How To Change Name On Alaska Airlines Ticket?

How To Change Name On Alaska Airlines Ticket?

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May 14, 2024

Realize a spelling mistake on your Alaska Airlines ticket or have recently changed a name under legal considerations like marriage or divorce. The airline recognized its passengers’ concerns and introduced a name correction policy to provide them with a sweat-free travel experience. Per the policy, you can correct minor name mistakes on the ticket for free about 24 hours after reservation. Beyond the 24-hour risk-free period, name changes/corrections are subject to the standard name change fee. Continue reading the guide below to understand the policy, fee, and available name change methods in detail.

Guidelines To Follow Alaska Air Change Name On Ticket

To save the name correction fee or avoid last-minute problems, go through the significant highlights of the name change policy.

  • Minor name corrections are permitted (for free) to rectify general mistakes, such as typo errors, reversals of first and last names, middle names, suffixes/prefixes/titles, etc.
  • Legal name changes under legal considerations such as divorce, marriage, or adoption are allowed if passengers can provide divorce/marriage or a copy of the old and new government-approved ID.
  • The airline does not allow passengers to change birthdate, gender, etc., as the traveller’s identity should remain the same.
  • According to the Alaska name correction, you can change the full name on the ticket or transfer it to another person.
  • Name corrections within 24 hours risk-free period are free. After 24 hours, significant name changes/modifications might incur a name change fee.
  • The airline provides multiple online and offline modes for changing or altering a name on a flight ticket.
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What Type Of Name Change Does Alaska Airlines Permit?

The airline provides a name correction service to assist passengers in fixing mistakes in their names. Here are the changes or modifications that passengers can request from the airline.

  • Minor Name Modifications: According to the Alaska Air change name on ticket policy, the airline permits travellers to alter minor spelling mistakes of up to 3 letters. Also, you can rectify the prefix/suffix/title, inverted names, and nicknames. Minor name modifications are free for about 24 hours of reservation. The airline also requires travellers to submit proof of identity, like a passport.
  • Add/Remove Middle Name: The airline allows its travellers to add/eliminate a middle name on their flight ticket to match the name on their travel document or government-authorized ID.
  • Legal Name Change: Whether it is because of marriage/divorce or any other legal consideration, Alaska Airlines allows travellers to update the name mentioned on their airline ticket. All you should do is connect with customer support with proof of the legal name change, like a marriage/divorce agreement or court order.

Methods To Change Name On Alaska Airlines Ticket?

To change/update a name appearing on your flight reservation, you can use any of the online or offline modes according to your comfort and preference. Let’s understand these methods in detail.

Name Correction Online

Go through the instructions to rectify a misspelt name online via the web portal.

  • First, navigate to the official Alaska Airlines website and select the My Trips option.
  • Then, pick the name you need to rectify and tap the Change Name tab.
  • After making the essential modifications, hit the Change Name button.
  • Next, provide essential documents like a passport or a government-approved ID to justify the change.
  • After this, pay the Alaska name correction cost to complete the procedure.
  • Finally, you will obtain a name correction confirmation from the airline.
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Name Change Over The Phone

You can contact Alaska customer service at 1-800-ALASKAAIR to request a name change. Also, you can call + 1-800-865-1848 (OTA) for immediate assistance. When coupled with the airline, follow these steps:

  • Share your situation with the executive and provide your reservation details, including the confirmation code and the existing name on the flight ticket.
  • Give your reason for name change/correction, like marriage/divorce, inverted names, or a nickname. The executive will assist you with the name change procedure.
  • To support the change, you might need to provide essential documents like a marriage license, divorce agreement, passport, or court decree. Therefore, you must keep these documents handy.
  • Pay the Alaska Air change name on the ticket fee and fare difference, if any.
  • Lastly, the airline will send you a name modification confirmation on your verified email account.

Name Modification At The Airport

Another reliable mode of making last-minute name modifications on the ticket is reaching out to the airport’s airline’s customer support helpdesk. You should request the representative to correct the name and provide your flight reservation details. Remember to bring your travel document or government-approved ID to justify the name modification. The airline executive will help you through the name correction procedure and might charge you the applicable name change fee.

Can I Name The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan?

Passengers can alter their details, billing details, and preferences by updating their Mileage Plan profile under the Alaska name correction policy. You must collect essential documentation to justify the name change, like a marriage license, divorce decree, court order, or old and new government-authorized ID. Once you have all the essential documents, enter your Mileage Plan account and move to the Profile section. Hit the Edit tab and follow the easy prompts to upload the document. Remember, the name change request might take a few days.

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What Is Alaska Air’s Change of Name On Ticket Fee?

Alaska Airlines permits travellers to rectify minor misspellings due to typo errors for free within 24 24-hour risk-free period. After 24 hours, you might pay approximately $125 for a significant name correction or change. Furthermore, the name change cost differs based on the fare type and request time.

Final Words

Modifying or changing a name on your Alaska Airlines ticket is straightforward and effective as long as you follow the name change policy. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the name change guidelines and fees. For further information on changing the name on the Alaska Airlines ticket, you can contact the airline’s customer support at 1-800-ALASKAAIR or head to the official website. Also, you can dial +1-800-865-1848 to talk with the flight expert and get your problem fixed immediately.

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