who want to become influencers should be inspired by how quickly she rose to fame. She did it by being herself and following her interests.


What made Mati Marroni so well-known?

Mati became popular on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok because of her beauty, unique style, and honesty.

What changes has Mati made in the fashion world?

Through her partnerships, Mati has helped many brands get more attention and sales, and she has been an example to many fashion-forward people.

What makes Mati different from other influencers?

It’s easy to tell Mati apart from other leaders because she is honest and doesn’t lie.

How has Mati inspired the people who follow her?

Through her message of body positivity and self-love, Mati has told her fans to love themselves no matter what and celebrate what makes them unique.

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